Best Cheap LED Grow Lights For Growing Indoor Plants

If you are looking for the best cheap LED grow lights that provide quality lighting, but you do not know the ones to buy, you will appreciate the reviews below. LED Grow lights are a necessity for indoor cannabis growers. They come in different sizes and varying light spectrums.

In the past, grow lights cost farmers a lot of money, but today, you can find grow lights that come with an affordable price and with even better qualities than the older ones. Irrespective of the kind of lighting system you are looking for, you will always find a cheap version in the market.


If you already own the bigger versions of LED grow lights, especially if you have a growing space that accommodates many crops, you could do with a smaller one that compliments the existing one for more efficient lighting. Below is a review of some of the best options in the market today.

Our Top Picks Cheap Led Grow Lights

Giixer 1000W LED Grow Light

Some of the older 1000 watts LED grow lights did not come with enough quality lighting compared to Giixer. The light is not only brighter, but it is also more prominent than the older 1000-watt lights. It also comes with more efficiency and with little power consumption of only 110 watts.

Scientifically engineered to cater for all the stages of growth, the LED grow light also comes with a double switch that helps you to alternate the brightness between the three modes of growth stages of germination, vegetative and flowering phases. During the vegetative period, the LED grow light provides the growing crops with both white and blue LED lights. During the flowering stage, it emits white, and red LED light.

If you do not want to switch between the different stages, you can use both the lights at the same time without any fear of damage coming to the crops. The grow light also comes with 100,000 hours of use. Compared to the majority of the lights that come with 20,000 hours of use, this is high. The light can get extremely hot and too bright, which can harm the eyes. It is therefore advisable to wear protective gear when close to the grow light.

The full spectrum light also comes with a two-year quality guarantee and a 30-day money-back guarantee. The design of the LED light has steady heat dissipation, and two cooling fans with low noise. Finally, the LED grow light comes with high ratings and reviews of 4-4 stars from over 500 users

KingLED King Plus 600W LED Grow Light

If you are looking for perfection in a LED grow light that comes at an affordable price, you can never go wrong with King Plus 600 W LED Grow Light. For starters, the LED light is a product of one of the most reputable makers of quality products, KingLED, which assures you of high efficiency the light provides full-spectrum lighting with all the necessary wavelengths.

The grow light is also very efficient in power consumption as it uses only 120volts. With a coverage area of 3 by 3.4 feet for the vegetative phase and 2.4 by 2.7 feet for the blooming stage, you could not get any other light to give you as much light coverage at the price of King Plus. The grow light comes with excellent canopy penetration that allows placing the crops as close to the light as possible without fear of exposing them to too much heat.

Unlike many other lights that give you a maximum of 18 hours a day, King Plus LED light can go for 20 hours a day without dimming or overheating. The light has a lifespan of 50,000 hours, making it a long-lasting LED grow lights. It comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Another feature worth noting is the LED lights daisy chain presence that allows you to connect it to several other units for more effective and efficient lighting. The LED light also comes with excellent heat dissipation abilities. In the package, you get the LED grow light, hanging kits, and power cord. The led grow light does not come with the veg/bloom switch, like many others in the market.

With 4.5 stars from over 900 reviews, we can all conclude that the performance of this LED grow light is excellent for your marijuana plants.


MARS HYDRO 600W LED grow light is the best choice for anyone starting the marijuana-growing journey. The reason for this is because it is very affordable area, and it makes growing your crops easy. It is also one of the best providers of full-spectrum lighting to the plants growing in a small space of 4 by 4 foot grow tent.

Unlike many other LED grow lights in the market, MARS HYDRO 600W LED grow light comes with a simple design without the high-end amenities and functionalities. The grow light provides the crops with enough lighting for their quality and healthy growth despite the lack of all the advanced features. The device generates spectrums of 430 to 440nm, 450 to 475nm, 620 to 630nm, and 650 to 670nm.

