Best 10’x10′ Grow Tent For Growing Weed Reviews

Growers that want to grow larger amounts of weed probably for commercial purposes need a bigger space for that. One of the best options in the market is the 10X10 grow tent. This unit comes with many features that can turn your weed growing into a reality. All you need is enough space for the tent, the right growing medium and you are good to go.

10x10 Grow Tent

Having the tent as your option for indoor growing also eliminates the need to grow the crops during particular seasons. Using the grow tent allows you to grow the crops at whatever time suits your schedule. The problem for many growers, especially those trying indoor growing for the first time comes in choosing the right 10×10 grow tent.

One of the reasons for the hard decision on which one to buy is because there are a variety of brands in the market. We reviewed some of the best brands and made it easier for you to choose from our top picks below. A buying guide also follows our top picks to ensure you know what to look for when choosing your unit.

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Our Top Picks Best 10×10 Grow Room

Topolite 120x120x80 Hydroponic Grow Tent

Topolite is one of the top rated and regarded companies known for having the most quality grow tents and other growing tools. The 10X10 grow tent is one of their rich collection of grow tents that all come with incomparable features. For starters, the tent allows you to monitor the growth progress of the crops through the green window.

The window does not let any light out and it helps to prevent the monotony of entering in and out of the tent to check on the crops. The long lasting tent has a sturdy 600D oxford material that is both tear proof and light proof. A strong and sturdy frame adds to the stability of the tent.

The interior of the grow tent comes with a sturdy Mylar reflective diamond lining that reflects light back to the crops effectively. The lining is waterproof which helps the crops from any unusual water floods. The grow tent also comes with a strong and durable zipper designed to provide both the tent and crops with enough security and safety.

Opening and closing up the zip is also easy. The multiple vents are also other valuable features of the grow tent. The vents support the tents filters and provide quality ventilation to the growing crops.

A mesh protects the vents and helps to prevent insects, pests and bugs into entering into the grow tent. For further support, the grow tent has a sturdy metal frame with a white coating that comes with strong metal corner connectors. Installation of the tent is tool free and easy.

iPower GLTENTXL4 120X120X78 grow tent

iPower is one of the leading manufacturers of growing systems that include grow lights, grow tents and other gardening equipment. The company which serves gardeners from all over the world has an experience extending to ten years plus. The 10X10 grow tent by the same company comes with the same features that make the name stand out.

Made from a thick tear-proof material that comes with double stitching and heavy-duty material, the construction is airtight making sure no lights leaks out of the tent. The material and the zippers also give the tent its strength and durability. It also comes with a strong and sturdy frame made from all steel.

The frames provide the tent with the ability to handle weights of up to 110lbs. At the corners to add to the sturdiness are metal push locks. The push lock corners also help with the easy assembling of the grow tent.

The inside of the tent has a 95% reflective Mylar material that returns 97% of the light back to the cannabis crops. If you are very keen on privacy, the marijuana odor can sell you easily. However if you use this grow tent, you do not have to worry about any odor leaking out which makes it one of the most private grow tents to use.

The airtight feature also prevents bugs and pests from entering the tent this protecting the weed from any damage. The grow tent also enjoys high ratings with past and present users and it comes with a one year warranty accompanied by a tool bag.

Anjeet 120x120x80 Hydroponic Grow Tent

Another highly rated unit for indoor growing of cannabis is the Anjeet grow tent. The tent comes with a stable and solid construction made from heavy-duty 600d cloth material. The strong tear proof material also ensures that the tent does not get any light leaks either from the inside or outside. The tent also comes with a strong external zipper that helps to seal the tent protecting the crops from any harm from the outside environment.

The inside of the tent has a reflective Mylar lining that reflects 96% of the grow lights. The reflected light goes back to enhance he crops proper growth. For further sturdiness, the tent has metal poles with corner too-free connectors. The setup of the tent is easy and it comes with an instructions manual.

You can also rest assured that your crops will get a good flow of air from the multiple vents that act as fans and filters providing quality circulation of air. A mesh protects the vents preventing bugs and pests from entering into the tent. For ease of cleaning the tent, it comes with a waterproof and removable floor tray.

Another feature worth noting are four nylon belts that act as filter straps to enhance the circulation of air further.

Ultra Yield 120x120x80 Grow Tent

If you are a weed grower beginner and want to start with a large grow tent, the Ultra Yield 10X10 will not disappoint. One of reasons why the grow tent is a great choice for beginners is because of its easy assembling that does not need any tools or a professional. The tent comes with an easy design that anyone can access easily.

