Best Grow Lights For Monstera

Make sure your Monstera plant gets adequate light if you want it to flourish and create fenestrations. It will cease growing and finally wilt if it does not receive enough natural or artificial light.

Every day, Monstera needs 10 to 12 hours of bright, indirect lighting to grow. Grow lights should be used to provide light to your Monstera plant when there is insufficient sunlight during the winter or when the room is too gloomy.

This post will explain what to look for when buying a grow light and which ones are best for your Monstera plant, so you can keep it healthy and happy!

Let’s get this party started!

Best Grow Lights For Monstera

Bestseller No. 1
LORDEM Plant Grow Light, Full Spectrum Plant Light for Indoor Plants, Brightness Adjustable LED Growing Lamp with Auto On/Off Timer 4H/8H/12H, Height Adjustable, Ideal for Tall Plants
  • 72 LED Full Spectrum Grow Light: This grow Lamp uses high-efficiency diodes with 72 LEDs and higher lumens output. It emits all the wavelengths from 380nm to 800nm, 5000K (34pcs White), 2800K-3000K(24pcs Warm White), 660-665nm(10pcs red light), 4800K-5000K(4pcs Blue), ideal for all growth stages and various plants such as succulent, orchids, herbs, monstera, tomatoes, etc. HELP YOUR PLANTS GROW BETTER!
  • Brighter Grow Light with 4 Brightness Settings: Our newest upgraded growing light, the diode arrangement gathered into a circle, makes the PPFD more uniform, allowing plants to absorb light better, and grow happier. Also, it has 4 dimmable brightness settings(25%-50%-75%-100%) to meet different kinds of plants with different requirements for light intensity.
  • Auto on/off Timer Every Day: The plant lamp is designed with 3 circular timing settings for 4H/8H/12H, it will automatically turn on/off every day according to your settings. Even if you are on business or vacation, the plant light will still take good care of your plants daily. A GOOD PARTNER FOR PLANTS! (50,000 hours lifetime.)
  • Height Adjustable & Easy to Use: Fix the telescopic rod with the grow light panel, insert it into the soil, plug-in power, and turn it on. You are done, so easy to use! The adjustable height range is 11"- 56", you can pull the telescopic rod up and down to adjust the desired height for your plants to satisfy the PPFD needs of different plants. A larger area or more plants will be covered when the telescopic rod is extended longer.
  • 13ft Long Cord: The cord is super long, you can use the grow light for your hanging plants or the plants away from the power. MORE FLEXIBLE TO USE! We provide 12 months warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee. If you have any questions about the products, please feel free to contact us!
Bestseller No. 2
LBW Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, 72 LEDs Full Spectrum Plant Light, Large Plant Lamp with 4 Dimmible Levels, 4/8/12H Auto On/Off Timer, Height Adjustable, Halo Growing Lamp for Tall Plants,2 Pack
  • 144 LED Grow Light Full Spectrum: The two grow lights for indoor plants contains 144 LEDs, including 68 Cold White LEDs, 48 Warm LEDs, 20 Red LEDs and 8 Blue LEDs, which can accelerate plants growth stage, such as promoting plants germination, blooming, flowering and fruiting. By emitting full-spectrum light, the plant lights provide plants with the light they require for all growth stages.
  • Height Adjustable & 13ft Long Cord: With a height range of 11 to 56 inches, this plant light can accommodate plants of different sizes and growth stages. By telescoping up and down the pole, you can adjust the light to match the height of your plants, ensuring optimal light coverage. The long 13ft cord eliminates the need for additional power cords, making it easy to use for hanging plants or tall plants.
  • 4/8/12H Cycle Timer Everyday: The plant grow light offers three different timer settings: 4H/8H/12H, allowing users to schedule the light to turn on and off at specific times, and return on and off at the same time on the next day. No more replug-in & replug-off! With this convenient timer setting, a regular full-spectrum light bath is given for your tall and large plants, and a free-and -diversed life is for yourself.
  • 4 Dimmible Levels & Bright Light: This growing lamp features with 4 dimmible levels: 25%-50%-75%-100%, which is customized to provide the appropriate lighting according to different plants' needs at varied growth stage. The plant lamp emits uniform and bright light, offering an essential world for your plants.Just press the dimmible button, feel free to adjust the brightness.
