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Your marijuana plants require nutrients to germinate, grow, and develop into the result that you will harvest. When you plant marijuana in soil, you may not need to provide the plants with nutrients immediately since the ground is well known to hold several nutrients. By what if you plant your marijuana plants in an indoor hydroponic system? First, your plants may rely on a growing medium for support. The growing medium may not have similar mineral compounds, such as soil. Coco-coir, for example, has a high amount of calcium and magnesium.

However, plants may not have the chance to absorb the minerals due to the strong bonds between the coir and the minerals. You, therefore, need to introduce nutrients in a hydroponic system as early as the time you start planting in a hydroponic system. But how do you introduce nutrients in a hydroponic growing system?

fox farm nutrients

Today, liquid organic fertilizers are gaining in popularity amongst hydroponic farmers. Since hydroponics is a soil-less technique of farming, the framer introduces the mineral nutrients directly to the roots of the plants. The process is an exact way to ensure that plants only get the nutrients that they need at the right time. Liquid organic fertilizers contain an abundant amount of both micro and macronutrients that plants require to grow, hence its broad application in a hydroponic setting. It is effortless for plants to absorb the components that are in a hydroponic plant system.

One of the top liquid organic fertilizers in the market is the Fox Farm nutrients. The Fox Farm formulas are very stable, simple, and cost-friendly. Apart from that, it is a good option for farmers that are starting on hydroponics. Fox Farm provides a set of organic liquid nutrients, all with a specific purpose, making it very easy to use. If you are looking for a versatile nutrient formula that will never get you worried about how to use and when to use, you should use a nutrient solution from Fox Farm. Here are just some of the nutrient solutions that the company offers.

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Top 3 For Farm Liquid Organic Fertilizer For Growing Weed

Fox Farm FX14049 Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil Formula

When growing cannabis, you need to always have in mind the result of what you want to achieve. For most, it is rich and abundant yield. To get this result, you need to feed your plants with the right kind of nutrients at the right time. No other nutrient pack works as well as the Fox Farm FX14049 liquid nutrient trio. The trio, consisting of Tiger Bloom, Grow Big Hydro, and Big Bloom, will ensure your marijuana blooms brilliantly with abundant greenery and massive buds. When using fertilizers, you have to use them at the right time if you want to achieve the best results. Each fertilizer has a specific purpose. The Grow Big hydro is the best nutrient solution to start using. It contains a nutrient breakdown of 6:4:4 (N:P:K), making it best to start with during the initial stages of weed growth as it will help in the production of a higher yield. Your plants will grow bigger and stronger, and once the buds begin to develop, you can introduce the Tiger Bloom. The formula carries a nutrient ratio of 2:8:4 that you can use to help in the production of a higher yield. You can then use the big bloom throughout all the growing stages of your cannabis. It helps in ensuring that your plants are growing while healthy as it will heal any problems with the root and ensure that all the parts of your plants receive the nutrients efficiently.

Fox Farm FX14006 Grow Big Liquid Concentrate

If you are looking for an organic-based concentrate that will not affect your water pH in a big way like other fertilizers, you should get the Fox Farm FX14006 Grow Big Liquid Concentrate. The liquid contains a nutrient ratio of 6:4:4 (N:P:K). The high levels of nitrogen are critical to a marijuana plant in its growing phase. Therefore, you need to us the Fox Farm FX14006 Grow Big Liquid Concentrate from the initial developing stages till you are satisfied with the size of the vegetation. The concentrate is organic, thereby protecting you from the effects of non-organic chemical fertilizers. Not only are you safe from adverse and harmful effects of the chemicals, but it also shows that you are cautious when it comes to matters relating to the environment. After using the Fox Farm Grow Big Liquid Concentrate, you should ensure to leach the system often so that you can keep everything fresh and prevent any clogging.

Nitrogen is an essential nutrient required by weed. It is the reason your cannabis will take an amazing green color and still grow big and beautiful. Therefore, make use of the right concentrate to get the best results.

Fox Farm FX14002 Big Bloom Liquid Concentrate

The Big bloom liquid concentrate is another fantastic product by Fox Farm that you should have for your cannabis farm. The liquid nutrient concentrate is 100 percent natural and made up of a formula that consists of bat guano and worm castings alongside other natural elements. The liquid nutrient contains a nutrient ratio of 0:5:7 N: P: K, thereby necessitating its use only during the blooming phase. Your cannabis plants do not require any nitrogen once they get to the flowering stage of growth. They only require the right amount of phosphorous and potassium. The two elements are very crucial to the development of the bud. The ratio between the two nutrients needs to be balanced, or it can result in the death of the plant. The concentration will be responsible for the large flowers your cannabis gets and the flavor of the weed. You can feed the fertilizer to your plants through a hydroponic system, foliar spray, drip irrigation, or even using a watering can. It is recommended to use it together with Fox Farm Grow Big concentrate to achieve even better results.

