500W Led Grow Light Review

The aim of every LED grow light is to foster and promote the growth development of your cannabis crops. Hanging the best LED grow light in your grow tent ensures that your plants get precisely what they need, which is enough illumination to thrive and give more yields. LED grow lights also provide the plants with the energy they need to execute their due processes as they grow and blossom.

500 watt led grow light

Whether you are a beginner and want to start with a low wattage LED grow lamp or you have a big grow space and want to compliment the existing lights with others, you will need quality LED grow lights. A 500 watt grow light is an excellent choice for all stages of growth, and it comes with the same features as any other higher wattage grow light.

Some of the lights are ideal for smaller spaces of up to 4 by 4 feet, though others can cover a larger grow space. The features that you find in many of the 500 w grow lights include the daisy chain system, full-spectrum light, energy efficiency, affordability, full coverage, and much more. We reviewed three quality 500W LED grow lights, and you can read on to find out what we found out.

Our Top Picks 500 Watt Led Grow Lights


PARFACTWORKS features some of the best COB LED grow lights in the market. Besides a fantastic design, the 500W LED grow light from PARFACTWORKS also comes with many other quality features. The light outperforms many others in the market in terms of brightness and efficiency. One of the reasons for this is because the grow light uses the latest white COB growing technology and high-powered 10 watt LEDs.

The Par readings and coverage from the grow light are exceptional as they come with a scientifically engineered modular reflector. Compared to HID lights, PARFACTWORKS LED grow light is 70% cooler. The LED grow light also comes with a daisy chain system that connects to several other units for even better performance.

The input voltage of the grow light is 100 to 240 volts, and the beam angle is 90%. The high power 24 pieces of 10 watts of Bridgelux/epileds LEDs have a lifespan of 100,000 hours. The energy-saving LED grow light is ideal for the vegetative, and flowering stages of growth in a 3.5×3.5 foot grow tent.

The light also comes with a veg/bloom enhancer. It also comes with a three-year warranty and a 30-day satisfaction and money-back guarantee. The complete package of the unit includes the 500W LED grow light, a 6ft power cord, and a hanging rope.

On the downside, the light is too bright, and you should avoid looking at it with naked eyes. The UV and IR LEDs are very dim and non-functional. Many hail the grow light for its sturdiness and efficiency.

Though the price of the unit is higher than many other led grow lights in the market, the efficiency of the unit is worth the cost.

UpDayDay 500W Plant LED Grow Light

The UpDayDay plant 500W LED grow light is an upgrade version that comes with new features that include energy-saving abilities and a daisy chain system. The Led grow light boasts of 416 pieces of grow bulbs with high PAR and CRI. Of the 416 parts, 88 of them provide 660nm red light during the early stages of crop growth.

The red lights encourage anthocyanin and chlorophyll production. The light bulb has an actual power output of 90 watts, which equals to 500 watts of an HPS or MH lamp. The grow light also comes with dimmable options that allow you to adjust the brightness of the lamp from 20% to 100% during different stages of the growing cycle.

The Plant LED grow light gives the indoor plants more bud formation and a better luxurious look. The lights are suitable for all stages of growth, and the unit comes with a daisy chain system that allows you to add other units for better performance. The grow light also comes with a heat sink and vents that enable excellent circulation of air in the growing space.

The lifespan of the LED grow light is 50,000 hours, and it comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. Besides the warranty, the customer service is always at hand to help and answer all questions related to the grow light 24/7. The complete package includes the UpDayDay LED grow light, one power cord, a user manual, a hanging rope, and one dais chain kit.

On the downside, the light is too bright for the naked eye, which means that you need protection if you need to look at the bulbs. It is also not waterproof.

Optic LED 500W Optic 8+ COB LED Grow Light

Optic LED Optic+ COB LED grow light 500W is, without a doubt, one of the top-yielding grow lights in the market today. The light comes with an advanced technology that integrates eight high yielding cobs from CREES with lenses from the industry’s leading glass projections, which leads to a higher canopy penetration and a marvelous light spread across the grow space.

The combination also increases the flowers, the density of the buds, terpenes profiles, and resin production. It also intensifies the color of the flowers making cannabis look much healthier and vibrant. With the optic 8+ COB LED, you can exec a yield of above 2.5 per harvest. The light emits beautiful white light that the crops react to well.

The 500 watts LED grow light is equivalent to 1000 watt hid grow lights, and it comes with veg/bloom switch and dimmable control options. The coverage area of the con LED grow light is six by 6 feet during the vegetative stage and five by 5 feet during the flowering stage. The light is ideal for all grow room sizes and for all growing cycles.

You can use the optic+ COB LED grow light effectively on the following grow tent sizes-4×4, 5×5, 8×8, and 10×10. You can also use the same light on aquaponics, hydroponics, soil, or aeroponics. The complete package includes the COB LED grow light, 120v power cord, and four rope ratchet hangers.

Wrapping it up

When you are out there shopping for a LED grow light, you need to be sure that the unit you are buying has everything you are looking for in a quality light. Though there are many models of 500W LED grow lights, the above are some of the best in the market, and they will do your crops great justice. The COB LED grow lights are slightly more expensive than other LED grow lights, but the above units are affordable and worth their costs.

The lights also come with low heat dissipation, which makes them some of the best energy-efficient units in the market. What is even better is that the lights also come with long hours and full-spectrum lighting.

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