  • Wide Application & Service: This plant lamp for indoor plants is suitable for diversed kinds of plants, especially for tall and large plants. It can be placed on the balcony, greenhouse, living room, office and so on. For places in dark, just let the grow light shine the plants. LBW team offers 12 months warranty plus 30 days satisfaction or return guarantee. If you have any problem, please feel free to contact us, and we will make it!
Bestseller No. 3
LORDEM Grow Light for Indoor Plants, 7.9" Full Spectrum LED Plant Grow Light, Height Adjustable Growing Lamp with Auto Timer 4H/8H/12H, 6 Dimmable Levels, Ideal for Indoor Large Tall Plants Growth
  • Upgraded Dia. 7.9in Grow Light for Tall Plants: Eqquiped a larger light panel with 108 high-efficiency LEDs, our plant light is super suitable for Indoor large tall plants that require adequate light coverage from top to bottom. It ensures that every part of your plants receives optimal light intensity, promoting happier growth. The graceful halo design adds an artistic touch that seamlessly integrates with home decor.
  • Height Adjustable Up to 64": Our plant lamp effortlessly adapts to the varying heights of your lovely plants, providing a maximum height adjustment of 64 inches. Whether tending to delicate seedlings or tall plants like banana leaf trees, monstera, and olive trees, this plant grow light delivers an ideal lighting solution. By adjusting the lamp to a perfect height, you can ensure that your plants receive ample light for photosynthesis.
  • Full Spectrum Grow Light with 6 Dimmable Levels: With its advanced technology, this full spectrum plant Light provides your plants with the perfect blend of light wavelengths (380-800nm) needed for optimal growth and health. It can ensure that your plants receive the right amount of red, blue, and white light for their growth stages. Also, with the 6 dimming modes(10%-20%-40%-60%-80%-100%), this grow lamp allows you to customize light intensity according to your plant's specific needs.
  • Convenient Auto Timer (4H/8H/12H): The tall grow light features a user-friendly timing function with three modes for 4H/8H/12H, allowing it to remain illuminated for 4, 8, or 12 hours and switching off for 20, 16, or 12 hours. Once programmed, the light maintains its set schedule, eliminating concerns about manual on/off operation when you're away at work or on vacation. Enjoy the convenience of hands-free plant care!
  • Effortless Usage & Extended 106" Cable: Experience ease in indoor gardening by simply screw the light panel, inserting the light into your potted plants, adjusting the height, and powering it on – a quick and hassle-free process! Additionally, our generous 106-inch cable length provides an extended reach, enabling you to deliver ample light to every corner of your indoor garden.
Bestseller No. 4
Plant Grow Light,yadoker LED Growing Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants,Height Adjustable, Automatic Timer, 5V Low Safe Voltage,Idea for Large Plant Light
  • 🌻Designed For Large Plant LED Grow Light Full Spectrum - Compact grow light with high quality super bright LEDs, offer full spectrum 380nm-800nm, including white5000K/18 LEDS,warm white 3000K/18 LEDS,red/8 LEDS,blue/4 LEDS to effectively promote indoor plant growth any time of year, beneficial to entire growth period.
  • 🌻Height Adjustable Up to 61.1" - The height range is 13.7"-61.1", The pole does telescope up and down as well which is handy it can grow the plant to stay at a reasonable height,also it will cover a pretty larger space to shine light on more plants in close proximity when it is fully extended.
  • 🌻10-level Dimmable - The brightness can be adjusted, 10 brightness settings ranging from 10% to 100%, you can choose the most suitable brightness for your plants growth.
  • 🌻13ft Long Cord - Now you can easily use this grow light for your favourite hanging plants or larger plants,no worry about additional extendable cord.
  • 🌻 Automatic Timer,On/Off Switch - The lamp operates from a built-in timer with 3 modes cycle timing function which stay on for 8/12/16 hour and off for 16/12/8 hours. The timer sets itself when one plugs-in,full control when the light turns on and off, simply by on/off switch as you needed,no need to unplug/re-plug.
-$4.00 SALE OFFBestseller No. 5
10" LED Ring Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, 160LEDs 6000K Full Spectrum Large Plant Light for Indoor Plants, Height Adjustable Growing Lamp with Auto On/Off Timer 3/9/12H, 9 Dimmable Brightness
  • 10" Ring grow light designed for large plant, Full spectrum 380nm-800nm, 160 Leds ( 5000K/80 LEDS, warm white 3000K/40 LEDS, red/24 LEDS, blue/16 LEDS), Stronger lighting effects for more effective plant growth
  • Easy Installation: Simply connect the telescoping rod to the plant light and insert it into your pot, adjust the height (height range of 13.7"-61.1", with a 6ft cord), connect to power, and you're ready to use it
