Best Led Grow Lights For Cannabis Buying Guide & Reviews 2017

I hope you’ll agree with me when I say:

Led grow lights are excellent for seedlings as well as houseplants, culinary herbs and other plants, Especially marijuana!

Grow lights are artificial light sources that are used for growing plants indoors.

Grow lights can be used for many types of plants: from edible ones to cannabis. Among many types of grow lights, there has recently been a steady rise in popularity of LED lights.

That is why I have created a list of Best led grow light 2017. With my experience and after researching online , spending hours to testing these Led grow lights I have shortlisted the top 10 grow lights which  help you can buy right now.

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Best Led Grow Lights 2017

LED grow lights are growing lights that are made out of the light emitting diodes (LEDs) with varying wavelengths (colors). It has been scientifically proven that LED’s different colors help the plant cultivation in its various stages: from growing to fruition. We are here to see which LED grow lights are the best for growing cannabis.

Things to consider before buying

Whatever your intentions are for buying a LED grow light, you must be aware of a fact that not all LED grow lights are the same and that you must choose a grow light that would satisfy your needs as a grower. Pick a good one and you will have a high time of your life. We have assembled a small list of things to consider before buying the best LED grow light for the money.
  • How to choose the best LED grow light: It all depends on your needs and your budget. If it’s a small scale operation, you may be satisfied with the ones that are more affordable and less wasteful. If you are growing for commercial purposes, you need a quality and durable LED grows light used in professional settings for your business venture.
  • Different spectrums for different cycles: A full-cycle LED grow lamp is required if you want to grow your plant from seedling to flower. On the other hand, if your plant has already germinated in outdoors conditions, you may only require LED grow lights in the blue and red spectrum for growing and flowering respectively.
  • Mind your budget: Just like any other type of product on the market, there are products that are pricey and products that are more affordable. Planning is crucial at this point. A grow light is not the only part of an indoor growing operation: there are also filters, fertilizers, nutrients, soil and many other components that you will need to spend your money on. Plan carefully and find one that fits both your requirements and your budget.
  • What do your plants need: Check your plants’ needs. Some plants require full or high light while others need low light. If your plant is sensitive to strong lights it is senseless to waste your money on a LED grow light that would dry out or burn your plants.

Top 10 Led Grow Lights on the Market

TaoTronics BulbTaoTronics LED Grow Light Bulb36W50,000 hours Checkprice
Galaxyhydro Full Spectrum with UV&IRGalaxy-hydro-led-grow-light-300W-full-spectrum300W50,000 hours Checkprice
Galaxyhydro 600W LED 600W50,000 hours Checkprice
Mars hydro Reflector144 Mars hydro Reflector144 Led Grow Light317W50,000 hours Checkprice
Apollo Horticulture 24WApollo Horticulture 24W24W50,000 hours Checkprice
Apollo Horticulture GL80X5LED Apollo Horticulture GL80X5LED Full Spectrum 400W400W50,000 hours Checkprice
Series 300W
VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series 300W300W100,000 hours Checkprice
Series 450W
viparspectra-reflector-series-450w450W100,000 hours Checkprice

Series P450

Advanced-Platinum-Series-P450-Review450W100,000 hours Checkprice
Advanced LED Lights EX-Veg
Series 300
advanced-led-diamond-300375W100,000 hours Checkprice
MarsHydro MARSII 1200 MARSII1200-led-grow-lights552W100,000 hours Checkprice
California Light 440 Watt California Light 440 Watt440W80,000 hours Checkprice
G8LED 900 Watt MEGA G8LED 900 Watt MEGA900W100,000 hours Checkprice

Most affordable power: TaoTronics LED Grow Light Bulb 36W

Tao Tronics 36W grow light bulb is the most serious one when it comes to power among its peers.
TaoTronics LED Grow Light Bulb

With its 36W of power, it has more raw energy than other members of TaoTronics family, making it the best value  offer from TaoTronics. Just like the older 24W model it is more efficient with growing rather than flowering since it has 7 blue LEDs and 2 red ones.

The voltage range and socket are unchanged, every model reviewed till now has a standard E26 plug for any socket in your house and it operates in the voltage range from 85V to 264V. Input current required for running this product is 650mA, which means that being the strongest one, it also spends more electricity than other TaoTronics grow light bulbs.

What this specific product boasts is the combination of various light wavelengths that can improve your yield up to 50 percent with enhancing stems and leaf quality thus producing up to 20 percent more Vitamin C and sugar.

As for the range that it covers, judging by the 60 degrees angle of light that it casts it can be used for bigger mini greenhouses.

It also emits 3 bands of light ranging from 460 nanometers to 660 nanometers, so it boosts your plant growth and can help your plan develop leaves in only 2 days.

While it is definitely stronger than other TaoTronics grow light bulbs, it can also operate in a wider angle thus covering bigger plants or bigger gardens

Although there are many pros but TaoTronics Bulb have Small coverage area  which makes plant growth less effective also not full spectrum,best for shorter plans.

