Best Flavored Rolling Papers [ 2021 Reviews & Guide]

If you are a cannabis smoker and you roll your weed, there is probably one type of rolling paper that you cannot do without. Right? But, have you ever thought of exploring the various rolling paper options available? One of the rising stars is the flavored rolling paper. The rolling papers have a specific taste that you can enjoy as you smoke your weed.

When you search the term flavored rolling paper on google, one of the first leading options you will get is the Juicy Jay’s flavored rolling paper. According to the many cannabis lovers all over the world, the rolling papers from Juicy Jay are the best. But where does all this hype come from?

Some Best Flavored Rolling Papers:

About Juicy Jay

Juicy Jay uses fruity flavors to enhance the taste of their rolling papers. The flavors complement the weed giving you a rather vibrant and exciting smoking experience that you can find with any other rolling paper. Juicy Jay stands out from all the other rolling papers in various ways. One, you will find that rolling papers have two areas where the flavoring can be, the gum line or the entire paper. The majority of rolling papers in the market have their flavorings on the gum line. However, the whole paper of juicy Jay is full of flavor that will not only excite your tongue but the mouth as well.


The company infuses the different flavors into the rolling papers through a triple-dipping system. Juicy Jay uniquely owns the method, and it ensures that the whole paper gets the fruity flavors. The process involves dipping the paper in the flavor three times and soaking it for more than one week. After the process, the paper will have a flavor three times stronger than any other brand in the market. You can quickly identify the flavor profile of a rolling paper since it is has a print image of the flavor it corresponds. They use soy-based ink to print the pictures. The best part about the Juicy Jay is that it is made with natural materials such as hemp and natural sugar gum.

Juicy Jay has more than 30 different flavors. Some of them include bubblegum, Licorice, Birthday Cake, and at least some fruit flavors. Such include Apples, Bananas, Peach, oranges, among others. You can find Juicy Jay’s papers in a variety of sizes. The most popular sizes are one ¼ paper.

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10 x Juicy Jay’s Mixed 1 1/4 Flavored Cigarette papers

The Juicy Jay’s mixed cigarette paper measures one ¼. The package comes with ten different flavors combinations. Each booklet contains 32 papers, making it a total of 320 pages. Juicy Jay uses Hemp papers. They are thicker than the paper varieties made of rice. It is easier to roll the Hemp paper than any other paper brand in the market. Using thin papers is not convenient. You can lose the grip when handling the thin papers making the cannabis collapse on you. The paper also burns slowly and remains lit for a long time. Juicy Jay uses a plant-based glue for the gum line, which is a safer alternative to industrial glue. However, the biggest problem is that it may have sticking issues when it becomes overly wet. It may become frustrating as your joint will not seal properly or light. If you are environmentally cautious, you may rest with ease knowing that no tree was cut down in preparation of the paper. It also burns incredibly well, making it a fan favorite for cannabis smokers. Since the papers are triple-dipped, you will get a nice flavor with every smoke. The papers do not leave you with a weird aftertaste since they are made of hemp.

Pros of 10 x Juicy Jay’s Mixed 1 1/4 Flavored Cigarette papers

  • It comes in colorful and appealing packaging. Every pack has a seal that keeps the papers fresh.
  • The brand is well recognized for delivering high-quality papers.
  • They use thick papers that are easy to roll
  • The flavors tone down the harsh smoke of the weed, allowing you to smoke comfortably.
  • They burn slowly and smoothly allowing you to enjoy the smoking experience.

Cons of the 10 x Juicy Jay’s Mixed 1 1/4 Flavored Cigarette papers

  • Its cost is quite high

What other Say

“The most flavorful papers I have ever smoked! They have a light distinct taste and it’s not overpowering. And the delivery couldn’t come on a better time just before 420! I definitely will be ordering this again.”

                                                                                                                                                      ~ LL_Gee


“Great price for a ton of papers. I like these better than zig zags because they don’t run and burn nicely. Not any big flavor but the smell is nice. I got the 10 pictured but apparently that’s not always the case.”

~ Tori

Juicy Jay’s Flavored paper                                                                                                                                                     

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Summing Up

There is more to choosing a rolling paper than just the brand and flavors to choose from. You can find the papers in various sizes. The main question you should ask yourself is, which is the best size for you to choose? It would not look good when you roll your joint with an excess amount of paper. You will only end up destroying some expensive rolling paper, and in the long run, it will affect how your joint burns.

When shopping for a rolling paper, be very definite and specific over the size that you want to use. For any queries regarding Juicy Jay’s rolling papers, feel free to ask us. We will happily respond.

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