Advanced Platinum Series P600 Review: A Complete Analysis

If you are looking to bring your plants the best, then this light is one of the best you can get. Allow us to show you why by reading this Advanced Platinum Series P600 review. You will discover why it’s an amazing option!

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A Proper Summary:


  • Most Powerful Light in the Market. If you really want to make your plants grow like never before, then the P600 can supply you with the most powerful light in the market!
  • Smooth Performance. It doesn’t make noise at all and is built to avoid overheating
  • Superior Coverage. It can cover up to 22.5 square foot at 18 inches over plants


  • It’s a bit expensive


If you are looking for one of the most wonderful grow lights in the market, then you need to get the P600. Thanks to its advanced 12-band system, your plants get the best from ultraviolet and infrared light.

If you want a grow light which is perfect for most tents and indoors gardens, comes with plenty of growth power and a smooth performance, then look for further than this one!

If you want to know more about it, don’t worry. Just keep reading and you will get to know more about this fantastic light!

Complete Revision of Advanced Platinum Series P600:

Understanding It:

The P300, P450 and P600 are very similar in fact:

  1. They have a 12-band system which covers all the levels of ultraviolet and infrared light
  2. They offer the best PAR-per-watt in the market
  3. They produce an intense yet cool light which promotes growth without damaging your plants
  4. They come with a 50,000-hour guarantee for the lamps
  5. They are incredible for indoor gardening
  6. They come with 90-degree secondary focusing lenses for extra penetration within the canopy.
  7. They all can be used for growing flowers and vegetables

The points where they differ: Price, power and coverage.

If your garden is very small, then you should go for the P300, which covers up to 12.8 square foot. If you want more coverage, then the P450 offers you up to 15 square foot of coverage. And finally, if you want the best coverage from these series, the P600 offers you up to 22.5 square foot.

In terms of power the P600 is the best from the group, because it can easily replace an 800-watt HPS light and it only consumes 345 watts.

And finally, all of them are very durable. They produce plenty of power, yet they remain cool all the time thanks to the excellent fans they include. And don’t worry, because they don’t produce sound at all.

The Spectrum:

Let’s take a few moments to talk about the spectrum. The problem with many grow lights is that they don’t cover the whole spectrum from the depths of UV to the heights of IR.

It allows your plants to enjoy the best from each type of light. The correct exposure to UV light will improve the color, taste and smell from your plant. On top of that, it will make them develop more resistance to diseases.

And what to say about infrared… it’s a must-have for blooming. And we all know that this is especially important for flowers. That’s why the P600 comes with a “Bloom” function, so you can get extra flower power. If you want flowers and veggies that bloom beautifully and grow faster, then they need to be exposed to the right amount of IR.

Therefore, it works very well for replacing the sun. The end goal of each grow light is to replace the effects of the sun on plants, and the P600 brings you that thanks to its full and rich 12-band spectrum output. It’s like having the sun inside your house, because your plants get everything they need to grow and shine!

The Light:

Unlike incandescent light which is strong yet damages your plants, the light emitted by the P600 is powerful yet gentle with your plants, there is where the difference resides.

And what about the PAR? The Photosynthetic Active Radiation measures how much “growth power” a LED has, and the P600 comes equipped with the best the industry has to offer you!

The powerful Platinum 3W LEDs will deliver the results you want. Along with the spectrum output, it creates the conditions necessary for your plants to grow beautifully and in record time.

Final Words and Conclusion:

If you need to cover a wide area in your garden or tent, and have the budget to afford it, then you won’t find a better option than the Advanced Platinum Series P600.

Therefore, if you really want to make your vegetables and flowers grow to the maximum potential, then you need to get the P600 right now! And remember, we have the BEST Led Grow Lights in the market for you!

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