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Galaxyhydro, 300W  Full Spectrum with UV&IR for Veg and Flower Galaxy-hydro-led-grow-light-300W-full-spectrum

If you are looking for a perfect LED Grow Light, then The Galaxyhydro LED Grow Light is a great choice for you. It offers more natural light to the vegetables and plants, ensuring that they develop approximately ideal level.

Furthermore, the Galaxyhydro LED Grow Light is supported by a 30-day money back guarantee. The main goal of Galaxyhydro is to supply premium quality items for its clients.

This light is one of the best led grow lights at the moment and has been tested for indoor cannabis growth extensively, and it passes the test always. This one is usually a grower’s preferred just for the reliable bud yield it generates and the sweet place between quality and price.

There is nothing too much complicated about it. Thus these kinds of LED lights will be a great choice for individuals who also prefer to retain it simple. It is a “set this as well as forget it” type light that’s simple to preserve and can perform precisely what you desire it to do.

Amazing Features:

  • The Galaxyhydro 300w is usually energy-efficient.
  • It provides full spectrum to accomplish necessary PAR.
  • It combines blue, white, red, UV and IR light with a proportional technique that amplifies blue and red light for the best growth and yield.
  • A compact and small gadget with the advantage of effectiveness and weighs below 8 pounds to support interior growers.
  • It allows farmers to possess better light diffusion into the plant cover.


  • Frequency: 50/60 HZ
  • LED chips: Epileds Chips
  • View Angle of LEDs: 90°and 120°
  • Actual power: 145w±5%
  • Current: 630mA
  • Voltage: AC85~265V
  • Lumen: 7,000
  • Noise Level: 55±5% dB
  • Space-saving, far more convenient, and more secure during use
  • Flexible functionality
  • Great for the natural photosynthesis
  • Beneficial for plants blooming and fruiting
  • Two year warranty and thirty days money back guarantee
  • It isn’t as effective as a 400hps.
  • It doesn’t support global delivery


Galaxyhydro is an established grow lumination manufacturer greatly committed to working with leading edge technology to create outstanding grow lamps. Galaxyhydro LED Grow Light is perfect for Indoor Plant Grow and it is Full of Spectrum with UV&IR for Vegetables and Flowers.  So, why do you late? Just purchase it without any delay.

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Galaxyhydro 600W LED Plant Grow Light Full Spectrum 

Searching for outstanding LED Plant Grow light? GalaxyHydro 600W LED Plant Grow Light has been around in business for half a decade and is popular for their exceptional products plus customer service. Their lights supply the complete spectrum necessary for both vegetative plus flowering stages of growth. They’re lightweight and easy to set up and may be daisy-chained collectively if you would like to increase the size of the grow op.

These  led lights have incredibly effective heat dissipation also, with multiple little fans built-in to each light. Every light includes a two-year guarantee and one-month money-back guarantee. These lights are extremely durable as well, with a life-span of 50, 000 hours.

Galaxyhydro 600 Watts Grow Light is professionally engineered to guarantee the most suitable PAR/ Spectrum / Lumen for flower and vegetables growing. It keeps the balance of the PAR/Lumen Output plus coverage carefully scientifically.

The LED chips of these lights are made to create large efficacy, professional spectrum light with surprisingly low power consumption, and so are long lasting. UV function sterilizes growth and kills bacteria which influence plant’s growth and capability to produce abundant, healthy blossoms seriously.

Amazing Features:

  • All of the LED chips are made to create large efficacy, professional spectrum light with surprisingly low power usage, and so are long lasting.
    · The ideal range which supplies plants, vegetables and Flower almost all phases with everything they desire in the organic sunshine.
    · UV functions sterilize growth and get rid of bacteria which in turn significantly impact plant’s growth and capability to produce numerous healthy plants.
    · The IR functions promote cell division which will enhances development in the two vegetation and flowering stages.
    · Ideal for a 3×3’ growing area at 24” elevation (Max protection 4×4’)


  • Lifespan: 50,000 hours life span
  • Leds: 200pcs*3w Epileds chips
  • Certification: CE, FCC, and ROHS
  • Voltage: AC85 – 265v
  • View angle of leds: 90° and 120° mixed
  • Current: 630ma
  • Working temperature: -4 – 104 ℉
  • Recommended Height: 11.8”- 78.7”
  • Effective illumination region: One panel about 21.5 sq. ft – 44sq. ft
  • Working Frequency: 50 ~ 60Hz
  • Excellent light at a decent cost
  • The majority of well-known light for growing cannabis
  • Includes an auto timer for simple scheduling
  • Very vivid light compared with the other LEDs
  • Comes with a two-year guarantee
  • Indoor use only, can’t be used outside
  • No manual off switch included, timer only


The GalaxyHydro 600 Watts Grow Light is the least expensive grow light we reviewed. You can purchase two or three for the same cost of a larger light and link all of them together like Xmas lights to cover a more substantial space. Besides GalaxyHydro 600W provides a 2-year warranty with a 30- day money back guarantees. So this light is perfect for you.