During the seedling and vegetative phases, the light generated is purplish, while during the flowering stage, the light is more red than blue. The LED grow light also provides excellent PAR value that leads to more yields. The input power voltage of the grow light is between 85 and 265 volts that power 120 pieces of 5 watts LED chips.

The grow light also comes with a Zenar Diode that helps to protect the LEDs if one of them stops working. Other than these features, the LED grow light also comes with practical and low noise multiple cooling fans. To keep the temperatures at their best levels in the grow tent, the LED grow light has a cushion heat sink. The led light, however, does not come with UV or IR lights, does not have a timer and it is not waterproof

With a rating of 4.6 from over 200 users, MARS HYDRO 600W is simply one of the best cheap LED grow lights in the market.

Yintatech 1000W LED Grow Light

Rarely do you come across a quality LED grow light with so many amazing features at an affordable price. However, Yintatech gives you precisely that. The LED grow light is one of the most efficient in the market, and it comes at a cost that will not break your bank account.

The LED light is the creation of one of the best manufacturers of gardening tools in the market. That alone assures you that you are buying quality. The grow light provides 1000 watts of full-spectrum lighting that gives full coverage to the growing space.

The light comes from 100 pieces of 10-watt double chip LEDs with more PPFD that adds significant value to the health of your marijuana crops. It also comes with a dual switch that allows you to change the lighting for different stages of growth. A daisy chain design is another notable feature that will enable you to connect the LED grow light to several other units for more lighting efficiency.

Also in the mix are two built-in high-speed cooling fans that come with low noise dispensation. The LED grow light also provides the best heat dissipation from the quality aluminum plate and Zenar diode protection in case one LED lamp stops working. It has a life span of 50,000 hours.

The easy to install LED grow light is durable saves on energy input and comes with an adjustable rope hanger that allows you to set it up in different heights during the various growth stages. You also get a user manual and a 5-foot power cord alongside the LED grow light. On the downside, the light is too bright for the naked eyes, and it is not waterproof.

The grow light has a rating of 4.6 stars from over 100 reviews. We can all agree that this LED grow light is excellent for your hydroponic system or other means of increasing your weed indoors.

Honesorn 600W LED Grow Light

Honesorn 600W LED grow light is another highly rated growing device that comes with quality features and excellent efficiency. The light comes with a lifespan of 50,000 hours with an input voltage of 265 volts. The construction of the grow light is PVC black material, and the LED quality is 60 pieces of LEDs.

The LEDs produce red, white, blue, UV, and IR lights. It also comes with a veg/bloom switch that helps you to control the lighting specifications during different growing stages of your cannabis. With a beam angle of 120 degrees, the LED light provides even lighting throughout the grow space.

The LEDs consume only 108 watts making it one of the best energy-saving LED grow lights in the market. You can replace the 400W HPS/MH with the Honesorn grow light to save on energy and still get enough lighting for your crops. It also comes with a low noise cooling system from two cooling fans and provides the best heat dissipation from its quality heat sink.

A daisy chain system provides the ability to connect the LED grow light with other units for more efficient lighting. The PPFD on the plant canopy is sufficient to cover all the plants. The complete package includes a hanging kit, an adjustable rope, a thermometer for monitoring temperature and humidity, a power cord, and the 600W LED grow light.

On the downside, the LED grow light is not waterproof, and it is too bright for the naked eyes. The rating of 4.8 stars from over 100 reviews goes to show that this LED grow light is not only affordable but is worth every penny because of its incredible efficiency.

Fauna Timer Control 600W LED Grow Light

Fauna is yet another cheap LED grow light that comes with amazing features. The 600 watts LED grow light is a great asset to have, especially for small-scale cannabis indoor growers. It provides full-spectrum lighting, with a high par scientifically engineered to give the crops fill coverage for healthy growth.

The grow light also comes with dual chip 10w LEDs that are much brighter than other LEDs in the market. The LEDs include blue, yellow, white, red, UV, and IR light that is similar to the light from natural sunlight. The different light colors are for different stages of growth, and they all come with varying nm.

