Advanced Platinum Series P450 Review: Don’t Buy It Before Reading This!

Before you go ahead with your purchase, it’d be great if you took 5 minutes to read this complete Advanced Platinum Series P450, which is going to share with you the pros and cons of this product.

But we will do more than that for you: We have found the BEST product in the market with the P450 grow light. If you want to read a great review and also get it for your garden, then you are invited to continue reading!

A Proper Summary:


  • Strong, Healthy and Fast Growth. Its 12-band system makes it possible for your veggies and flowers grow beautiful and healthy.
  • Generous Coverage. It offers you a 5-by-3 feet coverage, which is great for most indoors gardens.
  • Save Money and Get More Power. It produces 600 watts of energy while only consuming 250 watts, which allows you to save plenty of money.


  • Although it’s advertised for 4-by-4 foot rooms, it’s better suit for 3-by-3 foot.


Similarly to its sister the P300, this grow light comes equipped with the best features to make your plants grow healthy and strong in no time.

Its 12-band system plus strong LEDs and a 600 watts intensity will make your flowers and vegetables beautiful, strong and develop plenty of smell. And in regards to flowers, it comes with a special “Bloom” option, which will make your flowers grow even better!

Want to know more about it? Then come with us and enjoy the rest of this review.

Complete Analysis of Advanced Platinum Series P450:

It’s very similar to the P300 in many senses, but there are key differences:

  1. It comes with a bigger coverage
  2. It has more power (600-watt HPS vs. 400-wat HPS)
  3. It costs more

It costs more, that’s true, but in exchange you get a bigger coverage and more power. Let’s review what makes this product one of the best you can buy nowadays.

But remember that you need to be very careful with it. It emits so much power that it can damage your plants. Even though it’s advised to place it 18 inches over the plants, we recommend you to start with 24 inches and reduce it gradually.

The P450 is built very well, which brings it a solid and highly-durable framework. On top of that, it will look amazing in your garden as it has a very professional look.

And don’t worry about the noise, because it works smoothly and quietly. It allows it to produce little to no sound and to avoid overheating.

The Spectral Output:

A grow light can be powerful, but if it doesn’t have a complete spectral output, then it will never make your plants grow as they should.

The P450 comes with a 12 wavelengths system, which is amazing because it allows you to get the most out of the Ultraviolet and Infrared light.

It comes with the most complete spectrum you will find in a grow light in this price range: From the depths of ultraviolet light to the heights of infrared light.

This mechanism allows it to replicate the effect the sun has on plants, which guarantees you the following things: Your flowers and vegetables will grow healthy, strong and develop an incredible smell and flavor.

Efficiency at Its Best:

Just like the P300, it also comes with 90-degree secondary focusing lenses. This along with the powerful 3W LEDs are the perfect blend to bring your plants incredible and vigorous growth!

And again, the lamps are protected with a 50,000-hour guarantee, which tells you that you are purchasing an excellent product.

It produces plenty of power but it doesn’t consume much. You can replace a 600-watt HPS grow light with the P450 without problems, all while consuming only 250 watts.

And it’s also important to note that it offers the highest PAR per watt rate in the market. Again, this is a feature you will find in the P300, P450 and P600. The key difference between them is the coverage and the power (watts).

And finally it’s important to point out that it’s not like incandescent bulbs which produce too much heat, which can damage your plants. This LED grow light will produce plenty of power without burning them!

If you are serious about bringing your plants the best grow light with a superb coverage, then you need to go for this option, you won’t be disappointed.

Conclusion and Final Words:

As you can see the Advanced Premium Series P450 is an excellent grow light. It comes with all the features necessary to make your plants grow like never before, and on top of that, its Bloom option allows you get extra power for growing your flowers!

Without any doubts it’s one of the best lights you can get. And remember that by clicking the button below you can get it!

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