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Mars hydro Reflector144  for Hydroponic Indoor Garden and Greenhouse Mars hydro Reflector144 Led Grow Light

Worried about LED Grow Light? The Mars hydro Reflector144 Led Grow Light is quite exclusive and in contrast to other LED grows signals upon this list. These lights provide real LED and wattage. So it is perfect for indoor garden and greenhouse full spectrum vegetables. This LED grow light is a reliable LED producer with over eight years of experience and a lot of great reviews for people and additional grow lights on
The lights utilize an exclusive style of compact reflectors around every individual LED to find a higher PAR output that’s unmatched in regular LED light. It also means more energy savings for you personally because they don’t require as many lights for the similar result.

Every single light includes a full range of lighting including green, white and red for both vegetative plus flowering stages of growth. The Mars hydro Reflector144 prides them on the customer support, having an US-based support center and orders delivered within twenty-four hours.

Amazing Features:

  • Mars Hydro Reflector contains more than seven years experience in LED Grow Light collection and selling totally genuine MarsHydro light
  • Special Reflector small style, Switch of vegetable/bloom mode, High output, creating this to be series ideal for limited space
  • High Effectiveness & Energy conservation, Full range particular proportions of green, white and red for both vegetable and flowering stages.
  • Good quality with inexpensive cost
  • Two years warranty, Support center obtainable in California, Orders delivered within 24 hours.


  • LED Output Power: 144pcs*5watt
  • Lumen: 220v: 13082lumen; 110v: 13789lumen
  • Actual Power: 311W/220v; 317W/110v
  • Noise Level: 61DB
  • Coverage Area: 2′ x 4′
  • N.W.: 6.68KG /14.72lbs
  • G.W.: 8.03KG /17.70lbs
  • Voltage (AC): 85-265V
  • Amp Draw: 2.59A/110v, 1.436A/220v
  • View Angle of leds: 90/120°Mixed
  • Worldwide Voltage: AC85~265V
  • Affordable, flexible LED grow light
  • Modular, equipment, and lights could be mixed in any combination you desire
  • Constructed of the high-quality LEDs
  • Innovative mirrors provide more coverage
  • Reviewers mentioned this kind of light is a lot brighter than the competition
  • Doesn’t include UV or even IR lights
  • More costly than various other options


The Mars hydro Reflector144 light provides fantastic exposure with the entire spectrum lights bathing your plants within a purple haze. Assembly is super-simple. It plugs and plays. You’ll obtain an auto-timer so that you can set the lights according to what schedule you require. So it is really great for you.

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Apollo Horticulture 24W LED Grow Light w/ Red & Blue LED Spectrum Apollo Horticulture 24W

Do you have a great desire to purchase a fantastic LED Grow Light? Apollo Horticulture 24W LED Grow Light provides outstanding LED grow lights, and it makes a perfect strategy to a new little plant grower. This light is simple to hang because it is light-weight and does not need electrical ballast. Among the features of these led lights that you can hang it closer to the plants than others because it operates cool.

This particular light includes built-in fans to lessen the dependence on added ventilation, and reviewers have noted that the fans run quietly plus work nicely. Their larger lights contain more fans compared to the smaller. Each light comes with a stainless hanging kit, two-year guarantee, power cord and a lifespan of 50,000 hours. These lights are appropriate for all phases of plant growth from vegetables to flowering.
These LED lights feature standard home E26 sockets to allow them to be installed into almost every lamp even your small table lamp. These LED bulbs devour less energy while offering you high lustrous efficiency, an extended lifespan, and steady light output. LED lights generate less heat in comparison to other grow light bulbs also, meaning they could be placed nearer to your plants.

Amazing Features:

  • Red and blue light for ideal growth and superlative for growing herbs, plants, fruits, or even vegetables.
  • These LED lights have standard household E26 socket to allow them to be fitted into almost every light even your table lamp.
  • Quick and easy installation, specialized tools or equipments are not required to get growing right away!
  • LED bulbs generate less heat in comparison to other grow lights also, meaning they could be placed nearer to your plants.
  • Comes standard along with a restricted two year warranty.


  • Color Spectrum: Red – 630nm, 660nm and Blue – 460nm
  • Diameter: 4.5 Inches
  • Power Draw: 14.8W / 60Hz / 120-240V / 0.12 Amps
  • Size: 24 – Watts
  • Standard Domestic Socket – E26
  • Model: AH LED-PAR38-24W
  • Packages Include: One 24 Watt LED Bulb
  • Built-in fan means zero extra ventilation required
  • Not expensive as others
  • Well machined and assembled but no dead diodes
  • Heat sink around the base dissipates heat efficiently
  • Fits into most standard bulb bases easily
  • Seems to be big in size
  • Comes with poor packaging


Apollo Horticulture 24W enables LED Expand Lights to get placed closer to the plant canopy panels than other types of grow lights. These LED Grow Lights includes an amazing average lifespan of 50,000 hours plus a restricted two-year warranty. It is ideal for all phases of plants flowering and growth. So why are you late? Just catch it as early as possible.

