BLOOMSPECT 600W Led Grow Lights Review

If you are a cannabis grower, you probably know that a best LED grow lights will help you achieve higher yields consisting of potent buds. Today, the newer models of LED lamps provide better results to growth plans than those available a few years ago. With the numbers continuously rising, it is becoming challenging to choose one, primarily due to their different specs and challenging to understand terminologies. Due to this, the market also floods with very many poor-quality lighting solutions all claiming to offer the best light performance. We will help you cut down your options by talking about one of the leading LED grow lights in the market that many cannabis farmers marvel at. Here is a well-detailed review of the BLOOMSPECT 600W LED light.

However, before getting into the depth of it here are some of the reasons to convince you why you need to invest in the BLOOMSPECT 600W grow light.

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Why you should Purchase the BLOOMSPECT 600W LED Grow Light


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Excellent Value

The cost of the BLOOMSPECT 600W grow light is amiable considering its components. The bulb has features that you can only find in the high priced LED lamps.


The lamp has a lifespan of 50,000 hours. It consumes less energy and emits far less heat compared to fluorescent lights.


The grow light provides massive coverage for your grow area. However, the height between the lamp and the plants may be the determining factor for the coverage.

Daisy Chain

The BLOOMSPECT 600W has a daisy chain feature that allows you to connect more than one lamp to increase the light coverage area.

PAR Value

The Bulbs have a high par value that is said to rival even some highly-priced lamp models.

Power Consumption

The BLOOMSPECT 600W LED light only uses 268W of power. Even so, it is capable of replacing a 600w HPS bulb.

Warranty and Customer Service

The LED light comes with a one year warranty. It may not be equivalent to those that offer 2 to 3 years of warranty, but they also include a 30-day money-back guarantee. The guarantee provides enough time to test out the product and check its effectiveness.


No Vegetative or Bloom Switch

You cannot switch automatically between the vegetative and flowering stage since the lamp does not contain any Veg or Bloom switch.

BLOOMSPECT 600W Full Review

Light is the most crucial factor you need to consider when growing cannabis. You should ensure that your plants receive just the right amount and wavelength. By doing so, you will achieve amazing harvests.

When choosing an LED light, you should always consider the actual power that the LED lamp uses. The BLOOMSPECT 600W LED lamp consists of 120 LEDs.

All use 5W each but still has a power drain of 600W meaning it can comfortably provide results similar to the traditional 600W HPS. The light can mimic that from the sun with the ratio between red and blue light being in balance.

The lamp can provide a plant with a light intensity of 737 uMol when you hang it 12 inches above the plants. The strength can rival that of top-notch brands.

When growing your cannabis plants indoors, you need to ensure that the atmosphere and temperature are well-balanced. You can optimize your grow environment by using a humidifier or a fan in your grow tent. Some LED bulbs utilize inbuilt cooling fans and an aluminum heat sink to control the indoor environmental conditions.

The BLOOMSPECT 600W lamp features two large and powerful LED lamps together with an aluminum heal sink that helps to dissipate any excess heat. The grow light produced full spectrum light with the right wavelengths for the correct growing stage. It provides 440-470nm (blue rays) that are effective for the vegetative stage and 640-660nm that is suitable for the flowering stage.

It does not produce and UV or IR rays.

Once you purchase the lamp, it comes with a whole kit that comprises of the light, hanging kits, a user manual to guide you and a 6-foot power cord to connect to the mains. It maintains to be a reasonable budget LED grow light that is perfect for users looking to save a few bucks.

Summing up

Considering its impressive specifications, the BLOOMSPECT 600W is among the best under $100 grow lights in the market. The only obvious disappointment is its lacking of UV/IR rays. The UV and IR rays are of importance to marijuana as they help to increase the levels of THC in the plant.

Unlike many LED light bulbs that have numerous complains about the lamp dying early, the BLOOMSPECT 600W did not have any. The light bulbs would last for six months without experiencing any problems.

Additionally, its fans and temperature control equipment are of high quality. You can purchase one today from Amazon. For any inquiries are comments, please feel free to contacts us.

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