Best Grow Lights For Tomatoes

In late September, my outdoor garden in New England comes to a halt. I used to become depressed when I realized how long it would be before I could plant another crop of fresh tomatoes and peppers. (Is there anything more depressing than a supermarket tomato in January?) Then I decided to give indoor gardening a shot so that I could have fresh tomatoes and peppers all year. At first, I tried hydroponic grow kits, some of which included built-in grow lights. Now, both hydroponic and soil approaches are used on my setup. My indoor tomatoes and peppers require additional light even in the brightest area in the house. I discovered the finest grow lights for tomatoes and peppers through trial and error and study.

Tomatoes and peppers require six to eight hours of sunlight (artificial or natural) per day, regardless of their location.

When seedlings are first starting out, grow lights should be placed at least 12 inches away from them. I normally keep any general-purpose full-spectrum LED grow light at a distance of 12 inches. You can move them closer as needed after a few weeks when they are stronger and have a root system.

There are many constructions and rigs you can assemble for your indoor tomato and pepper plants to reach that 12′′ (or more). You can also choose to start your tomato and pepper seeds indoors and then transplant the seedlings outside once the weather warms up. Whatever you choose, the most crucial aspect of growing tomatoes and peppers indoors is selecting the right grow lights.

Best Grow Lights For Tomatoes


It’s a lot of fun to grow tomatoes indoors. Don’t be hesitant to get started. Start growing your own tomatoes at home with one of our recommended grow lights.

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