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Apollo Horticulture GL80X5LED Full Spectrum 400W LED Grow Light Apollo Horticulture GL80X5LED Full Spectrum 400W

Looking for a high quality but affordable LED Grow light? Apollo Horticulture has been manufacturing especially GL80X5LED Full Spectrum 400W LED Grow Light for Indoor Plant Growing right now. This light is appropriate for healthful plant growth. In comparison to other expand lamps, LEDs are appealing because they don’t require electrical ballast and create considerably fewer heat.

These led lights enable Apollo Horticulture LEDs being placed nearer to plant canopy than most other lights. It includes an impressive typical lifetime of 50,000 hours and a restricted two-year guarantee. These LED’s are perfect for all phases of plants growth and flowering. This operational system is ideal for growing tents, greenhouses, water systems and generally in most different Hydroponic systems.
This Spectrum 400W LED Grow Light takes the type of a panel which provides supplemental light for flowering and vegetative plant stages. It encourages plant growth over a 3×3′ region and flowering over a 2.5×2.5′ space. Moreover, this light is easy to use and install.

Amazing Features:

  • A delegated switch supplies the capability to modify light spectra.
  • Excellent white light at a temperature of 6500 Kelvin
  • Daylight is considered as 6500K, and is near to the color of straight sunlight.
  • For vegetable growth, the GL80X5LED requires 12-14 hours. For flowering growth, 16 hours of sunshine are required.
  • The GL80X5LED is ideal for households, greenhouses; grow tents and hydroponic systems.


  • Fans: (2) 4.5″, built-in
  • Hanging Clips: (4) 19″, stainless steel
  • Mounting Hardware: Included
  • Coverage Area: 3×3 feet for vegetative stage; 2.5×2.5 feet for flowering stage
  • Power Source: (80) 5W Chips
  • Voltage: 85-265V
  • Hanging Rods: (4) metal, looped
  • Energy efficient, lightweight and quiet
  • Perfect for growing vegetables, flowering plants, and houseplants
  • Switches to power, fan as well as spectra are easy to reach.
  • Ideal size for small places
  • Includes protective froth packaging
  • Not long lasting as expected
  • It doesn’t support global shipping


Overall, the Apollo Horticulture GL80X5LED 400W LED Grow Light is designed to impress, and it can provide flying colors. A large number of horticulturists have not produced the change right from standard soaring pressure sodium or perhaps metal halide to LED light — but anytime somebody will, they don’t regret it usually. So this Grow Light can completely fulfill your demand.

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Serious business: VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 300W

VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series 300W hails it’s origin by growers themselves.
VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series 300W

Whether it’s a marketing gimmick or reality, VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series 300W packs some serious power and represents a kind of grow light that can make itself useful to any growing operation. The spatial spread of the LEDs guarantees you even light coverage throughout your whole garden.

Unlike previously reviewed grow lights, this one can be used for all the stages of a growing operation: from humble seedlings to luscious and extravagant flowers. That means that you don’t have to expose your plant to outside conditions in order for it to germinate: all of the stages are covered by this grow light.  As for the heat emissions, VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series 300W has a revolutionary heatsink made out of aluminum, which can absorb up to 70 percent of heat more than it’s High-intensity discharge (HID) counterparts.

VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series 300W comes in 12.6×7.9×3 inches of size and 5.6lbs of weight. It is made out of 60 individual small LEDs that each has Bridgelux/Epileds LED Chips that carry 5W of power.

Angle f coverage is 90 degrees which is pretty much understandable, considering the sheer size of this item. It operates within the 50 -60Hz frequency and has an average lifespan of 100 000 hours of continuous use guaranteed by the factory standards.

The package comes with one reflector, one mounting kit and one 6ft long power cable that has a US standard 110V three -pronged plug. It also has options for a timer if you are away from your garden . Since this  product has some serious power it is not recommendable to stare at it as it can seriously hurt your eyes. Since it isn’t waterproof, it can only be used indoors.

VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series 300W produce a full spectrum of light, making it perfect for vegetative  stages.

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For cannabis lovers: VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 450W

Not much can be said about VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 450W without mentioning it’s weaker predecessor.

It viparspectra-reflector-series-450wis also used for full cycle plant growth which means that you can grow a full plant in your mini greenhouse without it ever seeing the light of day. It is specifically designed to balance out the surface covered with light strength, so burning your plants due to prolonged exposition to UV lights is pretty much impossible with this bad boy. It is a bit stronger than the 350W model which means higher electricity bills, but hey, no pain no gain. Ideally used for plants that produce resin as it is designed for enhancing resin quantity and quality which means that it is meant to be purchased by marijuana growers.

Since it’s size has been drastically increased from the previous model to 15.8×8.4×2.4 inches, it can now hold much more LEDs. IT has 90 LED pieces and each one of them has 5W of power. As for the lifespan, the factory guarantees 100 000 hours of non-stop use.

This product has obviously been made with cannabis growers in mind. While it can serve for other purposes, it’s full cycle  LED light arrangement can come in handy if you don’t want anyone to find out about your growing operation.

