Best Grow Lights For Your Bonsai

Growing bonsai cannabis crops is not a very common thing among many growers, but the plants do exist. Unlike ordinary cannabis plants, bonsai crops are small and require a lot more attention than conventional crops. Turning your marijuana plants into miniature crops requires patience, focus, and more time to watch them flower.


The crops also require more amount of training than other plants to keep their small nature looking and growing perfectly fine. As little as they are, the bonsai marijuana crops also need everything else that the usual taller crops needs, which includes bonsai grow light, nutrients, water, and enough space for growing.

Our focus is on the grow lights, and below is a review of three bonsai grow lights that are great for all stages of the growth of your miniature crops.

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Our Top Picks Bonsai Led Grow Lights

GHodec Grow Light

This LED grow lights is one of the best options for bonsai crops because it comes with friendly features that help with the faster growth of the plants. The grow light has 44 high power LEDs that emit red, yellow, and blue light very similar to that of the sun. The light, which also comes with three-colour modes and ten levels of brightness, is ideal for all stages of growth. You can adjust the standards of the intensity of the light to suit different stages of growth.

The fluorescent grow light also comes with an auto-off/on timer function that offers three timing options of switching the light on or off after 3, 9, and 12 hours daily, which leaves you with free time to do other things and not worry about manually turning on and off the timer throughout the day. Another great feature that makes the grow light stand out is its gooseneck design.

The gooseneck has a length of 15 inches, and it is sturdy. It comes with an anti-slip strong clamp that turns the light at 360 degrees. Turning 360 degrees ensures that all the crops in the grow space get enough and uniform light coverage. The lightweight is very portable, and you can use it in many other places besides the grow tent.

You can use it on the balcony, in a closet, a cabinet, in the office, darkroom, and many other places. The light has a lifespan of 30,000 hours, and the full package contains one adapter, a user manual, and a dual head LED grow light. On the downside, the light is too bright for the naked eye. The distance between plant and light should be between 20 and 30 centimeters to avoid too much heat to the plant.

It has a rating of 4.4 stars from over 200 reviews. People with positive reviews hail the grow light for its sturdiness, the response of the plants to the light, its amazing features such as the timer and durable material, its flexibility and its price, and its ability to change colors.

Zotron LED Grow Light 24W

Using the newest LED technology in the market, the Zotron 24W LED grow watt is what you need for the healthy growth of your bonsai marijuana crops. The LED grow light comes with a 120-degree beam design that gives all the bonsai crops full coverage. The light from the beams mimics the natural light perfectly.

Under this light, the bonsai crops grow three times faster than they would under many other grow lights. Zotron LED grow lights last six times longer than HID lights, and they come with an energy-saving ability of up to 80%. Made from epistar produce healthy energy real grow LEDs, the light does not burn the crops, and it is only warm to the touch.

The housing of the LED grow light is a sturdy aerospace aluminum, which can last for a lifetime. The housing of the LED grow light also acts as the heat sink, which keeps the temperatures of the light standard even after long hours of use. Compared to ordinary lamps, Zotron covers over 10 feet in diameter, which is five times more.

The light comes with a one-year warranty, and Amazon customer service is always at hand to answer all the questions regarding the unit. With a rating of 4 stars, it goes to show that customers love the LED grow light considering that it is very new in the market.

Even with the proper ratings, there are always some downsides to every product. The only complaint worth noting about the LED grow light is that it is not bright enough. The criticism is from two or three people out of over 60 reviews.

Shensite LED Grow Light

Shensite is a 75-watt LED grow light suitable for all stages of crop growth. The LED light uses advanced LED chips that provide a full spectrum of red, blue, warm white, UV, and IR lights at 380nm to 800nm. The light is very similar to that of the natural sun’s rays, which plays a significant role in promoting growth and photosynthesis.

The LED grow light also comes with efficient heat dissipation derived from 144 pieces of Gree LED beads. The LED beads do not emit too much heat to damage the crops, and they are excellent energy savers. A high-quality aviation aluminum material and a plastic cover make the core of the LED grow lights construction.

The materials help to keep the LEDs safe and give durability to the unit. With this LED grow light, you do not need a fan as it keeps the grow room cold enough with just enough heat from the lights. The lack of a fan also helps to save energy.

The grow light has a lifespan of 30,000 hours. The small but beautifully designed LED grow light is easy to use and assembles fast in just under a minute. It is lightweight and comes with a 78-inch wire that allows you to hang the light anywhere in the grow tent.

Besides producing low heat, the light is very bright, and you should stare at it in protective sunglasses. With the light, you also get one year of free replacement or money-back guarantee. The whole package includes the 75W LED grow light, a steel hanging kit with four ropes, a power cord, and a user manual.

The light, however, does not come with a dimmable option, the veg/bloom switch, or a daisy chain system. Even with the downsides, the light has a rating of 4.6 stars from over 60 reviews. Many of the customers hail the grow light for efficiency, ease of use, assembling, lightweight, and the response of the crops to the light.

Wrapping it up

Whatever kind or strain of marijuana you choose to grow, you can be sure to get a grow light that will make it grow healthy with many buds just like the more abundant crops do. All the above grow lights come many features that you will find in the grow lights with more significant wattages. Their designs help to provide full coverage to the small plants with ease. They are also affordable, great energy savers, easy to use, and lightweight, which means they are easily portable.

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