Who is Fox Farm?

fox farm nutrients2

Before delving into details about how to use Fox Farm nutrients, it is essential to first know about Fox Farm and its origins. Fox Farm has been on the pillar of cannabis growth since the early ’80s in Humbolt County when they were only dealing with providing a suitable growing medium for cannabis. The only soil that was available during the time was free of microbes. Fox Farm put in all the decades of knowledge they gathered in the planting of cannabis to come up with a soil that ensures the best growing conditions for weed. Currently, the company has 121 different growing mediums, each with specially blended additives each made to meet a specific requirement of the grower. Most of the growing mediums by Fox Farm are coco-air, which contain little to no nutrients requiring you to provide your plants with more nutrients.

Coco-air may look like soil, but it does not contain similar nutrition to that of soil. You need to provide it with nutrients from the start. Hence, Fox Farm formulated a nutrient formula that can work amazingly with their coco –air and can as well work in a hydroponics system. Fox Farm has a trio nutrient formula that can provide exceptional results to both hydroponic and soil setup.

The trio formula includes:

The Big bloom

It is the first formulated nutrient solution that you should use on your plant, be it in a hydroponic system or on the soil. It lays down the groundwork of all the nutrient solutions that will follow. Its formula contains Norwegian kelp, guano, and earthworm waste plus some traces of rock phosphate. Each ingredient has a part to play in the development of your marijuana. Guano, for instance, is rich in organic nutrients that help in speeding up the vegetative growth of your cannabis. Norwegian kelp, on the other hand, helps your plants to absorb all the nutrients with ease. Fox Farm Big Bloom not only provides the plants with the necessary nutrients for growth, but it also helps to boost the nutrient capability of the plants too. The rock phosphate acts as an energy boost to the nutrients allowing them to move in the plants hence improving their ability to bloom and grow.

Grow Big

This is the save of the young plants. At some point, when you plant seeds, and they germinate with success, something may happen and trigger them to start dying. Grow Big nutrient solution helps to avoid such scenarios by resolving the problem that may lead to the death of plugs. The solution helps to maintain the plants from a young age until they reach maturity.

Tiger Bloom

Once your marijuana starts to flower, you need to apply the tiger bloom during the first weeks of the flowering phase. The solution contains a sufficient level of phosphorous and potassium that is required in large quantities during the flowering stage. The little amounts of nitrogen present are consumed as soon as it reaches the soil or water in a hydroponic system. During the whole flowering process, you have to make sure that your plants have enough nitrogen in their system. A lack of nitrogen may lead to stunted growth.

By applying the Tiger Bloom to your marijuana continuously for 12 weeks, you can be confident of an abundant development of buds and a healthy harvest.

What is the schedule you should follow when using these liquid nutrients by Fox Farm?

fox farm nutrients schedule

You cannot just use the liquid nutrients as you want. There are guidelines that you should follow if you’re going to get the best results out of the liquid nutrients. Here is a 12 weeks guide, which, if you sure follow to the detail, can guarantee you incredible results in your cannabis farm.

During the first six weeks, when you introduce the seedling and cuttings to your hydroponic system, you should provide the seedlings with two teaspoons of Big Bloom and one teaspoon of Grow Big Nutrients at a PPM range of 490 to 360 an EC range of 0.7 to 0.9.

Once you get into the growing phase of your marijuana, apply three teaspoons of Big Bloom and two tablespoons of Grow Big for the next six weeks apart from the last two weeks. In the second last week, reduce the amount of Grow Big to one teaspoon and don’t use any Grow Big for the previous week. You should maintain an EC range of 1.2 to 1.4 during the first week of the growing phase as it slowly increases to between 2.0 and 2.2 for the fourth week. You can allow it to suddenly dip down back to between 1.6 and 1.8 for the last two weeks of the growth phase. The first week can handle 840 – 980 PPM as it rises to 1400 – 1540 between the fourth week and a decreasing 1,120 to 1260 for the last two weeks of the growth phase.

After the six weeks of the growing phase, you can start feeding the plants with three teaspoons of Big Bloom, 2 of Grow Big, and one for Tiger Bloom. You can maintain the EC range to 1.8 and 2.0, 2.1 to 2.3, and a PPM range of 1260 to 1400 for the week after leaving the growing phase and 1470 – 1610 for the week that follows.

Increase the dosing of the nutrient solutions during the last four weeks in the following manner: four teaspoons for the Big Bloom, two for the Grow Big one for the Tiger Bloom. Keep the EC range between 2.1 and 2.3 and a PPM of 1470 to 1610 as the growing cycle ends.

If there is an extended vegetative cycle, you can repeat the fourth week, and if there is an extended flowering cycle, you can repeat the last week.

Summing up

The three primary nutrients that a cannabis plant requires are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Every fertilizer that you purchase always indicates how much of the three it contains in ratios. And so does all the minerals from the Fox Farm. Depending on the type of nutrients present, you can provide your plants with the correct minerals by following the Fox Farm nutrients schedule above. The three-pack Fox Farm Nutrients are all your plants need to get a brilliant bloom and luscious harvest all season.

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