Sour Diesel Cannabis Strain Review & Effects

Cannabis is all about strains with some being more popular than others are. Weed connoisseurs can tell a good strain from just one smoke and even though there are many types of weed out there, only a few stands out. One such cannabis strain is Sour Diesel, popularly known as Sour D.

Sour D has strong genetics and a flavour that is so unique that many of the users will not trade it for any other strain. Besides the astounding genetics and the unique flavour, so much mystery surrounds the strain that people come with different versions of its history, which makes it even more interesting.

Sour Diesel Strain

In this article, we look at the history of SOUR DIESEL, why it is popular with many users, its benefits and downsides and we will tell you where you can find the best-feminised SOUR D seedlings.

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What is Sour Diesel?

As the name suggests, many people equate the strong aroma of Sour D to diesel. The strain is a sativa dominant hybrid that provides fast acting effects to users for various medical and recreational processes. The cannabis strain is also invigorating and gives users more energy to be more active especially during their recreational activities.

The strong aroma is one of the things people love about the strain. Unlike Gorilla Glue strain, Sour Diesel does not provide couch like effects but it also leaves the user relaxed, filled with energy and more invigorated. The effects of the strain last longer than of those of other strains and the effervescent high helps to heighten creativity in users. Like many other great strains, Sour D, is also excellent for combating chronic pains and mental problems.

Sour Diesel Strain Full Review

Though the origin of the strain has several contradicting theories, other facts about this potent strain are all the same everywhere. Below is a complete review of Sour Diesel strain.




Sour Diesel dates back to over twenty years ago. The strain is one of the most hard-hitting strains that everyone talks about without knowing the full history of origin of the strain. This is because there are many versions on its origin. For many people the origin is not important just as long as their favourite strain gives them the high they want. It however does not cot anything to know just a little about where all the fame of the strain started.

When Sour Diesel first entered the market, a lot of secrecy shrouded the cannabis community. This however did not prevent weed users from clamouring for it. People would do almost anything in the book to get their hands on Sour Diesel. Having Sour Diesel brought with it mind controlling games, backstabbing and power pray. It was simply a sour strain. Other than the sour story of the highly potent strain, its origin remains uncertain to date.

Majority of the people in the marijuana community say that Sour Diesel strain is a cross between 91-Chemdawg and Mass Super Skunk while others claim that it is a cross between a Chemdawg Phenotype and Mexican sativa. Whichever of the two carries the day, one thing is for sure and that is the strain has a high like no other strain in the market.


The flowering time for Sour Diesel growth takes anything from ten to eleven weeks if you are growing the crop in a GROW TENT. Before the strain starts to produce flowers, it goes through several stretches that see it growing taller every day. This means that the strain requires frequent maintenance to control the height; otherwise, you will have poor yields.

For good quality yields, the strain should grow in a warm climate that ranges from 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of the height and their fast growth, SOUR DIESEL STRAIN does better growing outdoors than it does growing indoors. This is because there is more room for the plant to expand outdoors than there is indoors. This however does not mean that you cannot plant the strain indoors.


All you need is a grow room with enough space and height, great lighting system from grow lights, the right temperatures and humidity and a good flow of air. The strain yields are moderate to heavy depending on your growing methods and the nutrients you feed your weed on during all the growing phases. for outdoor growers using super strong potting soil, the yield per plant can go up to 25 ounces per plant or to as little as three ounces per plant if you grow in ordinary soil.

For indoor growers the average yield per square metre is 18 ounces. If you grow Sour Diesel outdoors, the best time to do would be during the fall in the months of October and November. This will however depend on your location because not every location has the right soil for Sour Diesel strain growth.

If you choose to grow the crop indoors, you can do it any time irrespective of the season as long as you maintain the right growing environment for the crops. This includes finding the right potting soil. One of the many advantages the strain has other strains is its strong ability to fight off diseases, bacteria, mold, mechanical damages and fungus.

You however have to protect the plant from mildew at all times. Some of the difficulties that majority of Sour Diesel strain growers face during the growing period are the light adjustments, trimming the tall plants, watering, digging, examining the correct soil pH for conducive growth, pruning and pest control among others.

Sour Diesel strain appearance and smell

As mentioned above, Sour Diesel is relatively a tall plant that you need to keep close tabs on east it grows out of control. Colours of the nugs vary from one Sour Diesel to the next but the most common colour is light green with orange hairs and dew white trichomes. The buds are also dense as compared to those of other strains.