Just like in the previous model, there is a downside: it can’t be used outside since it isn’t waterproof.
  • Full Spectrum
  • Simple to set up and use
  • 3 year warranty
  • Has internal fans
  • Save energy consumption with Reflective coating surrounding LEDs
  • Not waterproof, only for indoors or in a grow tent
  • More blue light than red. Not optimal for flowering stage

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All phases covered: Advanced Platinum Series P450 450w 12-band

Advanced Platinum P-Series

Advanced Platinum Series P450

Advanced Platinum Series P450 is the most recent edition to the Platinum LED Grow Lights family. The first thing that comes to mind when talking about this particular lamp is its LED made of platinum. Platinum LED lights have been proven to be the most durable and have the highest lumen per watt output among LED lights. For comparison, this one lamp can easily replace your average 600 W HPS light for the same money.

When you compare them to other types of lights they can be 2 to 3 times brighter which makes them best value LED lights for the money if you take into the account all the expenses on electricity bills. P450 has a 12 band spectrum: it can cover the entire life of a plant as it color specter ranges from ultraviolet to infrared. Obviously, it was built for those professional marijuana growers among you, as grow a full plant from seedling to flower.

P450 consists of 150 individual 3W LED lights, with a total wattage of 450 W. It can cover up to 4.5 x 4 square feet in the vegetative phase and 3 x 2.5 square feet in its bloom phase. As for the longevity of the product, the company boasts of 100 000 hours of nonstop use with a complete 5-year warranty. If for any reason, you’re not satisfied with the product, they offer you a 90 day trial period.

As a huge brand,Advanced Platinum’s products are always the best quality,reliable and powerful lights. That is why this particular product is one of the best LED grow lights.

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  • Superior 12 band full spectrum for all growth stages
  • Doesn’t take much space , fit it in any corner of the garden
  • 5 year warranty
  • Has internal fans
  • USA-made LEDs, Advanced Platinum is the top companies of the United States
  • Ideal for small room(3×3)
  • May need Additional accessories to take advantage of best performance

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Turbo grower: Advanced LED Lights EX-Veg 300

The professionals among you better pay attention now because we are entering a part of this review that I reserved for those products that can both come heavy in your pocket and deliver results beyond imagination. Advanced LED is a serious company that has been on the market for seven years now.

Their products are known for good quality and best reviews and make one of the best-rated LED grow lights on the
market. Their latest product, the Advanced LED Lights EX-Veg 300,  is no different. It has 75 5W CREE XT-E LEDs chips that are more than enough for a medium marijuana growing operation as it can cover 4ft x 4ft.

With a power output of 375 W, it has some serious strength. Don’t worry about the heat, there is no need for additional fans or weights: it comes packed with two 120mm fans that cool it and prevent it from toasting your babies. As for the light, more than 50 shades of intense blue will make sure your plant gets those yummy photons.

The Advanced LED company makes a lot of effort to ensure that their products are user-friendly. In the package, apart from the grow light and a 75 inch 110V US standard cord, you get a LED grow light manual for those of you who are not that experienced. The company also offers you  a 90 day trial period, so if you’re not satisfied, they will give you your money back. Anyway, this one is a real treat among the latest LED grow lights.

  • Run cool and saves electricity
  • Minimizing heat while Guaranteed to maximize vegetation cycles
  • Faster, Stronger and Bigger Vegetation
  • 3 Years warranty , 90 DAY RISK FREE TRIAL
  • Integrated Suspension Hanging System
  • High price
  • Difficult to use for newbie

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Hail to the king: MarsHydro MARSII 1200

What can be better than a very powerful full cycle pro machine? That’s right: two of them. MarsHydro MARSII 1200 comes in 2 pieces delivering a double impact. This beast of a grow light packs 552 W of raw power. With 240 5W LEDS per lamp, the MARSII 1200 can cover up to 4ft x 4ft in a vegetating and 3.5ft x 3.5ft in a flowering stage with its 90 to 120 degrees of angle , depending on how you position it.MARSII1200-led-grow-lights

The product  promises us bigger yields and higher quality flowers with more resin for those special high times and the reviews confirm this boast, as these many users express their satisfaction over this product. The lamp LEDs 10 bands spectrum of light: blue(ideal for growing), orange, red(ideal for flowering) infra-red and white. That means you have all the lights that could cover you for a full growing cycle from a seedling to a flower.

Power consumption on the US standard 110V socket is somewhere around 600 W, but taking into account what it can do, this is a great value for the money spent on electricity bills.

The product comes with a customer support service that is ready to help you and answer all of your questions in no time. Taking everything into consideration this would be the best LED grow light solution for an average grower of marijuana, as it covers you through all stages.

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California Light Works Solar storm 440-watt

The Combination of powerful light with the long lasting life is in one light named solar storm440.

It has various   features such as 5 LED emitters, which has the ability to run on 440watts. This is really amazing toCalifornia Lightworks Solarstorm 440 have a switch to maintain the UV-B bulbs as bloom and VEG spectrum. The bloom mode is really amazing as it is instant and peaceful to feel. The all new supplemental UV-B mode is truly amazing as it has potential to create the grow cycle.

