Best Reflective Material For Grow Room To Increase Cannabis Yields

Growing marijuana has changed over the years with more people doing it today than they did a couple of years back. One of the main reasons for the growth is because today, there are easier and faster growing methods. Many people are moving away from tradition and embracing grow room, grow tent, hydroponics, and led grow lights marijuana growing among others. This kind of farming is both discreet and it means you no longer have to buy marijuana from anyone again because you can finally have your own right at your doorstep. Besides being discreet, the method is also easy, the crop grows fast and you do not need excellent weather and temperature conditions to grow your cannabis. The harvest turnaround time is anything between 4 to 5 months.

Best Reflective Material For Grow Room

Besides nutrients and water, MARIJUANA also needs enough light to help with photosynthesis which many grow rooms unfortunately cannot tap too well. However with the help of reflective materials, grow rooms are able to use light for the proper growth of cannabis. A reflective light increases the intensity of the light in a grow room spreading it evenly across the room. You do not even need more than one light in a grow room if you have reflective material. Using a reflective material increases the light by over 30%.  Reflective materials therefore help in cutting down energy costs. It is also good to note that reflective materials come in different types. Before we look at the different types of reflective materials, below is a look at our pick of the best reflective material for grow rooms

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Our Top Picks of The Best Reflective Material

Apollo Horticulture 2 Mil Reflective Mylar Sheet Roll

When you start using Apollo Horticulture Reflective Material for your grow room, trust that you can produce more from your plants. Even though the product is one of the lowest priced in the market, the reflective material gets the best out of grow lights to give your marijuana plants quality growth. Known for its consistency and unmatched quality, Apollo Horticulture, gets better with every product. You will believe this once you start using any of their products and especially the Apollo Reflective Material.

The 2-mil reflective material roll measures 4’x100’ with widths of 48”, length of 50” per roll and a diameter of 2.25”. The highly reflective polyester material reflects anything between 92% and 98% of light. The material has the ability to increase light intensity without changing the amount of electricity used in the grow room. Grow room heat stays at the right temperature during the whole growth period, which helps the crops to thrive and yield more.

The material does not bleed with water and the best part is that you can see through it. This means that you can monitor your crops without necessarily going into the grow room unless it is necessary to do so. With this material, your marijuana is also safe from chemicals in the air because Apollo horticulture reflective martial protects them. You will definitely not go wrong with this product.

Earth Start Mylar Reflective Material

Mylar is one of the most inexpensive ways to reflect the light in your grow room to concentrate on the growing space. The new and improved design REFLECTIVE MYLAR MATERIAL from Earth Start is a durable 2-mil grade that also comes with a poly backing that acts as a vapor barrier. Mylar material is easy to fix and even people growing crops and using the reflective material or the first time can do it. All you need for fixing the material in place are staples or thumbtacks and very little strength. Both sides of the material are metalized and the material does not tear or bleed water. The material does not give the same reflection a mirror would but you can see your reflection on the reflective Mylar material.

NAVADEAL Silver Reflective Mylar Film

Do not let your crops stall or the beautiful green foliage of your marijuana plants look dull when you have an effective Mylar reflective to help you out of the predicament. The NAVADEAL Silver Reflective Mylar Film is another inexpensive way to make sure that your crops get the best out of the grow lights. The material is environmental friendly and made with very high quality VMPET with both sides metalized and pet coated to resist wear, tear and corrosion. Used in indoor gardening, the Mylar reflective film reflects light from the grow lights back to the crops in order to increase their growth by giving optimum reflectivity.

The film reduces all the red spots in the grow room and spreads light evenly to cover all the crops. This is important especially for the crops that are not directly under a single grow light that cannot spread light to a larger area. The film reflects 95% of the light particles, which is efficient for excellent growth. The material is tear proof, puncture proof, made in the USA, eco-friendly, durable and easy to tack or tape into a flat surface or the wall. It comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee.  To fix the Mylar film, use an adhesive spray or tape. The Mylar film package includes two sheets of the film with each sheet measuring 82”x47”.

VIVOSUN Horticulture Highly Reflective Material

VIVOSUN horticulture is not new to anyone doing indoor farming. It is a name synonymous with hydroponics and other farming methods. VIVOSUN also has some of the most quality Hydroponics Equipment in the market. VIVOSUN, which highly believes in manufacturing eco-friendly products, brings you this quality highly reflective material for the growth of your marijuana crops. The material, made from high quality heat resistant and tear free material, increases the growth pace and volume from additional light.

The material is durable and ideal for hydroponic grow room gardening and other indoor door gardening is water proof, corrosion resistance, age resistance, puncture resistant and very easy to mount. The 2-mil 48” material is 100 ft. and reflects 92% to 97% of the light from the bulb. For safe storage, the material comes with a sealing cover at the bottom.

PMU – Hydroponics Mylar Standard 2 Mil Reflective Material

Mylar is the most popular and best reflective material to use on your indoor crops. Besides being very affordable, it is also very efficient and allows even distribution of light in your grow room. The above 2-mil standard hydroponics Mylar film reflects around 98% light to the crops. The double metalized film measures 48” wide and 100‘ long. The material also helps to reflect light from outside the grow room into the crops allowing all the plants to benefit from the light distribution. The metallic film is easy to set up and easy to maintain. Every package comes with one roll.

Best Paint for Reflecting Light

Rust-Oleum Ultra Matte Chalked Paint

As much as reflective materials are the most common light reflectors in grow rooms, there are other alternatives too. One of the most common alternatives is reflecting light. If the walls of a grow room are too dark, then a reflective coat of paint would instantly change then to be more accommodating for proper plant growth. One of the most quality light reelecting paints is Ultra-Matte Chalked Paint by Rust-Oleum and it makes the perfect alternative for a reflective material. The paint is versatile and you can use on different materials such as wood, metal and ceramic.