  • Automatic Daily Timer: This plant light has a timer with three preset cycles (3/9/12H). Set the time and the light will automatically turn on and off each day
  • 9-Level Dimming: With 9 brightness settings ranging from 10% to 100%, you can adjust the brightness to the level that's most suitable for your plants
  • Home Decoration: Not only does this product provide growing light for your plants, but it also adds a unique touch of home decoration when installed in your room or living room's potted plants
Bestseller No. 6
Gilouppe Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, 120 LEDs 6000K Full Spectrum Growing Lamp with Adjustable Tripod Stand 16-63", Dual Heads Plant Light for Indoor Plants with Auto On/Off Timer, 3 Switch Modes
  • 【Upgraded Dual Head Grow Light 】This sunlike grow light with stand is made of 120 LED beads, an adjustable tripod stand extendable from 16 inches to 63 inches, which can provide a strong uniform intensity of light to plants and larger lighting area. It's also be used as a floor night light.
  • 【6000K Sunlight Grow Light】Gilouppe plant light for indoor plants provide the sunlight white full spectrum light. It can effectively enhance photosynthesis and increase the growth of indoor houseplants, plants can get the spectrum more efficiently they most desire from this plant grow light.
  • 【Auto ON/OFF Control】The plant growing lamps has an automatic on and off timing function, and the cycle memory timing function can be set to 3H/6H/12H timer settings. Gilouppe plant grow lights can also take care of your plants when you're traveling.
  • 【3 Switch Modes & 6 Brightness Levels】The plant light's power button helps you easily turn on one or two bulbs of the led grow lights. 6 brightness levels, you can choose the best brightness for your indoor plants according to the current growth status.
  • 【Easy to Install】Just within 2 minutes! Tighten the tripod, gooseneck and grow lamp, adjust the height and angle, and you're done! ❤️ 12 months warranty plus 30 days satisfaction or return guarantee. Any problem, please contact us first, we will take care of it.
-$9.00 SALE OFFBestseller No. 7
GooingTop LED Grow Light,6000K Full Spectrum Clip Plant Growing Lamp with White Red LEDs for Indoor Plants,5-Level Dimmable,Auto On Off Timing 4 8 12Hrs
15,105 Reviews on Amazon
GooingTop LED Grow Light,6000K Full Spectrum Clip Plant Growing Lamp with White Red LEDs for Indoor Plants,5-Level Dimmable,Auto On Off Timing 4 8 12Hrs
  • 6000K White Light - equipped with 10 Red + 74 White LEDs, this growing Lamp is similar to the full-spectrum sunlight at noon,that is professionally designed for indoor garden plants.Moreover, its color rendering index is as high as 95, the light is soft and flicker-free, which is very suitable for reading lamp
  • Timer Function & Multiple Settings - this growing light offer the timer function with 3 options that is 4Hrs or 8Hrs or 12Hrs, it is based on a 24 hour cycle from the time you set the timer.For example,when keeping power ON, if you select 8 Hrs,it will turns ON for 8 hours per 24 hours.The other two timer settings are the same.
  • Easy to Install - with flexible Gooseneck & strong clamp,it allows you to place the growth light in any direction to provide the best lighting angle for your plants,meet the cover around the plant.Powered by USB or AC Power Plug
  • High Efficiency LED Lamp - as for LED power draw this seedling lights just comsume about 10watt and is equivalent to a 50W Halogen Bulb.Estimately monthly cost roughly $2 in electricity (12 hours a day). It is a great gift if you growing some small house plants.
  • 【365 Days Worry-free Warranty】GooingTop service team offer 365 days warranty and 24h friendly customer service. If there are ever any issues about the product, please feel free to contact us and we will send you a new replacement or full refund.
Bestseller No. 8
Clip On Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, FECiDA UV-IR Full Spectrum LED Plant Grow Light, 200W Houseplant Growing Lamp with On/Off Switch, Daisy Chain Function
  • 💖👉【UV-IR Included Ideal Full Spectrum】This full spectrum grow light includes 3000K, 5000K, 660nm, UV-IR LEDs. 3000K and 5000K diodes provide more reddish and blueish light. 660nm and IR light is especially useful during bloom, where it speeds up flowering time and boost yields. 395nm UV light can make your plants health. The light looks fairly natural sunlight.
  • 💖👉【200W Powerful for Your Houseplant】This indoor plant grow light designed with 204pcs high quality LEDs. 200W led plant growing lamp only consumes 25 watt home electricity, running enough sunlight for your houseplant growing healthy.
