Best Full Spectrum Led Grow Lights of 2018: The Authentic Top 10 Reviews

Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights For Hydroponics Garden

You probably know that full spectrum grow lights can make your plants grow at an accelerated rate and develop better. However, the keyword here is “outstanding”, and that is why today you are going to discover the best full spectrum grow lights of 2018. The authentic top 10 composed by the best the market has […]

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VIPARSPECTRA 1200W LED Grow Light Review: A Powerhouse or Just Overhyped?

VIPARSPECTRA 1200W LED grow light

You know I am here to report the good and the bad of each product, so this will not be an exception… I will let you know everything about this grow light, even the things I do not like! Therefore, if you are looking for something more than your average grow light, then I am […]

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VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 600W Review: The Good and the Bad

VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 600W-1

In a market with so many options, it is hard to know if you are picking the best pick. Fortunately, as you are aware, it is my job to expose the good and the bad of each grow light! 😉 In this opportunity I am going to review the VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 600W, so you can […]

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MEIZHI Reflector-Series 1200W LED Review: A Good Choice or a Waste of Money?

MEIZHI Reflector-Series 1200W-feature

However… is it a good choice or just a waste of money? It is my duty to let you know that, so you can avoid wasting your money in something that does not deliver the goods! Therefore, I invite you to stay hooked, so you can learn all about this grow light! 😉 Summary: Why […]

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Morsen 2400W LED Grow Light 2 Review: Is It Great or Overhyped?

Morsen 2400W LED Grow Light 2-3

Hello my friends! Today I have a new review to share with you. I am going to analyze the Morsen 2400W LED Grow Light 2, because several readers have requested so. I am aware that it is popular, and therefore, it deserves a review that analyzes the strong and weak points of it. If you […]

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MAXSISUN Dimmable 300W LED Review: Is It Really That Good?

MAXSISUN Dimmable 300W LED Grow Light 2

Do you feel identified? If so, then chances are you have found the MAXSISUN Dimmable 300W LED, because let’s be honest: it is dirt cheap! In a world of grow lights priced in the hundreds (and sometimes thousands), a two-digit price tag really stands out. However, is it that good? It can be cheap, I […]

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HIGROW Optical Lens-Series 1000W Review: Read This Before Buying It

HIGROW Optical Lens-Series 1000W LED GROW LIGHT

Welcome to a new review! In this opportunity I am going to let you know if the HIGROW Optical Lens-Series 1000W is worth it or not. You know I always give an unbiased approach, because I point out the good and bad of each product. Therefore, without anything more to add, let’s check if this […]

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Advanced Platinum Series P900 Led Grow Light Review: A Good Choice For Your Plants?

Advanced Platinum Series P900

As usual, we will start with a proper summary that highlights the pros and cons of this light, so we can then review it in more detail. However, from now I can tell you that it is an amazing choice, but let’s check why exactly! Summary: Why This Grow Light Is Magnificent For Your Plants […]

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BESTVA 2000W Double Chips Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Review

BESTVA Review 2000W Double Chips banner

Well, many readers have requested me to review the BESTVA 2000W Double Chips LED Grow Light, and here is my review for it! Before we move further, here you have the summary you love so much, because it saves you time! 😉 Summary:Discover Why It Will Make Your Plants Grow Better Than Before! Pros: Very […]

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GoGrow V3 Master Grower LED Grow Light Review 12 Bands Full Spectrum

GoGrow V3 Master Grower LED Grow Light2

This grow light is gaining tons of popularity very quickly; therefore, it deserves a proper review. You know that the principal mission of this blog is to let you know what grow lights rock and which ones simply suck. I do not want you to lose your money, so these reviews point out the good […]

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