GREENGO 1200W 3 Chip LED Grow Light Reviews

For the effective marijuana growth, you need a lighting system that gives the plants enough coverage. While there are many different kinds of LED grow lights that provide full coverage to the grow space for effective cannabis growth, not all of them come with the most unique features.

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The GREENGO 1200w full spectrum LED grow light is one of the lights you can rely on for the best coverage. The large LED grow light comes with features that you will not find in many of the other LED grow lights that include its wide coverage and its durability. Below is an overview of the this LED grow light.

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Summary of the features

  • Large grow lights
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Daisy chain socket
  • Three fans
  • Heat sinks
  • Triple chip LEDs
  • Zen diode design
  • Cooling system
  • Full broad spectrum light


GREENGO 1200w LED grow light is by far one of the best led grow lights in the market today. The Turkish grow light has many amazing features that make it a favourite with many cannabis growers. One of the many attributes of the grow light that makes it popular is its affordable price. The grow light provides the crops with unmatched light coverage that leads to high quality and better yields. Below are the features that make the grow light stand out.


GREENGO LED grow light boasts of some of one of the largest lights in the market today. The light, measuring 17x8x2.2 inches weighs six pounds making it a durable and strong light.


The LED grow light also boasts of one of the strongest constructions in the market. It comes with three base fans that provide the best cooling effects in the grow space. The light further comes with heat sinks and a daisy chain socket, which allows it to work well with other products and power socket.

Veg and bloom switches are also other parts that give you the ability to control the light to suit the differ stages of growth. The grow light is lightweight with a weight of only 6lbs.


Majority of the LED grow lights in the market come with double chip LEDs but GREENGO comes with triple chip LEDs. Triple chip LEDs are far more superior than the double chip LEDs as they maintain a larger PAR output and light coverage.

The 112 LEDs also come with Azen diode design, which means that the LEDs continue to work effectively even when one of them stops working due to damage. The LEDs come in blue, white, red, warm white IR and UV pieces.

Heat dissipation

The high-speed three cooling fans offer remarkable cooling, heat dissipation abilities to the crops, and grow space. The fans have an in-built aluminum heat sink that works in conjunction with the fans to provide one of the best cooling systems you can find in a grow light.

The cooling fans also come with a noise control feature which makes it makes it comfortable to be in the grow space.

Daisy function

The dais chain feature is one of the most important functions of the grow light because it makes the light more compatible with other devices. Connecting the grow light to other devices helps to improve performance, save on energy and increase the yields.

Veg/bloom switches

The veg and bloom switches are also vital features that help in saving energy and better regulation of the crops growth. They help you to customize the amount of light the crops need during their different phases of growth. The veg switch, which is ideal for the seedling and vegetative phases, emits white and blue light at 430 nm to 660 nm.

The bloom switch, which is ideal for the flowering and blooming stages emits red and white light at 430 nm to 740 nm.


GREENGO LED grow light comes with 90-day full money back guarantee and a three-year quality guarantee from the manufacturer.


The full package includes one 1200W LED grow light, one hanging kit, one power cord, an instructions manual and one adjustable rope hanger.

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GREENGO 1200w led grow light

Buy from

  • Affordable and provides value for its cost
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Comes with a daisy chain feature that allows expansion by connecting it to other devices to increase production
  • Cost efficient
  • Comes with an efficient cooling system from three high speed fans
  • Advanced new triple chip design technology that gives the LEDs a larger par coverage
  • Comes with a three-way lighting option
  • Control option with the veg and bloom switches
  • Comes with an adjustable and sturdy hanger
  • Provides full spectrum light that reaches all parts of the crops
  • Comes with a 90-day full refund policy coupled with a 36-month quality guarantee
  • Weighs on 6lbs making it lightweight enough to move from place to place


  • The grow light is not waterproof
  • Comes with a short cord
  • Daisy chain feature can only accommodate three more LED lights

Customer reviews

GREENGO 1200W LED grow light has a high rating of 4.8 out of five stars. This is a high rating implying that many of the users are or were happy with their purchases. Many of the customers that gave the LED grow light five starts praised it for its efficiency noting that the light provided fast growth to their crops.

Others praised the light for its easy installation and affordability. The triple LED chip technology was also a hit with many customers praising the innovation. Other highlights and reasons why the LED grow light got many people giving it five stars include the daisy chain system, the bright lights, the great coverage and much more.

Overall, there are very few negative reviews on the grow light.

Wrapping it up

With everything that GREENGO 1200W LED grow light provides, it is no wonder that it is one of the fastest moving products in the marijuana growing industry. Features such as durability, affordability, energy saving abilities, full coverage and its energy saving aspects are what every grower would look forward to for the optimum harvest from their cannabis.

It is also one of the LED grow lights in the market using the newest technologies, making it more effective. Installing the LED light is easy even for first time growers.

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