There are so many advantages of Solar Storm 440-watts which are truly amazing in this light price which is mentioned below.

  • The Flux of this light is truly powerful as it is made in USA with the five emitter diodes.
  • There are two switches to discriminate between the 2*15 watt and the powerful UT-B tubes.
  • There is no secondary optics as it has only one primary glass on 90 degree angle.
  • The one of the best thing is that, there is no wastage of light as it has the capacity to cover the core area by 3*3 uniform lights.
  • The primary photosynthetic flux is truly amazing and powerful as it is parallel to have tendency to penetrate.
  • This is light weighted as it is more powerful than another 440 watts of light; it has 15 pounds of weight.
  • The dimension and the designing of the light are very compatible with the home/office structure. This is really cool in shape and appearance in the house.


The Solar Storm 440-watt is able to maintain the both lightening environments as VEG and UV-B bulbs because of its powerful diodes. The one of the best thing is that, it has uniform light coverage to cover the core area. So, all over it is powerful and has ability to perform at any place such as home, office and industry etc.

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All pro: G8LED 900 Watt MEGA

What a machine this is! The strongest one in this entry, G8LED 900 Watt MEGA has 900 W of power..
G8LED 900 Watt MEGA

However, it wasn’t always this serious. Through 8 years in which it was being manufactured it has gone through
several changes and modifications. The end result is this highly professional growing lamp here. The lamp has a wide specter of light: 8-band that goes from ultraviolet to infrared. It means that it nurtures your plants from zero to full plant that is ready for harvest.

G8LED 900 Watt MEGA covers a small garden of 24 square feet. Although it’s very powerful considering the wattage, this LED grow light won’t harm your plants. All excessive heat is absorbed by ultra-efficient heat sinks. Even after many hours of work, G8LED 900 is cold on touch. As for the voltage, it runs both on 220V and US standard 110V current.

The product boasts high rating among its users, considering how many years it ‘s been o the market. If you decide to purchase this product you should know that the G8LED company has gone that extra mile to help you during your growing operation. Apart from the 2-year warranty, there is a customer support program that will enable even the amateurs to become pros.


The G8LED 900 W MEGA LED Grow Light is a great choice for professional growers who want to spend their money in the right place, even if it costs approximately $ 1,000. Its benefits are worth the price. If you want to plant green, sweet,healthy, this is definitely one of the products should be considered.

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Led Gow Lights Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the information written in the article in mind, you can easily go out to market and buy a LED Grow Lights, right? Hell No!.
For those who don’t know, Led Grow Lights come with several things you need to consider before you actually spend the hard earned money. They have different other type light as MH (metal halide) light and HPS (high pressure sodium) light.

History of LEDs

The primary principle that LEDs operate on is electroluminescence. Discovered at the beginning of the twentieth century, this phenomenon has spanned many inventions but it wasn’t produced commercially before the seventies. Hewlett-Packard was the first company that started producing them in large scale and one of their biggest support lay in the researchers from Monsanto.

history LED

The color of the lights that LEDs emit is pretty much dependent on the type of material that was used for building a LED: ones with sapphire component would produce blue light, others that had a phosphorus component would shine white light etc. Initially, they were very expensive to produce, but following the Moore’s Law, the cost of producing LEDs was plummeting paired with their increased efficiency.

What do we use them for?

Well, pretty much everything that has to do with electronics. Groups of LEDs form a LED lamp. That means that if you have a certain number of LEDs in one space they make a lamp together, so it’s understandable why we use them for lighting. Whenever you were stuck on a crossroad, you spend your time staring at one LED lamp nervously waiting for the color switch.

what do use light

That’s right,  traffic lights are actually LED lamps because of their penetrating power: they can be seen through the thickest of fogs. Why would you waste your money on some 19th-century technology such as incandescent light bulbs if you can have state of the art light system that your government has been using for quite a while?

LEDs also help you browse through channels. They are an integral part of any remote control system. Your remote is equipped with one and it is visible on the tip of your remote. Pretty much most of your home appliances have LEDs in them: digital clocks, oven, and fridge displays etc.

How do LEDs work?

LEDs are essentially semiconductors meaning that they can selectively conduct electricity through a circuit. They consist of a power source and a P-N junction. P-N junction is essentially a small piece of silicone that has a positive(P) and negative(N) side. When electrons flow through a circuit they jump from the negative to the positive side and produce light in that process.

how do led work

How are different colors made?

This is where high school physics comes in handy. We know that the average human being has mostly slept through physics classes so we are going to give you a crash course. Essentially, light color depends on the wavelength.

The longer the wavelength, the light will be dimmer. Now, white light pretty much consists of all the natural colors, but if you shoot that same white light through a prism, you will notice that natural colors from the light will divide itself. Red light is the light with the longest wavelength: between 620 and 645 nanometers.

The next one is a bright red or a dark orange color (depends on how you look at it) that has a range from 610 to 620 nanometers. After orange comes green that has a wavelength somewhere around 540 nanometers. Shortest wavelength is reserved for bright and dark blue at 500 and 480 nanometers respectively.



