Advanced Platinum Series P300 Review: An Analysis Worth Reading!

You came here looking for the best Advanced Platinum Series P300 Review, and that’s exactly what you have here. We will start by checking the pros and cons of this grow light, so then we can jump into a more detailed review.

Shall we start? But before we do it, we have to tell you that we have found the BEST product in the market for you. Now let’s get down to business.

A Proper Summary:


  • Powerful Platinum LED Lights for Improved Growth. It comes with enough power to grow almost any kind of vegetable or flower out there
  • Superb Spectral Output. Want healthy and beautiful veggies and flowers? Then you need the perfect spectral output, and that’s what this grow light offers you.
  • Smooth and Quiet Performance. The fans run super quietly and smoothly, which makes it perfect for small indoor gardens.


  • Coverage is a bit smaller. It states it is 4.5ft x 3.8ft, but in reality it’s more like 4ft x 3.2ft. It’s alright, but if the coverage was bigger this product would be even better.


The Advanced Platinum Series P300 is one of the best grow lights you will find in the market. It comes with a superb spectral output (UV and IR light) and powerful platinum LED lights, which are perfect for growing strong, beautiful and healthy vegetables and flowers.


Still not convinced? Then come with us, so you can get to read a more detailed review, which will show you why this is an excellent grow light, one of the best the market LED light has to offer you!

Complete Analysis of Advanced Platinum Series P300:

In our opinion it’s one of the most solid grow lights you will find nowadays. First off, it’s very affordable. On top of that, it’s a great energy saver, because it produces the same power as a 400-watt HPS grow light while consuming only 180 watts. Energy efficiency at its best.

It can be used for both flowers and vegetables. In this sense it’s similar to the G8LED 240 Watt LED grow light, but the P300 is better, because it consumes less energy.

It’s also important to note that the framework is solid and sturdy, which means it’s a highly-durable product. The coverage could be better, but as we said, 4ft x 3.2ft is more than enough for small to medium-size indoors gardens.


The light emitted is so powerful that it can burn your veggies or flowers if you put it too close. We recommend you to start with 24 inches from top of plants. Once they get adapted, you can reduce it gradually.

The Spectral Output:

But one of the most important features of this product is that it comes with a superb spectral output. Ultraviolet light along with Infrared light are essential for a healthy and vigorous growth. And this grow light has combined 12 different bands, in order to offer you one of the most complete and effective spectral outputs in the market.

By bringing your plants such a perfect blend, they will grow stronger, healthier, develop better smell, flavor and appearance and many other important advantages.

This state of the art 12-band system puts all the energy focused into growing your plants. Nothing is wasted, because every single resource is used into making your plants healthier and stronger!

Superior Efficiency:

It’s one of the few grow lights that comes equipped with 90-degree secondary focusing lenses. This is an excellent feature, because it offers a superior efficiency, because it allows the light to penetrate deeper within the canopy, which as a result brings a better and more vigorous growth.

And take note of this: These 90-degree secondary focusing lenses are mainly found in high-end grow lights. It means you get a high-end feature in a very affordable product, and this will make a great difference in the way your plants grow and develop.

It’s also important to note that this grow light comes with 3-watt LEDs, which is fairly superior to what most products in this price range offer.

On top of that you are protected, because the lamps come with a 50,000-hour guarantee. It means you get powerful and long-lasting LEDs. What more could you ask for?

And finally, it comes with the highest PAR-per-watt rate in the market. PAR stands for Photosynthetic Active Radiation, which is the scale that measures the intensity emitted by a LED grow light.

In simple words: It means more power for your plants, so they can grow faster and stronger!

Conclusion and Final Words:

Without any doubts the Advanced Platinum Series P300 is one of the best grow lights in the market. Its amazing 12-bang spectral output along with its powerful LEDs are everything you need to make your plants grow and shine!

And remember that you can get it  by clicking the button below!

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