The LEDs provide a spectrum of between 380nm and 770nm, and they come with a veg/bloom switch that allows you to change the lighting during different stages of growth. The grow light also comes with an inbuilt timer that sets the light timing at 12 hours, 15 hours, or 18 hours.

Fauna Timer Control 600W LED Grow Light has a high rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 from over 50 reviews. This top rating goes to show that the grow light is a favorite with many growers.

WAKYME 600W LED Grow Light

One of the things that make WAKYME stand out from many other LED grow lights is its long service life. The LED grow light provides 10,000 hours of service from 60 pieces of double chips SMD 10w LEDs. Each LED comes with diode protection to prevent any harm or damage occurring to the dual chips.

The LED grow light is also one of the most affordable units in the market and worth every penny. It provides the crops with extensive coverage of lighting with uniform illumination. The full spectrum design of the grow light provides blue, white, red, IR, and UV lights. A double switch on the side of the grow light provides the veg/bloom functions.

The grow light also comes with an effective cooling system and heat dissipation from low noise cooling fans and a heat sink, respectively. A daisy chain function allows the unit to connect to others for better lighting coverage ad brightness. The unit comes with a three-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

In the package, you get the grow light, a thermometer/humidity monitor, a power cord, an adjustable rope, a user manual, and hanging kits. Another notable feature is an overheat protection that protects

The grow light has a rating of 4.3 from over 290 reviews. The easy to assemble light is, however, too bright for the naked eye, and it is not waterproof.

FSGTEK 600W LED Grow Light

The last unit on our list is FSGTEK 600W LED Grow Light. Like all the above units, this unit, too, is cheap and comes with quality features. It is also one of the best energy-saving LED grow lights in the market as compared to many others.

Powered by 60 pieces of 10w LEDs, The light consumes only about 110 watts of power, making it better than the traditional HPS and CMH grow lights. Besides that, it also comes with a veg/bloom double switch that allows you to change the lighting spectrum during different stages of progressive crop growth. The grow light also comes with an effective cooling system provided by two low noise fans.

The full spectrum and full coverage LED grow light also comes with a daisy chain function that allows the connection of other units for better light and brightness. You also get a three-year manufacturer’s warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee with every purchase. In the package, you get the grow light, a power cord, hanging hook kits, temperature/humidity monitor, and an adjustable rope.

The star rating for the unit is 4.4 from over 100 reviews.

Wrapping it up

For new weed-growers, starting small is always the best way to go, and all the above LED grow lights will go a long way in ensuring that you get everything you need from the crops. Besides being cheap, the grow lights come with all the functions of the more expensive lamps in the market. They come with easy assembly setups and full coverage of full-spectrum light.

