Best Coco Coir Hydroponics Nutrients for Grow Weed

One of the many different ways to grow marijuana indoors is by using coco coir as a growing medium. Compared to the soil, coco coir helps a plant to experience faster growth and bigger harvests. It consists of fibrous coconut husks and comes in the form of dehydrated blocks. You can use coco coir on its own or mix it with a little soil to loosen the soil help with the compaction. One of the best ways to use coco coir for the growth of cannabis, however, is by mixing it with perlite. It makes a fantastic growing medium due to its excellent water drainage as well as aeration capabilities.  The best part of it is that you can easily renew it unlike using growing mediums such as peat moss.

cannabis with coco coir

By looking through the advantages of that arise with using coco coir, you can then understand why many cannabis growers would consider using it as their growth medium rather than using any other medium. It is very crucial that you know the difference between coco coir and other substrates to decide before settling on purchasing the medium. Coco coir is an inert substrate meaning that it does not have nutrients. Therefore, for you to use it, you need to introduce specific nutrients.

As we have mentioned above, to get the best results out of coco coir you need to fertilize your growth medium every time you provide it with water. Therefore, you need to keep tabs on the electrical conductivity levels as well as the pH levels of the nutrient solution so that you can obtain great results. The electrical conductivity of a nutrient solution gives us the number of nutrients and salts that is in an aqueous solution. By having this information in hand, you can control the amount of COCO NUTRIENTS that the water has by adding or reducing the fertilizer depending on the growing stage and the needs of the plant. The pH level, on the other hand, tells of the level of alkalinity or acidity of the nutrient solution. A scale of 0 to 14 measures it, where zero is acidic and fourteen is alkaline. The midpoint of the range, seven is neutral.

Whenever you grow plants in coco coir, need to ensure that the pH level ranges in-between 5.5 and 6.3 depending on the growing phase of the plant. During the growth stage, it is best to ensure that the pH remains in-between 5.5 and 5.8 while during the flowering stage, the pH should be between 6.0 and 6.3. Make sure that the fertilizer you use works well with the substrate. There are different fertilizer brands available that provide specific fertilizers for use on coco coir. Most of them are mineral fertilizers that help in hydroponic growing systems. Here are some of the best COCO COIR NUTRIENTS that can help you maximize the growth if your weed.

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The Top 5 Coco Coir Nutrients in the Market 07- 2024

Advanced Nutrients 8560-14AB pH Perfect Sensi Bloom Coco Part A+B

The two-part, A and B combo by Advanced Nutrients works mainly on a coco coir substrate. The formula makes use of a proprietary pH perfect technology to adjust the levels of pH and keep it buffered throughout the entire life cycle of the plant to ensure stable growth of your marijuana. Mg and Ca have a higher affinity towards coco coir. Due to this, the cannabis plants may starve from having a reduced absorption of these nutrients. The Advanced Nutrients Perfect Sensi Bloom Coco Part A and B contain an organic surfactant called wet Betty that helps to lower the surface tension of the nutrient-rich water allowing the cannabis plants to quickly and efficiently in-take the Mg and Ca nutrients leading to a boost in your weed health as well as yields. The formula is one of the best for use in coco coir substrates and a favorite to many cannabis growers.

Blue Planet Nutrients Farmer’s Pride Organic Blend High Yield System

The Blue Planet Nutrients Farmer’s Pride Organic Blend High Yield System comprises of a set of fertilizers that aid cannabis plants growing in coco coir from their seedling stage to harvesting. The fertilizers can as well work in hydroponic systems as well as on other substrates such as perlite, vermiculite, and soil. They contain an organic base made of a proprietary blend of alfalfa meal, bone meal, fish meal and guano that is well composted and high in nitrogen. They give marijuana organic nitrogen and calcium throughout the different stages of growth. The Farmers Pride Organic Blend fertilizers contain organic amino acids and other naturally occurring nutrients. The Farmers Pride Bloom is strengthened using the acid treated Indonesian Bat Guano that provides it with high levels of phosphorous that helps in the development of cannabis buds. The Farmers Pride Bloom also contains high levels of potassium that is in the form of naturally mined potash. The Farmers Pride Grow, Micro Bloom and VitaBlue formula work perfectly together and are in balance with each other promoting the maximum growth of your marijuana. Since the fertilizers are from natural organic products, there may be large particles present in the nutrient solution that could lead to the clogging of fine-jets or pumps.