LEDs owe their different colors to the materials used for constructing them. Infrared LED (the one in you remote controls) is made out of gallium arsenide. Orange ones are made out of gallium arsenide phosphides. The further we go through the light specter the brighter components are used for constructing LEDs.

Blue LEDs mark the change in composition as they no longer have gallium arsenide but Zinc selenide or silicon carbide. White light LEDs are made out of white phosphorus Some colors are even made through common sense ingenuity: purple ones, for example, are the same as white ones, but with one small change : they are encapsulated in a purple plastic container.

Why are those colors important?

First and foremost, we have to talk about brightness. There is a reason why apples from the side of a tree that had longer and better exposure to light taste sweeter. Light intensity helps with creating sugars in the process of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the main reason we call plants “plants”. That is the most important process in converting the energy of the sunlight to organic matter. It is very important to understand that plants experience light in a radically different way. While we see plain ,regular, old-fashioned white light, plants can distinguish between subtle nuances. It is pretty much like the word for snow in different cultures: while some cultures that have thrived in warmer habitats have one word for snow, others that are surrounded by it on a daily basis (such as Eskimos) can have many many words for many apparently same shades of white.


Why are LEDs perfect for growing cannabis?

  • Plants have a different use for a different wavelength. Blue light is mostly associated with plant growth as it helps the plant in springing leaves and growing. On the other hand, red light is the most important light color for flowering and stemming.
  • However, photosynthesis is not enough. Many plants need the natural change of light to grow. Natural change doesn’t mean a sudden absence of light. If you ever spent a couple of hours before the sunset in the natural light, you must’ve noticed that a change in light occurs gradually as  the sun sets. So, if you are growing indoors you will need a perfect emulation of sunlight. You can’t just flip the switch and expect your plants to be happy with it. Remember when you were a kid, and your dad comes in and turns the light off? Did you like it? Well, surprise! Your plants hate that too.
  • That’s where LEDs come in handy. Since a LED lamp consists of many individual LEDs , you can buy one that has both blue and red light and just change the tone of light as the day goes on. Your plants will be happy and they will reward you accordingly. If you are a cannabis lover, LED lights represent the best solution for your gentle weed.

Why should you choose LED grow lights?

First and foremost, cultivating plants indoors may require a lot of energy and power consumption. There is a reason plants are called that way: they absorb the energy of the sun and convert it to organic matter. Having a good and strong light source is crucial for a proper and healthy plant development. Just like humans need a certain amount of food to stay healthy and functional, plants need a quality and steady light source that would feed them. You would never survive on 5 grams of food per day, so why should a plant survive on dimmed and inadequate lighting.


That’s where LEDs come in handy as they are far brighter than other light sources. They are pretty much best used as grow lights. Now, if a light source has  to be strong in order for plants to grow, wouldn’t that mean that in order to have healthy plants, you lamps should consume more energy. Not necessarily: LEDs are known as champions of efficiency. For example, one LED light consumes less electricity than incandescent and fluorescent lights. They are up to 80 percent more efficient. Of all the energy a LED light consumes, 95 percent goes on the light while only 5 percent goes on heat emissionsThat means that your plants are safer, as it is harder for LEDs to burn or dry out your plants compared to incandescent lights. This makes them more environmentally friendly as less electricity is used for the brightness of a lamp. It also makes them the best value deal for the money invested. Being a plant grower and cultivator, you must love nature by default, so you should show it by switching from traditional light sources to LEDs.


Fluorescent lights are built with mercury as one of its main components. When it burns out, you are left with a chunk of bonafide poison in your hands that can’t be recycled or reused. Mercury is very dangerous to the environment and it is estimated that one gram of this dangerous substance can pollute up to 20 acres of water surface. It is still one of the main contributors to fish poisoning. Remember those horrifying images of piles and piles of dead fish that you have probably seen in a nature TV program? That happens when mercury enters the water.

Incandescent lights, on the other hand, are built with heavy metal parts. The most important piece of an incandescent light bulb is its shining filament. In layman’s terms, it is that piece of wire inside the bulb that emits light and it can be made out of chromium, iridium, rhodium, ruthenium, osmium, molybdenum and tungsten. Once they start breaking, you are essentially throwing away dangerous and poisonous metals plus these metals are very hard to find in nature, and if the trend of harvesting these materials continues, we will be left with a shortage.

LEDs are made out of pieces of plastic which make them easier to recycle. They have no dangerous chemicals (well, apart from plastic) or rare materials that can be used for a better purpose.

Direction of light

Unlike other light sources, LEDs are so small that they can be conveniently placed on a flat surface. This means that it is easy to manipulate LED grow lights and make them shine in any direction you want. Other light bulbs send light all around. Since LEDs are small, they emit a direct light beam in a specified direction. Your light will no longer be bouncing off the walls and ceiling but directed to where it can do the best.


I don’t know about you, dear reader, but there is nothing more irritating for me than entering a room, flicking a switch and finding out that the light bulb has burnt out. Since we use lights only in the dark, that means that this annoying phenomenon keeps occurring in the worst part of the day i.e. in the night when all the hardware stores are inconveniently closed. I can’t even start to recall how many times my foot has found it’s demise stepping on a sharp and pointy object.

