Best Electric Weed Grinder- Electric Herb Grinder Pen Dispenser Review

Guys, we’re really excited because today we’re going to review one of the dopest smoking accessories to hit the market in 2021… a fully automatic electric weed grinder!

★★ Top 5 Best-Selling Electric Weed Grinder on Amazon

If you want a travel-size weed grinder that grinds your weed to an even consistency for vaping, rolling, smoking, or cooking, then this product is for you. Continue reading below for our complete review on this sleek product.

Why This Grinder Is Worth Every Penny


  • Stainless Steel Chamber and Blades. Don’t settle for a cheap grinder made of aluminum or zinc alloy. These soft metals erode over time and can leach aluminum flakes into your weed. Consumption of aluminum has been linked to increased rates of Alzheimer’s in patients, so we definitely recommend using a grinder made of stainless steel. This grinder passes both our health and safety check.
  • Better Grind Consistency. One thing we noticed was the ability of this grinder to chop weed into small uniform pieces. The ground up weed was a much smaller and more consistent than the weed you would get from a manual grinder. After a few uses, we noticed that a lot of kief was collecting in the chamber (probably because a finer grind results in more kief). I think this is a MUST for anyone who uses a dry herb vaporizer such as a Pax, Air, Firefly, or Volcano because a finer grind delivers a smoother and tastier hit.
  • Multi-Function: Grinds, Stores, and Dispenses. This thing not only grinds your weed, you can store it and dispense it on demand too! Just keep your weed in it until you need it, then remove the magnetic cap and dispense your bud into a joint, into your bowl, or into your vape chamber. Way more convenient that using a traditional grinder and having to unscrew the lid and pinch the weed out each time.



  • No Kief Catcher Screen. This grinder doesn’t have a kief screen to collect kief in a separate chamber. The kief will collect in the main chamber and usually stick to the walls of the chamber. The one bonus is that they give you a free mini brush to clean and scrape the kief.
  • Price. It’s not the cheapest grinder on the market, so if you just need something to get the job done it might be overkill. That being said, if you can afford it, we feel like you’re definitely getting your money’s worth as it has a fully rechargeable lithium ion battery (just like a smartphone) and will last for years to come. It also looks great next to any glass collection or your favorite piece.
  • No Visual Indicator. The grind consistency is controlled by how long you push on the button. If you are trying to get more coarsely ground weed, it’s hard to tell how long you should hold the button down. Maybe they can add a little window in in future models so you can watch the blades grind in real time.

Conclusion: 9.5/10

In summary: If you’re looking for a premium electric weed grinder that grinds weed to a consistency perfect for dry herb vaping, rolling joints, and packing bowls, then this is the grinder for you. If you’ve spent good money on your piece, your Pax vape, or your 7Pipe twisty glass blunt, then you need to step up your grinder game and get something that compliments your nice investment and enhances your smoking experience.

This grinder will deliver the best grind possible regardless of how you choose to consume your cannabis. A finer grind exposes more surface area for combustion and vaporization, resulting in smooth and flavorful hits every time.


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In Depth Review of Wakit Grinder Electric Weed Grinder Pen Dispenser

A Portable Hassle-Free Grinding Experience

I’m a huge fan of smoking fresh ground weed and I prefer to roll my own joints on the spot instead of buying pre-rolls. After seeing this thing, I knew I had to give it a try. What I like about this electric grinder is that it can grind, store, and dispense my weed without leaving behind a huge mess.

It fits easily in my pocket (unlike my other grinders) so I can take it anywhere and the single button operation makes it super easy to use.

If you like to roll your own joints with raw classics or a similar paper, you will definitely love the dispensing feature this little guy has. I’ve seen other electric grinders for sale that cost way more, so for the price you cannot really complain.

You’ll definitely notice the effort and attention to detail they put into the design of this grinder.

Great Consistency for Vaping

If you’re more into vaping than smoking, then you will definitely need to read this section.

This grinder is secretly one of the best things to hit the market, because it gives you an opportunity to maximize the amount of THC you can extract from dry herb at any given moment.

Let me explain: in order to get a strong vape hit with a high concentration of THC, you need to heat the weed in a range from 400F-450F. Weed is heated up via conduction in your vape chamber, meaning that the heating element needs to be in direct contact with the weed in order to transfer heat. Large weed pieces will take longer to heat up and the transfer of heat will be uneven across various sized pieces.

What does this mean? This means that the amount of THC vaporized at any given moment is very unpredictable and hard to control when using weed that is not ground to uniform consistency. Eventually, most users will just jack up the heat and end up burning and combusting their weed to get maximal THC delivery. This basically defeats the purpose of vaporizing in the first place.

By grinding your weed to an even consistency, more surface area is available for conduction and vaporization, resulting in smooth and flavorful hits each time. If you’re worried about not getting the most out of your vaporizer because you notice that the leftover weed is not browning evenly, we recommend trying this electric herb grinder out to see if it improves your vaping experience.

Get Your Wakit Grinder Electric Weed Grinder Pen Dispenser Today:

This is simply an amazing product. It’s compact, powerful, and can be used to grind weed for vaping, smoking, and cooking. On top of that, it’s convenient and very easy to use. At regular retail, it can be a bit pricey for most folks but if you manage to snag it on sale it’s worth every penny.

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