How to Roll a Blunt: 6 Step-By-Step Guide

Consuming cannabis can be quite relaxing, and that warm glow of a blunt can help you have a feeling of accomplishment, especially if you did it yourself. Although vaporization is the most popular way of consuming cannabis, most people don’t talk about the art of rolling, which is a skill that is highly celebrated among cannabis enthusiasts.


If you are new to cannabis, a blunt is a cigar whose contents or tobacco have been emptied and instead filled with marijuana. It has a thicker weight and is dark brown in color. They also contain a lot more pot than the average joint since cigars are much more significant. It is also worth noting that cigars are highly toxic and even if you remove the tobacco, nitrosamines and other toxins created during the fermentation process may remain.

Rolling a blunt is an art that is learned, and like any other skill, you must practice it in order to get it right. For you to learn how to roll the perfect blunt, you need a few tips and tricks, and you’ll soon be doing it without thought.

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Why Roll a blunt?

Blunts are a great way to smoke weed publicly. They help you to smoke a fair amount of weed within a short period of time while providing a very satisfying experience. They are also easy to make, and you do not have to rely on commercially-made blunts.

They are quite different from pipes and bongs, so they offer an easy to escape from the norm. Because of the tobacco wrapper, they enhance the taste of weed, and they tend to get you high faster.

What Type of Weed Should You Use?

A blunt has been known to make even the most inferior quality of weed enjoyable. However, the better the quality of weed you use, the more enjoyable your blunt will be. For the best quality of weed, ensure that you do not grind it to very fine particles as you might end up sucking them.

A very leafy and rough weed is not the best either. It will make it hard to roll and may not burn as fast as desired. Use a grinder to grind your cannabis into small flakes slightly. Using a hand to break the weed is a more traditional and preferred method, but it can take more time.

The choice of the cigar

The type of cigar that you use to make your blunt wrap will determine how pleasant your experience will be. Even if you use a great bud but a poor-quality cigar, you will completely ruin your experience.

If you need a smooth experience that is friendly to the lungs, then do not go for cigars with a strong tobacco flavor. Although Swisher Sweets are the traditional and cheapest methods and will get the job done, they are quite harsh. The same case applies to white Owls, although they are less harsh than Swisher Sweets.

The best wraps to use for your blunts are Phillies and the Optimos. The Optimos are leaf wrappers, and they dry quickly, making them entirely unusable at most times. However, some of their brands, like Dutchmasters, dry out less quickly, are mild and easy to smoke. When cigar wraps are dried up, they are very difficult to roll, and they don’t burn well.

Phillies, on the other hand, burn very slowly and don’t dry out as quickly as Optimos. They have a mild flavor and are quite affordable.

What you need

When you want to roll a blunt, you will need several supplies, and it is good to get them together before you get down to work. This will help you stay focused and make work a lot easier. The tools that you will need to roll a blunt include:

Steps to follow

Split the cigar

split the cigar

You split the cigar from its vein. This is the joint of the cigar, and finding it and splitting it is a skill that should be learned carefully. To make it easier to work with, moisten the cigar, then using a small knife, cut it lengthwise from the end (where you smoke from) to the top (where you burn it from).

If you’ve got the precision, you can use your fingers to crack up the cigar open.

In case you accidentally poke a hole into the wrapper, you can fix it with a gummy adhesive from rolling papers. Nowadays, you can find empty wrappers at the weed stores, so if you get one, you can skip this step.

Once you’ve split the cigar open, empty the tobacco by pushing it out with your thumb. You can save the tobacco to use later if you smoke spliffs or discard it.

Grind the Cannabis

grinder cannabis

Breakdown your weed using a grinder or your hands into small pieces. Do not grind it into powder but a fluffy consistency to facilitate airflow. Although using a grinder will help you to maintain an even burn, most people prefer using their hands, as it helps to burn the weed a little slower.

Wet the blunt wrap

Wet the blunt wrap

Your blunt wrap will be easier to work with if it is a bit moist. It will also be easier to shape it and seal any tears that might have occurred while emptying the tobacco. You can do this using your saliva, but if you are rolling the blunt for someone else, use the tip of your finger to smear some little water.

Fill up the Blunt

Fill up the Blunt

Carefully, fill your blunt wrapper with the ground cannabis. Pack it as full as possible to make it structurally excellent and strong and to avoid a skinny blunt which collapse once you light them. To get it correctly, load up the center of the blunt with more weed then gently push it on each end. This will make the cannabis to roll out more evenly. Once you roll the blunt, you should fill the ends again to ensure that they are full.

Roll the blunt wrap

Roll the blunt wrap

Once your blunt is full of cannabis, roll it up to ensure that it is evenly packed. Ensure that you moisten the wrap very well to avoid cracking. There are two ways to roll the blunt, and both of them work well. What’s important is to try them both then decide which one works best for you.

To use the first method, roll from the bottom (the smoking end) to top (the burning end). Tuck the bottom flap of the wrapper under the top flap and continue doing so all along the blunt. Repeat this action until the entire blunt is rolled up.

To use the second method, fold the shorter end of the blunt wrapper under the cannabis. Using your thumbs, roll back and forth while ensuring that your index fingers press downward onto the blunt. This will help you to shape the blunt while at the same time making a sweet tight roll.

For both methods, wet the inside of the exposed edge end-to-end and tuck the wrap under itself. To smooth out any wrinkles, run your fingers along the surface.

Bake the Blunt

Bake the Blunt

Once your blunt is smoothly rolled up, it is time to dry it or “bake” it so as to seal it together and help to achieve n even burn. To bake your blunt, heat the rolled blunt carefully using a lighter to help you hold the seal together. Holding the lighter at a distance, run it lengthwise under the seam and around the outside.

Enjoy your Blunt

Kudos! You’ve made your perfect blunt and now its time to enjoy it together with your friends. Pat yourself at the back, burn it and enjoy the warm glow of the relaxing cannabis.


The blunt can be called a classic homemade cannabis cigar. It is, however, much bigger than the traditional cigar or other vaporizers like joint and spliff. Although making your own blunt is easy and cheaper, you can also buy ready-made blunt wrappers that are ready to roll right away. The good thing about the ready-made blunt wraps is that they come in a wide variety of blunt wrap flavors. You can enjoy the juicy blueberry flavor, peanut butter or jelly. Besides the flavor, they also have great taste.

When starting out on rolling blunt, give yourself time to learn. Although it is seemingly an easy method, it needs constant practice, just like any other skill. The above step-by-step guide will help you learn the ropes of rolling blunt to near-perfect level.

If you are using marijuana for the first time, remember that it can affect both your brain and body. Besides making you addicted, it can make you high, and get your thinking distorted. Your mental health can also be affected, leaving you anxious, afraid or in panic. Long term use of cannabis can impair your brain, making it harder for you to focus, learn and remember things.

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