Bestseller No. 1
GE Lighting Grow LED Light Bulb for Plants, for Seeds and Greens, Balanced Light Spectrum, Indoor Floodlight Bulb (2 Pack) (93130543)
  • Grow your plants throughout the year: These LED grow lights for indoor plants (full spectrum) provide the perfect high-quality plant light that will allow your indoor garden to bloom and flourish year round.
  • The perfect plant grow lights for your home: Show off your indoor garden without harsh or unsightly lighting. GE's indoor LED grow light bulbs provide a pleasing, natural light temperature that integrates well with any decorative aesthetic.
  • Long-lasting, low energy and low heat plant light bulb: The GE plant lights for indoor plants (full spectrum) feature advanced LED technology that uses only 9 watts of energy with low heat generation.
  • GE Grow light with balanced light spectrum for seeds and greens: The GE BR30 grow bulbs appears white to the eye but have a red/blue light spectrum that is perfect for tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, leafy greens and herbs.
  • Grow light bulbs for indoor plants: Now you can grow any variety of plants in your home. The GE Grow lights were carefully designed to give your plants the most light with a high output PPF of 16 micromoles per second.
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LED Grow Light, Gerylove 300W Grow Light with Daisy Chain Temperature Hygrometer Dimmable Full Spectrum Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Veg Flower Growing Lamps Board 3x3 ft Coverage
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LED Grow Light, Gerylove 300W Grow Light with Daisy Chain Temperature Hygrometer Dimmable Full Spectrum Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Veg Flower Growing Lamps Board 3x3 ft Coverage
  • 【Full Spectrum】: New Upgraded led grow light should provide the proper spectrum of light for photosynthesis, which is key to plant growth. Excellent full-spectrum- white, blue, red, where it speeds up flowering time and boosts yields. Turn your seeds into your own supply. The 395nm UV light can make your plants healthy.
  • 【Energy-saving Technology】: Equipped with Newest SMD LED technology to provide the highest PAR/LUMEN output, designed to replace traditional HPS; Our LED Plants Growing lamp can assure a 30% more return than the old HPS/MH lights and saves up to 70% energy than other led grow lights.
  • 【Advanced Cooling System】: LED grow light is made of all metal materials, multiple high-speed mute fans and upgraded aluminum radiators enable the light bulb to work at 50°F to 60°F which is lower than other lamps, without using a fan to dissipate heat so that it can work quietly indoors.
  • 【IP67 waterproof and dimming design】: Our LED grow light adopts fine craftsmanship to make the product reach IP67 level waterproof and dustproof, and it does not affect the normal operation of the plant growth lamp when watering the plants. And the grow light has a dimming knob. Multi-light Connection with unified dimming is especially beneficial for a large area of indoor growing and commercial planting.
  • 【Daisy Chain Available】: The coverage area of these plant lights is 3x 3ft, Designed with a daisy chain socket at the back of the product in order to supplement light energy to more plants and save socket resources. Perfect for simplifying growing operations and management, and creating an ideal indoor growing environment!
-$9.96 SALE OFFBestseller No. 3
GooingTop LED Grow Light,6000K Full Spectrum Clip Plant Growing Lamp with White Red LEDs for Indoor Plants,5-Level Dimmable,Auto On Off Timing 4 8 12Hrs
  • 【6000K White Light】Equipped with 10 Red + 74 White LEDs, this mini growing light is similar to the full-spectrum sunlight at noon,that is professionally designed for indoor garden plants.Moreover, its color rendering index is as high as 95, the light is soft and flicker-free, which is very suitable for reading lamp
  • 【Timer Function & Multiple Settings】The indoor seedling light offer the circular memory timer function with 3 options-4h/8h/12h. When keeping power, it can automatically turn on and off every day according your settings, no more manual operation for you.【Also You Could Operate One of Them Separately,And Support 5 Levels of Dimming.】
  • 【Easy to Install】with flexible Gooseneck & strong clamp,it allows you to place the LED plant lighting fixture in any direction to provide the best lighting angle for your plants,meet the cover around the plant.Powered by USB or AC Power Plug (adapter included )
  • 【High Efficiency LED Lamp】as for LED power draw this mini succulent lights just comsume about 10watt and is equivalent to a 50w halogen bulb.Estimately monthly cost roughly $2 in electricity (12 hours a day). It is a great gift if you growing some desktop small plants.
  • 【365 Days Worry-free Warranty】We offer 365 days warranty and 24h friendly customer service. If there are ever any issues about the product, please feel free to contact us and we will give you a free replacement or full refund.
