Best Grow Lights For Citrus Trees

Growing citrus indoors is one of the most satisfying home plants you can cultivate, whether you’re seeking for a new challenge or it’s your only alternative. Continue reading to learn how to grow citrus trees as houseplants.

The bulk of house plants are tropical in origin, making them well-suited to our warm indoor environment. Citrus trees aren’t any different. Look no further for all of our plant-obsessed friends wishing to get into the rare indoor plant game! Citrus trees are easy to grow house plants and make for a gorgeous piece of greenery that will brighten your room, but there are a few crucial aspects to consider for your plants to thrive.

Indoor citrus trees require approximately 8-12 hours of direct sunlight per day to grow healthy and effectively. For the greatest results, use a south-facing window with plenty of light. You may need to supplement light with full spectrum grow lights if you plan on growing in a space with less than 5 hours of sunshine or if you get less than 5 hours of sunlight during the winter months. T5 fluorescent bulbs with a color temperature of 6500k are appropriate for most indoor growing applications. To provide appropriate light while also preventing light burn, these lamps should be kept 1′-2′ above the trees at all times. LED lights, as long as they are full-spectrum, are another excellent option. LEDs are more expensive, but they penetrate deeper into the tree’s canopy, resulting in a fuller tree. Keep in mind that depending on the wattage, lights can be a major generator of heat, so keep that in mind when picking your lighting design. If you choose a high wattage bulb, keep in mind that the higher the wattage, the higher the heat production, therefore avoid positioning your lights too close to your plants.

Best Grow Lights For Citrus Trees

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