  • 💖👉【On/Off Switch & Daisy Chain Function】This desk led grow light designed with an input plug and an output outlet. You can connect multi-lights max 4 units together by daisy chain function but only need one outlet.
  • 💖👉【Stable Clip and 360°Gooseneck】This plant growing lamp designed with Stable Clip and 360°Gooseneck, you can clip on it at anywhere and adjust the gooseneck 360°according to your application.
  • 💖👉【100% Satisfied After-Sale Service】FECiDA grow light is a professional led grow light manufacturer more than 12 years and a reliable amazon seller more than 6 years. We provide 12 months warranty and please contact us at first time by amazon online message, email or social media just as you like if you have any problems about our products. We’ll response you within 24 hours and solve your problem as soon as possible.
Bestseller No. 9
Kullsinss Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, 16.4" LED Plant Grow Light Strips Full Spectrum with 120 LEDs, 10 Dimmable Levels, Auto On/Off Timer, Sunlight Plant Lamp for Indoor Greenhouse, Seedlings
  • 🌻【Full Spectrum Grow Lights】Kullsinss led grow light strip are adjusted to the specific needs of plants to maximize photosynthesis, equipped with 72pcs White LED+ 36pcs Warm White LED + 12pcs Red LED, and there are 3 lighting spectra options. It can emit 380nm-800nm wavelength infinitely close to natural light, promoting indoor plant growth, shorten the growth period of plants.
  • 🌻【Efficient LED Chips, Super Bright】Adopts high-output and high-quality LEDs that only consume 20W, with 50000 hours lifetime. This plant lamp can providing enough brightness for all stages of plant growth, whether in an indoor garden or a greenhouse, Kullsinss plant grow light keeps your plants healthy and more vibrant!
  • 🌻【Auto Turn On/Off Timer & 10 Brightness Settings】This growing lamps has 3/9/12 hour timer settings. After you set the time, the led grow light strip will turn on and off automatically every day! It also has 10-level dimmable options ranging from 10% to 100% to meet the lighting requirements of each plant at different stages.
  • 🌻【Flexible Installation for Wide Use】Comes with 4 screws, 4 ties, 4 double-sided tape, which is enough for common plant shelf, under cabinet etc. Our plant light are suitable for a variety of bonsai and indoor plants, such as succulents, herbs, seeds, aloe, orchids, thyme, tomatoes, peppers etc.
  • 🌻【Buy with Confidence】We are professional LED light manufacturers with FCC, CE, ROHS, and PSE Certified! Please feel free to contact us if there are any problems during arrival or use. We will provide you with the best quality service.
Bestseller No. 10
SANSI LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, 150W Full Spectrum Gooseneck Clip Plant Grow Light, Plant Light with Optical Lens for High PPFD Growing Power, Grow Lamp with Lifetime Free Bulb Replacement
  • FULL SPECTRUM HIGH EFFICIENCY GROW LIGHTS: SANSI grow light emits all wavelengths from 380nm to 800nm - just like natural sunlight. With white light efficient LED diodes and higher PAR output, grow lights greatly promote indoor growth by accelerating photosynthesis, ideal for all growth stages and a variety of plants such as herbs, succulents, orchids, cherry tomatoes, monstera, etc.
  • LIFETIME REPLACEABLE BULBS & QUALITY GUARANTEES: Grow bulbs can be replaced, which facilitates customers to replace broken bulbs and avoids to repurchasing the whole grow light. Additionally, SANSI offers a whole-life free warranty for the bulb. The grow light is ETL listed, and quality and safety verified. (Attention Please: The max safety wattage rating is 10W). We have a professional service team that provides 7x24 online help. Please contact our team on Amazon message if you met any problem.
  • 360° GOOSENECK & EASY TO USE: SANSI plant light is equipped with a flexible Gooseneck & strong clamp, it's very easy to install and use and allows you flexibly adjust the light to make every plant covered by 360° surrounding light.
  • ENERGY SAVING: This grow lights for indoor plants provide a bright light output of 900LM. Save 90% on your electricity bill by using a high-lumen LED chip equivalent to a 100-watt traditional light bulb while consuming only 10 watts.
  • PROFESSIONAL HIGH-EFFICIENCY SOLUTIONS FOR INDOOR PLANT GROWTH: SANSI offers a number of core patented technologies that provide more efficient and stable lighting, effectively help your beloved plants thrive, and support a variety of usage scenarios (desktop, plant stand, desk, and hanging), which can be flexible placement anywhere in your home or office.


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