CANNA Coco A & B

Canna Coco are fertilizers that provide nutrients that promote the growing and flowering of plants in coco coir.  The fertilizers came about as a result of years of research into potting mixes, leaf analysis, and drainage. Canna became the first company to provide a fertilizer suited for use on coco coir. It contains essential minerals that promote explosive plant growth and profuse flowering. The Canna Coco comprises of two parts, A and B. Each part has a different N-P-K ratio to the other. Part A contains a ratio of 4:0:1 while part B has a ratio of 0:4:2. The amount of phosphorous and calcium that is required to be present for the fertilizers to do their work is high. You should mix the nutrient solutions by using water as the mixing channel. Add part A to water and follow it up with part B. Whenever you combine the two elements without using water, the result will be a slimy solution. The nutrient solution contains salts, fulvic acids, and chelates of natural minerals that provide the plant with optimum nutrient absorption.

Botanicare CNS17 Coco Grow Supplement for Plants

The CNS17 Coco Grow Supplement is a product by Botanicare, a company that dedicates its work to produce professional grade nutrients that comprise of the correct ration of all required minerals. The CNS17 is a high yielding and economical nutrient solution that provides everything that the plant needs in one formula. It has an N-P-K ration of 3:1:2 which is suitable for use mainly on a coco substrate. You can as well use it on other substrates. The formula contains high levels of calcium and a full spectrum of different elements responsible in the vegetative and flowering phase. It contains chelates that aid in the absorption of trace elements such as zinc, iron, and manganese. You can use the nutrient solution as a stand-alone fertilizer or together with other supplements as per your desire. It safeguards your plants from any nutrient burn or overdrive.

Advanced Nutrients 5070-14 Big Bud Coco

If you are looking to increase the cannabis bud yields, you should get the Advanced Nutrients 5070-14 Big Bud Coco. The solution is one of the BEST NUTRIENTS FOR COCO substrates to help with the particular flowering demands. You can as well use in a continuous liquid flowing growing systems such as flood and drain, drip irrigation, NFT, deep water culture, and aeroponics.  It contains chelated magnesium, Iron and calcium which help in the development of the plants. Whenever your plants lack these essential minerals, they may starve leading to a reduction in yields. The nutrient solution helps your cannabis plants to develop bigger and fatter buds. The nutrient solution comes in one-liter bottles.

What is the Difference between Coco Coir and Soil?


Coco coir comes from coconut husks and makes an excellent growing media for cannabis since it can support proper root development and vegetative growth. You may opt to pre-soak the coco fibers in an alkali solution as it increases its tensile strength by 30 percent. Additionally, always check if the manufacturer has buffed the coco with calcium.

You have the option of choosing between using the coco coir on its own or adding it to the soil. The substrate has a good water retention ability that helps to prevent your plants from ever going thirsty. The medium is also very well aerated supporting the growth of strong and healthy roots. Additionally, coco coir is renewable making its use to be eco-friendly. It is easier to use when you compare it to other mediums. Even so, you need to utilize the right nutrients to attain the best results of which choosing may be tricky if you are a new cannabis gardener.

, on the other hand, contains beneficial nutrients that provide nourishment to the plants. It makes use of microbes that break down the nutrients making it easy for plant uptake. New cannabis growers regard soil to be easier to use that coco coir since it does not need them to give much thought to having a carefully balanced nutrient routine. Plants as well do not require as much watering as that given on coco coir substrates. In some way, the soil is a growing medium that requires the lowest maintenance. However, even though soil comes with its nutrients, you do not have control over the type and amount of nutrients that are available. Whenever you purchase fertilizers to add to the soil, you still will not have the same control that the coco coir gives you. Nevertheless, if you prefer to use completely natural means to grow your cannabis, you should consider using soil as your medium of growth.

