King 1200W Led Grow Light Review-Your First Step To Modern Horticulture

Horticulture has blended with technology and has opened up new dimensions in itself. Just take an example of sunlight.

Now plants no longer require sunlight for normal functioning. You may have read in your primary school books that “Without Sun the plants die”.Well it doesn’t stand correct anymore because LED grow lights have supplemented sunlight now!

You might be thinking that they would be expensive but just click on the link below and buy KING 1200W LED grow light for as low as

The King 1200W LED grow light is powered by a 6W LED lightning source. As similar to other models by King LED lights, it also has a lifespan of 50000 working hours and more. While it gives off light equivalent to 1200W but it also has a power saving mode that uses 320-340W of energy while giving off light with same brightness. So it means it is energy efficient as well!


King 1200W LED grow light gives off light that is exactly a replacement of sunlight. It includes a spectrum of red, blue, yellow and white light as well as ultraviolet radiations for killing bacteria and reducing chances of vegetative ailments and Infrared Radiations for helping in plant growth especially stem elongation.

Heat Dissipation Mechanism

King 1200W LED grow light is equipped with aluminum heatsink and four fans of considerable size for cooling and making sure that the heat produced is dissipated well enough. Also the LED lights are designed with a mechanism that 90% of the heat produced is absorbed by the plant itself. Also the LED lights are separated with specific resistances to avoid burning out in case massive current flows.

King 1200W LED light is also ideal for usage because it uses lesser energy and so gives off 75% lesser heat as compared to other LED grow lights. It means a self-cooling LED grow light system for your garden is just a click away from you!

These Bulbs Are Actually Alive

Whenever I hear the word LED, a thought came to my mind that it means bulb which are not as live as fluorescent tubes or conventional bulbs but this is not the case with King 1200W LED grow lights. Frankly speaking these bulbs are live enough to light a vast area under them and too by consuming a lot lesser heat as compared to other LED bulbs of similar wattage.

Ecofriendly??? Yes they are!

Nowadays a lot of talk is going on about ecofriendly appliances. It’s true that we should be using such appliances. Now is King 1200W LED grow light ecofriendly?

Yes it is! Its LED lights are especially designed with lightning gases in between that give off as less CFCs in air as they can as they don’t give off reactive radicals while burning which deplete ozone layer.

King 1200W Led Grow Light Specifications

Mentioned below are the key specifications of King 1200W LED grow light

Dimensions: 40x40x6 cm

Spectrum for various stages: 410nm, 430-440nm, 450-475nm, 520-630nm, 650-670nm, white spectrum, Infrared (730nm)

Coverage area: 5.2×5.2ft

Lifespan: Over 50000 working hours

Working Voltage: 85V-265V

Working voltage: 50-60HZ

Hacks To Use King 1200W Led Grow Light

While during vegetative state keep the LED grow lights on for 12-14 hours for proper growth.

During the flowering stage, the experts recommend that you keep the king 1200W LED grow light on for 9-12 hours.

When the fruiting stage is going on, keep the plants exposed to light for 7-8 hours.

The suggested average distance of light above the plants is 1.2-2m but it depends on your requirements. However, before hanging the light measure the distance in prior.

Keep water off the lights as much as possible. Especially avoid dripping of water around them.

While the light is operating avoid moving them or displacing them for optimal plant growth.


No product comes with 100% perfection. Nor does king 1200 LED grow lights. But yes the manufactures have chased perfection and have reached excellence. There are few cons perhaps

  • The actual wattage of the lights is around 800W as compared to 300W which is written so they don’t save that much energy as promised.
  • The heat dissipated is blown off by fans instalLED in the light which also consume energy.
  • If not properly administered, plants may also wither out so keep a check on how much light you are giving.


I don’t think that I need to tell you what to do now!

Yeah you got it right! Just click the link below and revolutionize your gardening ventures!

Still want a quick roundup? Here it is!

I believe that king 1200W LED grow lights are the best of their kind in the market and are more than suitable for your gardens. Equipped with the 5W double chip technology and energy efficient electrical circuits that consumes just around 300W of energy while giving off light equivalent to 1200W,It is a must buy item for your garden!

Full spectrum light exactly supplements sunlight for your plants growth while IR and UV radiations together help in stem elongation and bacteria sterilization.

So what are you waiting for?

Take the first towards towards innovation in horticulture and provide your gardens with all-time supplement of sunlight! Just click on the link below and buy your very own King 1200W LED grow light and have something in your garden to be proud of!

Buy from

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