Another feature that makes the grow tent stand out is the height adjustment ability. This comes in handy if you are growing the taller strains of marijuana. the extension height is 12 inches. The grow tent also comes with a durable heavy-duty material that provides the crops with enough security and safety.

The tear proof and lightproof material is 1680D canvas. A thick metal frame makes the tent stay on with stability and sturdiness allowing you to hang grow lights and other growing equipment with ease. The inside of the grow tent is a 97% reflective Mylar lining that reflects light back to the crops.

This helps in the production of more and healthier yields. The zippers are strong enough to ensure that the tent stays safe and secure for any years. The grow tent also comes with a large French door design that allows easy access to and from the grow tent. Cleaning and maintaining the grow tent becomes easier with the use of the removable floor tray.

To ensure that no odor leaks out of the tent are two openings with airtight seals. If you are looking for a grow tent that you can use repeatedly for the growth of your crops, this grow tent is definitely one of your best options.

Oppolite 120x120x78 Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

The construction of the Oppolite grow tent is remarkably durable and strong.  The stable and durable construction is all thanks to the 600d oxford cloth on the outside of the tent and the 96% highly reflective diamond Mylar lining on the interior. Strong zippers further help to enhance the strength of the material.

The zippers come with an easy set up that makes then easy to open and close. The grow tent has multiple vents that accommodate a filter and fans. You also do not have to taper with the crops growth progress by going in and out of the tent often. This is because the grow tent comes with green observation windows that provide you with enough viewing space of the crops.

The windows use an advanced green tint technology that also helps to filter out white light allowing the plants to grow in their current state. The frame that keeps the tent in place and sturdy is 22 mm in diameter and comes with sturdy corner metal connectors.

Cleaning of the tent is also a very easy process as the grow tent comes with a removable waterproof floor tray. For easy assembling of the grow tent, it comes with an assembly manual. The tent also enjoys high ratings from users. This grow tent will last you for many years to come.

Frequently asked questions

How many marijuana crops can one grow in a 10X10 grow tent?

A 10X10 grow tent is one of the larger units in the market. Some of those looking for a grow tent to grow crops for commercial purposes, use the 10X10 as their starter pack. The number of crops you can grow in this tent depends on the kind of lighting system you are using and the medium of growth.

For the proper lighting of the grow tent, four 1000 watt LED lights will do just fine. The lights are enough to offer full spectrum coverage and with this kind of lighting you can plant around 9 to 100 small crops that you can rely on for quality growth.

What Lighting System Should I Use With The 10X10 grow tent?

Using the 10X10 grow tent gives you different options as to the number of lights you can use for the proper growth of your crops. You can choose to use three LED lights of 600W or even go up to four 1000W LED lights. What you choose to use, will depend with the environment of the grow space and the surroundings.

10×10 Grow Tent-Buying Guide

Below are the things to consider when buying the perfect 10X10 grow tent

10x10 Grow Tent2

Setup space

The size of the place where you want to set up your 10X10 grow tent should be the first consideration to make. 10X10 grow tents are not small and you will need a space bug enough to accommodate them such as in the garage, or a spare bedroom. If you do not have a space large enough for a 10X10, buy a smaller size grow tent.

Number of plants

You should also take into consideration the number of plants you want to grow, if your aim is to grow a few crops for your personal use, then it would not be cost effective to buy the 10X10 grow tent. If your aim is to grow more than ten or twenty plants for commercial and personal use, the 10X10 grow is one of your best options.

Tent material

The tent material is one of the most important features to check before purchasing any unit. The material should be thick with an interior reflective lining to help with light reflection. The thickness helps to determine the way your crops grow. Thick material also means that you can use the grow tent for a longer period without worrying about wear and tear, and any other damages.

Thicker tents also come with other benefits such as lightproof abilities, the ability to keep off unwanted light from entering into the tent and any light from escaping outside the tent. They also help to keep pests and bugs away from the crops. Grow tent materials have thicknesses that varies from 210D to 1680D. Any material with a thickness of 600d and above is good enough.


You should also check how much weight the tent can hold and compare that with the weight of the crops and the lighting system and other equipment such as fans and filters. The weight limit will depend on the sturdiness of the frames that come with the grow tent.


Cost is another factor that you cannot ignore. Some of the brands are more expensive than others are which makes it necessary to compare different brands against their prices and benefits.

Wrapping it up

All the above 10×10 grow tents come with amazing features that make weed gardening easy and fun. They are affordable, come with easy setups and they are all sturdy and durable. In short, they incorporate everything that you would want for the quality growth of your crops.

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