The strain has a diesel gasoline smell with a mixture of sour lemon and a certain earthiness. The pungent smell may also stick around after smoking the strain. The taste of the strain is however not as strong as the smell but the effects are strong. The citrus flavor of the strain is refreshing for the taste buds that make you want to smoke more.

Sour Diesel potency levels

Another thing that makes Sour Diesel a potent strain is its high sativa strain presence. The strain is 90% sativa and 10% indica. It is also one of the most popular auto-flowering sativa strains in the market today. The chunky round calyxes of the strain are one of the giveaways that it is a potent strain. The strain also comes with higher than average THC levels as compared to many other strains.


It has comparatively lower CBD levels but they are enough to offer quite a number of medicinal properties. The THC levels help to induce sleep, elevate moods and bring out creativity in people. The effects are fast acting and long lasting. THC potency levels range between 18% and 25%, which is quite high.

Sour Diesel medicinal effects

Both recreational smokers and those seeking medicinal benefits from marijuana use Sour Diesel in equal measure. The strain has the perfect mood lifting effects that many users adore. It also helps to enhance energy levels, which helps those with medical problems start their day in a good note. One puff of sour strain in the morning takes away anxiety and depression for many of the smokers.

The strain is also great for battling stress and fatigue. This is especially for people that suffer from insomnia or sleep disorders, the strain also stimulates creativity as the high targets the brain. Unlike Gorilla Glue strain, Sour Diesel is not the perfect strain to smoke if you are looking for a pain reliever.

GORILLA GLUE STRAIN contains high levels of both THC and CBD, which balances its effects as a pain relieving strain and a cause for high strain. Some of the users of the strain also note an increase in appetite, awareness and confidence. The euphoric feelings you get from that one puff in the morning can last you the whole day.

Sour Diesel side effects

All marijuana strains have one major side effect and that is a dry mouth. Though Sour Diesel causes less dryness, it is important to ensure that while you are smoking the strain, you keep your system hydrated at all times. Besides the dry mouth, other side effects are dry eyes, which you can take care of by using the relevant eye drops, paranoia anxiety and dizziness.

The citrus taste of the strain may also lead to addiction because it leaves a taste in the mouth that makes one to want another smoke after a while. It also hits first and it is therefore for first time smokers to go easy on the strain during their first hits.

Where to buy Sour Diesel seedlings

One of the many problems many marijuana growers have especially those starting the grow phase for the first time is where to get the nest feminised seedlings. If you are looking for the best places to buy your Sour Diesel seedlings, make sure you carry out enough research and read various review from past growers to help you make a sound decision. Some of the best places to get your feminised Sour Diesel seedlings are True North Seed Bank, Quebec Cannabis Seeds and I Love Growing Marijuana among many others.




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All these places offer varying paying options that include using credit cards, cash, and bitcoin. They also ship the seedlings to growers in the USA, New Zealand, Australia and some European countries. They also have great customer care services where you can ask any questions regarding shipping, storage of the seedlings, time of arrival, what happens if there is any damage to the seedling during transportation and much more.

User review

With majority of the users giving the strain a five star rating, you can only conclude one thing which is it is a great hit. One popular journalist by the name Redman said this about Sour Diesel Strain in a 2017 interview with High Times. “Sour diesel is one of my favourites to smoke because it gives me energy. I like to work a lot: I’m in a studio maybe 16 hours a day and I like to be energised and to be creative therefore the reason I love sour diesel”

Personal verdict

Experienced cannabis users will definitely tell you that Sour Diesel is the way to go if you are looking for the most invigorating and fun ways to enjoy marijuana. For first time users, the strain comes off as too strong because of the high THC content. The pungent earthy Sour Diesel aroma may also be alarming to first time users. Even though the strain is potent, the aroma exaggerates its potency and this scares some people off from trying it.

However, the aroma is the strains specialty that separates it from other strains. Once you start smoking the strain, you will realise that the citrus overtones compliment the diesel pungent smell transforming the weed into an enjoyable smoke.If you are looking for pain relieving marijuana, then you should probably look at other strains that do better than Sour Diesel.

If you are looking for an all day long euphoric feeling that takes you through the day feeling active. Energised and alive, then Sour Diesel is one of the best prions. It is also important to note that not all users experience the same effects from smoking Sour D strain. This is because not everyone has the same kind of MARIJUANA tolerance in his or her systems.

Wrapping it up

Sour Diesel Strain has more highs than lows and it is all about the wonderful buzz that you get out of quality marijuana. We hope that after reading what to expect from this popular strain, you will have no hesitation in firing of your creative side and looking forward to having a euphoric day every day.

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