However, with LEDs,  this can be a thing of past or at least it can occur less frequently. LEDs are generally praised as being super resistant and durable. One LED light  has a lifespan approximately 40 times longer than an incandescent light bulb.  As for the fluorescent light bulbs, you would have to replace it up to 6 times than your average LED lamp.

Tips on how to choose the best LED grow light for your needs

What are your needs? If you are a small-time cannabis lover that likes an occasional puff, find something that wouldn’t set you back too much in the terms of money.On the other hand, if you are a pro, find something that could fit the need of your business.
Pricing: Don’t mind the price if you need quality. Yes, in the short run it will bit pricier, but in the long run, by purchasing a LED grow light you get a lifetime of savings on electricity. Do you want it for  professional use or personal (hobby) use? If you want to use it professionally, then I will recommend you to invest above $500. For personal (hobby) use, you should spend $150-300. If you want to get a grow light for personal purposes within $100, then I will strongly recommend you Marshydro Mars 300 LED grow light.  Read   full reviews here! 
Quality: Before picking a product always check their quality. You may think ‘what should I consider while I am choosing a best grow light?’ Well, before buying a product always check its appearance, durability and internal and external hitting issues.
Appearance:The look of the product always matters. If your product isn’t attractive then no matter how useful it’s working, the grow light will never attract you. Before buying a grow light, you should consider its look.
Durability: Durability is an essential thing. A growing Light is an investment for you, no matter why you are buying it. You can use a durable product for a long time. So before choosing a grow light, consider the longevity of it!
Hitting issues: It’s an essential thing you should think. Before picking or using your pick, please use it safely! So, consider this before the pick
A lifetime of LED: Before choosing the best LED growing light for your indoor garden or green house, please consider the lifespan of LED bulbs which are inside the grow light.
Space matters! Before buying your gear, it’s a thing you should definitely do. Space is a big factor. Before picking a light, consider the size of it and also consider can you install it in your place or not. Why should you do this? Because, if you set a light too close then it will be destroyed or burnt! What is the perfect distance of grow light from the plants? Well, here I am giving you an example, for Mars, 300W LED grow light you have to set your grow light above 76 cm (or more) from the plants. So before choosing a grow light considers the space and light’s size.
Intensity. You should know about the intensity. For indoor gardening, the intensity is watts. For high performance choose a grow light which is giving higher watts. A 300W LED grow light can give you better performance than a 200W LED grow light.
What are you growing? Some strains of marijuana require different conditions than the others. see what your plant needs and acts accordingly. 

I guess it was the perfect buying guide for you. Before picking a best LED grow light for your home, you should consider these things.

If it was our pick, we would definitely go with the G8LED 900 Watt MEGA. See its pros and decide if you agree with us.
  • Whatever stage you’re in, it has you covered with its full-cycle lights.
  • Pricy? Yes, but it does justice to the performance.
  • There is a huge number of its users out there and they are all more than satisfied.

Final Words – Wrapping it up

Your plants are living beings just as you are. You wouldn’t mind someone taking you to an all-you-can-it buffet so why not do the same for your plants. Choose wisely, see what our requirements are. If it is a bigger operation or a business project, you will have to spend that extra buck for a bigger light such as VIPARSPECTRA 450W. If it’s a small cupboard sized greenhouse, a simple TaoTronics 36W will do you good saving you electricity. Anyway, we hope this was a helpful guide. We wish you all the luck in finding the best LED grow light for cannabis.

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  2. James says:

    Hello, I read your review on best led grow lights, can u suggest me one grow light under $200?


    Thank you

  3. MalandPeter says:

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  4. John Miller says:

    you did a great job.
    However, I want to add another one which I used for several month:
    MEIZHI 600W LED grow light, the power draw is 260W with 856.4 umol Par value, full spectrum, dual switches, only priced 135.99USD. I get super perfect harvest for twice. Solid-building light, here recommend to you guys
    You can buy from ebay and amazon. I bought from amazon:
    The seller of this store is super nice lol

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    Just 1 question, I bought marshydro reflector 144 last Friday, it includes 3 IR. Maybe you need to correct;D
    And ebay price is little cheap than Amazon.

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    If you are looking for the best LED grow light for your setup, you can look for Nova N300s Dual Spectrum 300W.

  7. James says:

    Big help I went with a galaxy hydro 600 w for a 4×4 grow area still trying to figure out light distance. Was to close and the plants didn’t do much for 2 weeks. Now I pulled the light to about 18″-24″ just replanted to 3 gal pots.looking better

    • Bowden says:

      Pretty much like the 300W version, it’s better to use this light this way:

      Germination: 48-56 inches
      Vegetative: 40-48 inches
      Flowering: 32-40 inches
      You can go as low as 24 inches, but you need to see how your plants react to it. If you are beginner, then you should follow these recommendations just in case.

      If your plants react well, then you can try to gradually reduce the height down to 24 inches.
      Read more here

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