The paint texture is latex and it emits a minimal smell unlike many other paint brands. Latex material is also easy to clean. One other reason why the paint is very popular is its ease of application. It glides through the surface effortlessly and dries up in just 30 minutes after application. The paint comes in a 30-ounce container. This roughly translates to slightly over 800 ml, which is enough to cover an area of 150 square feet. The other advantage is that unlike many other paints where you need to paint several coats to get the final effect, with Rust-Oleum, you only need one coat and you are good to go.

The only time you might need another coat is if your grow room walls are wood.  In this case, you will need a primer to accompany the paint. In spite of its effectiveness, the paint is also affordable and it allows your plants to grow with enough light this increasing their strength and yield.

Best Grow Light Reflector Tent

iPower 95”x48”x78” Hydroponic Water Resistant Grow Tent

If you want to get the best out of your marijuana crop, invest in a good grow tent that comes with a reflective FOYLON material already fitted. This will save you the need to go purchase a reflective material and start the process of fixing it all together. iPower saves you so much trouble by introducing one of the best hydroponic tents in the market. The grow tent comes with a water resistant MYLAR REFLECTIVE SHEETING on both sides. The water resistant reflective sheeting is 99% light proof and measures about five by five feet.

Being light proof means that the sheet has complete protection from what is in the environment, making it ideal for cannabis growth. The sheet is easy to use as it comes with premium zippers that you can open and close easily. To make the material even more efficient and last longer, it has double stitching all around. This helps to prevent any outside light from penetrating into the grow tent. The tent is also sturdy as it comes with metal poles that stand upright and able to withstand pressure.

A removable water resistant cover and a convenience organisation bag are other items that come with the grow tent. To make your growing been more fulfilling, the tent comes with one-year manufacturer’s warranty, which means that you can take it back for a full refund if it does not perform. The tent has ventilation holes for air circulation, which is another important aspect for the proper growth of your weed.

What to consider when buying the best reflective material for grow room

We have highlighted some of the best reflective materials in the market today but there are hundreds of other options in the market. Before you go looking for the best reflective material to use in your grow room, you need to know exactly what you are looking for. Below are some of the most important things to consider.

Reflective material options

Choosing the right material may seem overwhelming especially if you do not know which reflective material is better than the other and which one suits your grow room best. Below are the most popular reflective material options in the market to make it easier to understand what you are looking for in a reflective material.

Mylar reflective material

This is by far the most popular reflective material used in indoor farming. One of the reasons for its popularity is the ability to reflect more than 95% of light. Sometimes the reflection is close to 100%. Mylar is made of a polyesters film that measures anything from one millimetre to two millimetres. Besides being, the most popular and most affordable, Mylar material has some setbacks.

For starters when you have Mylar reflective material in the grow room, you need to have ventilation too because the material produces radiant heat. Too much of this heat may be damaging to the weed and you therefore need to let in some cool air to neutralise the heat.

Another disadvantage is some of the Mylar materials may be prone to tear and puncture so there will be need for frequent replacements. These however are minimal problems compared to the benefits.

Paint reflective material

Paint is readily available and the other best alternative to polyester reflective materials. Some people use cabinets as their grow rooms while others wooden cubicles. These setups do not get enough light into the crops and in order to capture light, you can use flat white paint to reflect light back to the crops the budget friendly alternative can reflect anything between 85% and 95% of light.

One of the major benefits of using paint over other options is that it is easier to clean and maintain. The latex material that makes the paint is smooth and easily dusts off after just a wipe. Paint unlike Mylar reflective material does not produce too much heat which makes the interior of the grow room remain cool at all times. If you apply the paint correctly, you will have even distribution of light without any air pockets or hotspots and red spots.

Foylon reflective material

Not many people can tell the difference between the Foylon reflective material and the Mylar reflective material. The two look similar and come with many other similarities besides the look. However, there is one distinctive feature that sets the two apart. Foylon is a more expensive reflective material and the reason is that it is much more durable than Mylar. Foylon is not made from just polyester but from spun polyester. A foil laminator is used as reinforcement on the material to make it stronger. The reinforcements also ensure that the reflective material does not fade and it allows over 95% percent of light to bounce back to the grow room.

Grow tent reflector material

This is also another very popular alternative with many marijuana growers. The option of a grow tent that comes with its own fitted reflective material is a stress free option too. The material on the grow tent can be anything from Mylar to Foylon. The built in materials do not require any fixing or stapling.

Plastic reflective material

Though not as popular as the above-mentioned options, plastic, also referred to as black or white polymer is another option that grow room farmers use as reflective materials. The plastic, which is white on one side and black on the other, has the ability to reflect up to 95% of light back to the crops. The thicker the plastic the more durable it is so if to ever decide to go for this option, do not go for thin sheets of plastic. One of the main disdvantages why this option is not very popular with marijuana growers is that plastic produces too much heat, which can stress the crop. In order to avoid the plastic from getting too hot you have to keep it far from the grow light, which could be difficult in some situations especially in small, grow rooms.


Before you go buying the reflective material for your grow room, you should also take into consideration the temperature of the space. If the room is cold, go with Foylon, or Mylar reflective materials. If the temperatures into room are high, go with the paint reflective option.

Wrapping it up

The success of growing healthy marijuana crops lies on the essentials and detail. Light is one of the most important essentials and therefore you should pay enough attention to the details of the reflective materials you choose. Whatever type of material you choose, the most important fact to take into detail is that whatever you choose increases the intensity of the light in the grow room efficiently. This means that light covers every crop in the room to ensure the environment is suitable for your crops. We hope with the above best reflective material for grow room, you will know what to expect when you need light for your crops.

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