King Plus 1000W Led Grow Lights Review

Frankly speaking,gardening is no more some stereotypic field nowadays.It has ceased to be dependant on natural factors such as rain,sunlight or air.

With the current advancements in science,gardening has also shifted from open spaces to sophisticated,controlled areas where the chances of survival are optimum.

In short now you can grow anything anywhere,thanks to latest technology.

Take KING plus 1000W led grow light as an example.Whether it be the arctic or the siberian plateau,KING led grow lights provide the all spectrum light necessary for plant growth including the red and blue light as well as the Ultraviolet and infrared radiations.They are not only effective but are also cost friendly.It is also quite popular among its users and has high rate of customer satisfaction.

KING plus 1000W led grow light is available with a lifespan of 50000 hours and works quite efficiently in a voltage range of 85-265V.It’s price is also very nominal as compared to other LED lights as it costs just under 300$.

Key Specs

Following are the key specs of KING plus 1000W led grow light

  • Dimensions: 400x400x60mm
  • Full spectrum light for all stages of plant growth
  • Lifespan: At least 50000 hours of working
  • Working Voltage85V-265V
  • Working Frequency50-60Hz

Double Chips:

KING plus 1000W led grow light may look quite typical a first and you may wonder what makes it so unique and highly recommended.Let me tell you.

It is the double chip of two 5W diodes instead of a typical 3W one which makes KING plus 1000W led grow light a lot brighter and effective as compared to the other ones.These double chips are basically the key difference among all other lights and KING plus 1000W led grow light.

The double chips provide you with regular,bright and even light for your indoor gardens that makes plant development a lot better.This is the sole reason why you should buy it.

Now you might be thinking that a more powerful double chip means more chances of burning out.You are thinking in right direction but KING plus 1000W led grow light has its own arrangement for it too. Each double chip diode is protected with a “zenith protector” which keeps the diode from burning out.It also makes sure that the whole light panel keeps on functioning even if one diode goes out.So now when you have this product,then you don’t need to take tension of  repairing a whole panel for the sake of a single diode.

KING PLUS 1000W Led Grow Light

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Full Spectrum

KING plus 1000W led grow light gives off full spectrum light including red,blue,white,yellow,infrared radiations and ultraviolet rays which is a good supplement of sunlight and is ideal for indoor plant growth at all stages.It gives off light in purple or pink color that is a mixture of all different colored wavelegths that is carefully given off in a preset appropriate ratio.

Red, blue, yellow and white light together blend with Infrared radiations and Ultraviolet rays in order to provide the ideal spectrum for your garden. The light given off by this product is quite similar to natural sunlight.This is also why It has an edge over other LED lights, sodium lamps, metal halide lights and fluorescent bulbs.

KING PLUS 1000W Led Grow Light-2


The coverage of this led grow light is quite covers an area of 3.4ft x 3.8ft.So if you are planning to start a decent sized facility,then you can’t go with a single KING plus 1000W led grow light.Instead,you need various lights to work with.

Power Saving Lights

If you are planning to use KING plus 1000W led grow light,then you don’t need to worry about large energy consumption or huge electricity bills.This is because,KING plus 1000W led grow light is highly energy efficient.By drawing only 180 watts,they give off light equivalent to 1000 watts which means they save energy and lower electricity bulbs up to 82%.So just buy it and reduce electricity bills!

Effective Heat Dissipation

Indoor grow lights have a very common issue with them.While they give off multiple wavelength light spectrums in order to complement sunlight and promote plant growth,they also give off lots of heat during it.They have in built system that reduce heat but the extent of light given off can only be dissipated by employing separate cooling sytems which of course add up to the costs.

KING PLUS 1000W Led Grow Light-3

It’s really weird I know but why don’t use KING plus 1000W led grow light instead? KING Plus 1000W LED Grow light is a solution for all your horticultural problems.

Firstly,It gives off 90% less light as compared to ordinary LED lights or other conventional bulbs.This is because it uses 82% lesser energy and also its cooling systems are so efficient in comparison.

Secondly,the nature of LED lights used in KING plus 1000W led grow light is such that they reduce the emission of heat by 15-20%.

While Using King Plus 1000W Led Grow Light Make Sure That

You calculate the number of lights you plan to install and check it’s budget.

Before hanging, take into account the height at which you want it to hang because it can be really tiresome to readjust.

During the vegetative cycle position the led grow light at about 24-36 inches and 15-20 inches during the bloom cycle. A deviation from these measurements may cause recession in plant growth.
Also use a thermometer to check temperature regularly and make sure it stays as close to 78 Fahrenheit as possible.

Cons Of King Plus 1000W Led Grow Light

It is not as long lasting as other LED lights but the 3 year warranty makes it safe to use.

It says that it uses up only 180 Watts but it actually uses more as it is quite evident from the burning out of various lights.

Final Word

In short KING plus 1000W led grow light is a horticulturist delight.With a powerful light emmited by double chipped diodes, energy conservation build, effective heat dissipation and a lifespan of over 50000 working hours, a price under 300$ is not too much to ask for KING plus 1000W led grow light.

Also provided the fact that it saves 82% energy consumption and reduces electricity bills, KING plus 1000W led grow light is likely to save the amount of its price in very short time. Actually KING plus 1000W led grow light is a specimen of advancements in horticultural technology and it marks the start of revolutionized plant growth.

KING plus 1000W led grow light is a must have for your garden!

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