Kind K5 XL1000 LED Grow Light Review: Is It Worth It?

Everybody knows how important it is to have an excellent grow light for indoor gardening. That’s why the question here is: Is the KIND K5 XL1000 LED a good choice?

I can tell you from now that it’s an excellent grow light, but let’s go into detail in this review so you can discover what makes this product particularly excellent.

A Summary: Why So Many People Love It?


  • 100% Customizable. Its incredible dimmable spectrum allows you to customize it for any plant or growth stage.
  • Recreate the Natural Lighting Cycle. Its Mother Earth Timing Function allows you to accomplish so, and hence, bring your plants a more vigorous growth.
  • It replaces a 1000-watt HPS. This alone lets you say that this grow light is quite powerful.


  • Expensive


The K5 XL1000 LED is, by far, one of the best grow lights you will ever find. It has got everything: Massive power, amazing features like mother earth timing function, it’s 100% customizable thanks to its dimmable spectrum and it comes with an extra-large LED footprint.

Want to grow super healthy, strong and tasty plants? Then this grow light is everything you need. Click the button above to get it today:

Have questions and doubts? Then worry not, because right below you will find a more detailed analysis on this amazing light.

Complete Revision and Analysis of K5 XL 1000 LED Grow Light:

The end goal of every effective grow light is to mimic the effects of the sun, and this option offers you the full package: Enough power, customization options and can replicate the natural lighting cycle.

A Little Caution:

This grow light is amazing, but it can be a bit strong at the beginning. That’s why you should install it 4 feet over your plants, and once they have adapted, you can gradually decrease it. Take this into account.

Better than Conventional LED and HPS Systems:

HPS system beat LED in a very important aspect: the footprint. The LED system has always used a small footprint, and as a result, the results expected in the harvest weights were rarely meet… till now.

This amazing grow light comes with a generous footprint which brings you the promised harvest weights. With its massive 5’x5’ footprint you will get much better results than conventional lights.

Moreover, it comes with high-quality diodes intensified by secondary lenses, so your plants can grow healthier and stronger. It provides you the perfect combination between 3-watt and 5-watt diodes, which has been proven to provide your plants a superior growth.

And let’s not forget that you can customize this light to your type of plants or according to their growth stage. In short, this light provides you endless possibilities to grow better, healthier and stronger plants. You can use it for growing the most beautiful flowers or the tastiest vegetables alike.

The Sun in Your Home:

Many grow lights have tried to replicate the natural cycle of the sun, but they have failed. On the other hand you have the K5 XL 1000 by Kind, which provides you the best experience.

Its 8-stage Mother Earth timing function will wake up your plants in the morning with a mild light, adjust the intensity as the day advances and then send your plants to sleep.

This system will bring them an optimal growth. This is something that will improve the quality and health of your plants, and of course, all without taking your plants outside.

But worry not, because if you want to use other kind of timing, then you can do it too. This product allows you to do it easily and fast. Say good-bye to hard-to-use grow lights, because this one is powerful and very simple to use.

You can control everything with a remote control. Let’s suppose you have already installed it with the ropes and getting there is not a simple thing to do, in that case you would not have to worry,  because you could simply use your remote control, adjust the settings as you please and done!

Conclusion and Final Words:

Powerful. Fully customizable. Easy to use.

What more could you ask for? This grow light has got everything you need to grow beautiful and healthy plants! Click the button below to get it today:

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