G8LED 900 Watt MEGA Review: Pros, Cons and Complete Revision

Can you imagine how happy you would be if your plants could grow healthy, beautiful and strong?

That’s the kind of experience the G8LED 900 Watt MEGA can bring you. If you have a big indoor garden with very demanding needs, then this grow light is exactly what you need.

I will let you know what are its pros and cons, and of course, let you see why it’s an amazing option for your plants.

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A Summary: A Breakthrough in Grow Lights


  • Superb Coverage and Deep Canopy Penetration. It will cover up to 24 square feet and penetrate up to 60 inches past the canopy
  • Grow Beautiful Flowers and Tasty Vegetables. This light can handle both veggies and flowers during all their growth cycle.
  • Perfect for Cannabis. If you want your weed to grow fast and healthy, then this light is all you need.


  • Not recommended for beginners. More suitable for pro growers.


Have you noticed yet that it’s a truly amazing product?

Not for nothing it has been awarded as the 2016 Best Grow Light by High Times Magazine. It’s an incredible grow light for weed if not the best in the market these days.

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Not ready yet? Then come with me and allow me to show you a more complete and detailed revision on this incredible grow light.

Complete Revision and Analysis of G8LED 900 Watt MEGA:

Now it’s time to analyze the most important aspects that make this grow light an exceptional choice for you. If you are a professional grower, then this is an excellent investment.

An Important Caution:

Even though I LOVE this grow light, there’s a very important caution to keep into account: Hang the panel 42 over your plants at the beginning. Then, gradually, you can adjust it. The optimal changes resides between 42-26 inches.

Massive Coverage and Outstanding Performance:

With 24 square feet of coverage and a 60 inches penetration past the canopy, it’s easy to understand why it’s such an excellent choice.

Thanks to deep canopy penetration it offers your plants will develop more intense colors, grow healthier and become super tasty. And what to say about weed, it will make it grow super-fast and totally healthy.

This series of product is popular for including a very wide spectrum of light, so your plants can get the benefits from infrared and ultraviolet light at the same time, which are essential for the optimal development and growth of your plants. All thanks to its generous 8-band wavelength ratio.

It can replace a 1000-1200-watt HPS grow light while only consuming 540 watts. It means you get plenty of power for your plant with a generous spectrum while saving energy. What more could you ask for?

If you are a serious grower who is looking for more power, especially if you are planning to cover a big area and obtain an excellent mature plan coverage (8-12), then this option is great for you. And it’s especially the case if you are going to grow cannabis, because this is where this product excels.

Are you beginning to see why it’s an amazing option for you? It includes, pretty much, everything your plants need to grow healthy and strong.

Made to Last:

You know, I really hate when grow light manufacturers use cheap LEDs in their products, but the G8LED 900 Watt MEGA is here to make the difference, as it uses LEDs from the top leaders in the industry: Optotech, Epistar and BridgeLux.

Moreover, it includes excellent zener diodes to protect your panel in the long run, so you can have it with you for many years to come making your plants grow healthy, beautiful and strong.

Another important aspect to note is that it prevents over-heating. You can leave it turned on 24 hours straight and it would still be cool.

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