General Hydroponics Flora Series Performance Pack Reviews

In hydroponic farming, one of the most popular nutrient series that majority of the growers use is general hydroponics flora series. Using the nutrient series dates back to many years ago and today, it still tops the list of the most essential nutrient series for growing cannabis. The popularity of the series stems from its effectiveness and affordability among other things.

General Hydroponics Flora Series

For people starting hydroponic farming, there is no better way to start than making general hydroponics flora series one of their major starting points. The trio of FloraBloom, FloraMicro and FloraGro each come with their own special recipes that go a long way in benefitting the indoor crops.

Another addition to the trio is FloraNova Bloom which is extremely essential for the flowering stage of the cannabis plants. The following is a review of FloraNova Bloom and the 3-in-1 hydroponics nutrient series.

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The general hydroponics flora series contains of highly nutritious and efficient liquid nutrients for all hydroponically growing crops. The fertilizer pack goes well with ebb and flow systems, DWC, and other passive hydroponic growing systems. The flora series, which uses a patented building block system, ensures that the nutrient solutions complement each other making it necessary to use all of them.

Using one and leaving the others out will give you dismal results from the crops. The effectiveness of the series comes from its composition that contains both primary and secondary nutrients. Also in the composition are micronutrients that all blend together to boost the growth of the cannabis crops.

During the flowering and late flowering stages, adding FloraNova bloom to the mix of the three major liquid nutrients gives more vigorous growth and better yields from healthier looking buds.  It is also easy to adjust the dosage of all the nutrients if you feel that the crops adjust or grow better with one or some more than they do with the other nutrients. All the liquid nutrients come with pH balanced formulas which makes it hard to spoil the pH of the nutrients in the reservoir.

The 3-in-1- general hydroponics flora series review

Below is a review of each liquid nutrient.


The most important of the 3-in-1-series generation hydroponics flora series, is the FloraGro which forms the foundation. The liquid nutrient supports the crops at their germination phase, which is the period the crops are at their most vulnerable state. The germination stage is the phase that crops start to develop their roots which can make or break the crops.

FloraGro provides the roots with enough health and nutrition to see them through to the vegetative stage. The liquid nutrient is also effective for the vegetative stage as it helps to maintain the nutrient levels. You can add FloraGro to any system without having to worry about underfeeding or overfeeding the crops.


The second nutrient in the series is FloraMicro considered to be the building block of the whole package. This nutrient contains a booster formula that compliments both FloraGro and FloraBloom for better crop growth. It is high in calcium and nitrogen and ideal for all growing media.

Also in the mixture are trace minerals that give further strength to the development of root structures and other primary parts of the cannabis plant especially during the early weeks of the peak growing phase. FloraMicro supports the plant throughout all the phases of growth until the harvesting stage. Using the fertilizer effectively leads to denser buds, low crop mortality and consistent results.


The last of the three part series is FloraBloom whose main purpose is to nurture the crops throughout their growing stages. The nutrient helps to stimulate the crops into developing more and better flowers and buds for larger yields. FloraBloom also helps to increase the increase the vigor of the buds and flowers as well as improve the rich aroma of the cannabis plant. It also aids in producing the essential oils with high CBD and THC levels.


FloraNova is not part of the three main nutrients in the general hydroponics flora series but it plays a big role in the development and health of the growing cannabis plants. The liquid fertilizer produces the same kind of nutrients as the other three and acts as a compliment to all of them. The difference though is that FloraNova is a conventional fertilizer that comes in liquid form.

The ingredients that make up the fertiliser are from natural humic extracts.  The formulation helps to release minerals vital to the growth of the crops throughout their growing cycles. The FloraNova series comes as FloraNova Grow which is essential during the flowering and structural growth of the crops and FloraNova Bloom which helps to promote strong flowers and buds with great color and superb taste. The two also help to increase the yields.

Other nutrients in the flora series

Besides the above four, other nutrients in the general hydroponics flora series include Flora Blend, which is ideal for the vegetative stage, and Flora Nectar which acts as the plant sweetener and influences the aroma. FloraNectar, which comes in six different flavours, comprises of minerals and molasses that help with the cellular process and better nutrient uptake by the crops. FloraBlend on the other hand comprises of rock powder, seaweed and plant derived materials and nutrients that form a highly soluble formula that helps with growing sturdier crops.

Other nutrients in the series include Liquid KoolBloom, FloraKleen, Flora Licious, Flora Rapid Start.

General Hydroponics Flora Series Feeding Schedule

Wrapping it up

The 3-in-1 general hydroponic flora series is the most common and most important of all the liquid fertilisers in the whole series. The three come with immense benefits perfect for any kind of cannabis grower. The complete package is all that your crops require for vigorous growth, high yields and the sweet cannabis aroma among other things.

The liquid fertilisers are easy to use and they are affordable. They actually save you money you could spend on buying different kinds of nutrients for growing your cannabis. Another benefit of using the trio is that it is available in many hoe depots and Amazon. They are also suitable for every kind of hydroponic farming.

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