Growing Marijuana with Coco Coir Nutrients

Even though coco coir does not possess any nutrients, it is vital that you provide your cannabis plants with the required amounts of magnesium and calcium. The best way to do this is by acquiring supplements and nutrients that are for specific use on coco coir. You should ensure that the supply of calcium and magnesium is high and stays consistent during the first two weeks of planting. After the two weeks are up, you may reduce the amount of intake of the calcium and magnesium.

As you manage the intake of calcium and magnesium, you need to make sure that the pH level of the plants is not affected. Always measure the pH level of the water with minerals first before feeding it to the marijuana plants. Always make sure that the pH level stays in-between 5.5 and 6.5. If you are not sure on the nutrients to use, stick to nutrients and supplements that are specifically for use on coco coir. They mostly come in pairs or a set of three and with full instructions on how to use them in the different stages of growth. During the vegetative and growing phase of the plants, use a nutrient solution where the N-P-K ratio indicates a higher amount of nitrogen and potassium. For the flowering or blooming stage use a nutrient solution that is low on nitrogen but contains higher amounts of phosphorous and potassium.

Whenever you plant cannabis in plant pots using coco coir as a substrate, always ensure that there is a proper drainage system since the plants need to drain water quickly and efficiently to ensure adequate uptake of nutrients and avoid root rot from forming. The amount of substrate that a plant that grows in coco coir requires is less than that which a plant growing in soil requires. You can achieve the same results from a pot of 1.65 L coco coir as a plant growing in a 7L pot of soil. When using this method of growth, you should water the cannabis plants through irrigation and ensure that it is moderate during the first weeks of planting. It will help in enhancing the development of roots.  As the plants increase in size, you should increase the amount of nutrient solution. You may set up an irrigation system that will help with increasing efficiency as well as plant yields.

As we stated earlier on, it is essential to always be on the lookout for the electrical conductivity of both the drainage and the nutrient solution as it helps you know the levels of salt that is present in the substrate. When the levels are high, they raise the concentration of nutrients in the substrate leading to an excess of fertilizer. Eventually, the plants start experiencing certain deficiencies due to the inability of assimilating all the nutrients available. Whenever the EC levels of the substrates are higher than 2.5, you should flush it using an enzyme supplement and triple the amount of water than the volume of the pot. Do not forget to adjust the pH level to conform to the stage of plant growth. By flushing the substrate, you can reduce the nutrient concentration level and avoid any nutrient imbalance. It is advisable to rinse your growing medium after every 15 days if you are growing your cannabis hydroponically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it advisable to mix coco coir with soil?

Coco coir on its own is a growing medium. You can, however, mix it with soil to help deal with the compaction and loosening. Whenever you grow cannabis, you may consider mixing pure coco coir with 30 percent of any other growing medium such as perlite and providing nutrients to the plants through the water.

What should be the pH level of my coco coir?

Whenever you grow marijuana, it is best to keep the nutrient pH level between 5.7 and 6.0. The highest pH level you can go is 5.5 to 6.5. Cannabis that grows out of that range experiences nutrient problems.


With the different types of coco substrates available in the market, you need to choose one that is specifically for use in hydroponics systems. Secondly, ensure that you rinse the coir properly as it naturally contains very high amounts of salts. Whenever you purchase high quality coir, it comes when flushed. However, it is best to do the rinsing again as a safety precaution. Whenever the coir starts to clamp, break it apart and loosen it before you begin to plant. When choosing a nutrient solution, consider one that is specific for plants growing on a coir substrate. By doing so, you can take charge of the amount of the nutrients that your plants receive. The growing medium is soft enabling the root system of cannabis to develop in a much faster pace than when using soil. By having a stronger root system, the plant experiences more vigorous growth and this reduces the vegetative growth period. It is also crucial to point out that coco coir has natural Trichoderma, a fungus that helps in root development and improvement of a plant’s immune system.

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