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DOMMIA Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, 20W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light with Auto ON & Off Timer, 132 LEDs Sunlike Plant Light for Hydroponics, Succulents & More, Easy to Assemble(2Pcs)
  • 🌼Full Spectrum & Energy-Efficient -The 2021 Newest LED grow light features 132 LEDs (Red 48pcs, Warmwhite 84pcs) that emit all wavelengths from 380nm to 780nm, similar to natural sunshine, to provide energy for your plants to survive and thrive indoors year-round. Dommia plant lights for indoor plants with a long lifespan (over 50,000 hours) and low energy consumption (only 20W) are a more cost-effective option.The PAR output of light measures the photosynthetic range's emission.
  • 🌼Upgraded Auto On/Off Timer Function - The updated timer feature in Dommia LED grow lights for indoor plants is a more precise program (error less than 1 min) built by our professional engineers. Plant light timer will auto on/off every day at the time you select (6/10/12 h) to replicate your plants' growth in a natural environment while it's turned on. With the 24h-cycle function that simulates daily sunlight, you won't have to worry about plant development when on a business trip or vacation.
  • 🌼Less Heat & Widely Use - 2 pcs ultra-thin grow light panels made of aluminum support board (frame) and LEDs generate less heat, allowing you to keep the LED plant lights much closer to the plants without the concern of damaging them. It is appropriate for all types of plants, including vegetables, succulents, fruits, flowers, herbs, hydroponics,etc. It can be effectively used for indoor gardens, greenhouses, horticulture, and other applications. More easier for eyes as well.
  • 🌼Use Anywhere & Easy to Install- Lightweight LED grow light weighs only 10.8 oz and has dimensions of 0.5 x 10.1 x 3.8 inches. Ideal for indoor use on plant shelves, cabinets, walls and other places. Installing our plant light is simple, with 8 adhesive isolation columns/pads and 4 strings make the grow lights can use anywhere indoors at ease.
  • 🌼Hassle-free Service-Dommia LED grow light professional team has years of research, development and product produce experience, ensuring you get the best-qualified and safe plant lights for indoor plants, as well as hassle-free service - 12 months warranty, 30 days money back or replacement without reason. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we 7/24 assist you.
Bestseller No. 5
Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, DICCEAO 150W LEDs Grow Light for Seed Starting with Full Spectrum, 3/9/12H Timer, 10 Dimmable Levels, 3 Switch Modes
1,115 Reviews on Amazon
Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, DICCEAO 150W LEDs Grow Light for Seed Starting with Full Spectrum, 3/9/12H Timer, 10 Dimmable Levels, 3 Switch Modes
  • 5 Head 150 LEDs Plant Light for Indoor Plants: This plant growing lamp consists of 150 effective growing LEDs, divided into 120 white LEDs and 30 red LEDs. The 5 heads grow light for indoor plants supplies a broader lighting range than the traditional 2, 3, and 4 heads indoor plants lights, and increases the intensity of the light by up to 50%, allowing your plants to receive better and extra light energy.
  • 3 Spectrum Modes & 10 Brightness Levels: The full spectrum led grow light has 3 spectrum modes, which are Red, Full, and Mixed Spectrum. It has ten brightness settings, starting from 10% to 100%, that can be switched as per your requirements, so you are able to choose the more proper spectrum and brightness for your plant to grow in the best way. The indoor plant lights make your plants develop a rapid response to grow, five times faster than plants with natural light only.
  • Auto Timer Function & On/Off Cycle: Designed with a function for autocycle memory timing, there are different three timer settings for you to choose from, between 3H, 9H, and 12H of lighting time. Following your setting, the plant grow light will switch on/off automatically every day. Even when you are away from home, these grow light lamps will take good care of your plants every day.
  • Flexible Gooseneck Neck & Strong Clip: You can place and clamp the 5 head grow light anywhere as it has a strong clip and bracket support for it to be stable. The indoor grow lights have a 360 rotation design that can be independently adjustable, so each can be rotated to any angle to adapt to your requirements, which supplies a wider and more flexible range of light, and different growing directions.
  • Designed for Indoor Plants to Growth: These plant lights for indoor growing is perfect for the different sunlight needs of your plants depending on their growing stage, from seeds to every growing phase. The lamps have an excellent performance of fast heat dissipation, which ensures that these lamps provide you with a long-lasting and durable service life of up to 80,000 hours.
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