Best Plasma Grow Lights (Light Emitting Plasma) Reviews

The level by which technology is advancing is rapid, and its impact on plant growth is very high. Hydroponic farming mostly has seen several advancements in lighting solutions.

Cannabis growers are continually looking for better lighting alternatives in the pursuit of a good harvest. With the growing need for a dependable lighting solution on the rise, plasma grow lights are becoming the new favorites boasting of a full spectrum light with little or no heat emission. The lamps use Light Emitting Plasma (LEP) to provide a light that equals the sun in likeness. You can compare an LEP lamp to an HPS bulb only that it offers a full spectrum light that is highly beneficial to plants. The light is very efficient and can support all the stages of a cannabis plant.


This article aims to make it very simple for you to choose the best plasma grow light for your farm. Here are some of the LEP lamps that you should consider when you want to solve your lighting problems in your grow room.

Our Pick Top Plasma Grow Light

Alphalite Plasma Grow Light

With cannabis growers expanding their search for the best grow light, the Alphalite Plasma grow light is one of the top options that many farmers are exploring. Being a product of simply green solutions, you can trust it to be of very high quality. The company is well respected in the horticultural industry as its business extends to other items apart from the plasma grow lights.

Weighing only 25 pounds, the grow light is relatively lighter than most of its kind. It has a compact design that allows you to use it on low ceilings and small grow areas. It comes with its cooling and ventilation system, making things easier for you as a grower since you will only have to install it and plug it on. The lighting system can help you save electricity 50 percent time more than an HID lighting since it uses only 280 watts of electricity to produce a light equivalent to 400 to 600 watts HID lighting system. It gives you a full-color spectrum that closely resembles the sun’s light making it perfect for plant growth. It provides a coverage of 9 to 16 square feet making it ideal for use if you have a mid-range or large scale growing area.


  • Since the lighting system is compact; it is effortless to install.
  • You can save a lot of energy better than when using an HID lighting system
  • The grow light can last for a long time with a given lifetime period of 30,000 hours.
  • The lighting system is of top quality
  • It helps to influence the size of the harvest


  • The fans of the grow light may get so hot till they overheat
  • It is not suited for use by those who are getting into cannabis growth for the first time. You need some level of experience for you to work with it.

Gavita Pro – 270e LEP Grow

If you want to add a supplementary grow light in your farming, then the Gavita Pro – 270e LEP Grow may be just what you need. The pro-270e LEP works exceptionally well if you are using an HPS lighting system, but you need a boost of some plasma light during the bloom period. It comes with a dimming feature that allows you to dim the light of the HPS bulb you are using but maintain the full spectrum light from the plasma bulb, which is quite useful in the vegetative phase. When the HPS bulbs become too hot, the master controller automatically starts to dim the grow light without affecting the plasma light since it emits a lower percentage of heat compared to the HPS.

It has a compact design making it lighter than some of its counterparts and considerably smaller than the pro 300 LEP model. It can provide continuous lighting, making it a very dependable lighting unit that can last for quite a long time. The plasma grow light can effectively give light to a ten by ten feet growing area with ease. You can, however, mount it at whatever height you feel comfortable for your plants.


  • The plasma light runs very quietly and is more controlled than other plasma lighting systems in the market
  • With its ability to provide a full spectrum light, it is very dependable for your plants
  • It comes with a heat sensor that allows it to detect the changes in temperature in your grow room.


  • It would be best if you did not use it together with an external fan since that reduces its effectiveness

AgroMax 300 Watt Plasma Grow Light

One of the top plasma grow lights that we cannot leave out from this list is the AgroMax 300 Watt Plasma Grow Light. The lighting system uses radiofrequency power to generate light. It produces a full spectrum light together with UVB light that is very important in the control of pests on your plants. The lamp provides a better light quality than an HID or fluorescent lighting system. According to research, the light plasma bulbs provide works better on seedlings and cutting than any other traditional indoor grow light. The grow light is compact and comes in a sealed housing. You can adjust and set it on any level above your plant’s canopy. It comes with a very reflective aluminum reflector that provides your garden with an even lighting coverage. The plasma light does not emit a lot of heat, allowing you to place the lamp anywhere overhead your plant’s canopy without fear of burning your plants.


  • It provides your plants with a reliable light that is close to the sun
  • Its aluminum reflector enables the light to spread evenly in your grow farm
  • It produces a light intensity that it is very beneficial to the growth of your plants
  • The grow lamp gives a full spectrum light.
  • The lamp is compact, making it easy to move around and position in your grow room.


  • The plasma light is only effective as a supplementary light

What should you consider when purchasing a plasma grow light?

The size of your grow tent

size of your grow tent

When selecting a plasma grow light to use in your cannabis farm, the size of your grow area is very important in determining how many lamps you will require. The lamps can provide massive coverage, and the light is very uniform. It is advisable to use a growing area that measures 4 feet by 4 feet or more spacious. The grow lights can get very hot. Therefore, using the lamp in a small grow tent can burn your plants. Even with the grow tent that you use, you need to ensure that the ventilation system functions correctly and that there is considerable airflow.

What is your budget

It is easy to ignore a plasma grow light due to its cost. It is one of the most expensive lights for cannabis growth in the market today. However, the value that it provides you may save you a lot more money in the end run. With its ability to last for about 30,000 to 40,000 hours, you will not have to replace the bulbs like other traditional bulbs continually. Additionally, the lamp consumes less power than other conventional grow lights hence can save on your utility bill.

Purpose of your Grow light

Are you using the grow lights as a supplement light, or are you using it alone in your grow room? When you choose to get it as a supplement, it works perfectly with an HID grow light as a boost during the vegetative phase of your cannabis. Since they also produce a full spectrum light, you can as well use them alone on a grow farm. Their light flows uniformly on all the plants in the coverage area of the light.

Why should you use a Plasma Grow Light in your Cannabis Farm?

The quality of light you use in your grow light is one of the top factors that affect the yields of your plants. Plasma light provides your plants with a light spectrum that is similar to that of the sun saving you money that you would have otherwise spent on purchasing an extra light. Additionally, you will get to keep the money that you would pay to replace a bulb such as an HPS grow light since the plasma bulb can last for 30,000 to 40,000 operational hours. During all these hours, you are sure of getting a light that is stronger than a metal halide bulb or an HPS bulb.

Since the plasma light operates through electromagnetic induction, the light it produces allows for a substantial penetration into the canopy of your marijuana plants without any light loss. The light penetrates deep until some of it reaches the growing medium. The amount of energy the lamp consumes to produce the light is a lot less than an HPS bulb. You will also get to save on your utility bills even without having to switch the lights off at every growth stage continually.

The plasma grow lights being new to the market may be a problem. There is not much information on them, and there is much to know about how they operate. Without this information, the price of the lamps can change with time. However, the initial impressions of the lamp have so far been good.

Summing up

The price of the plasma grow light may be a little intimidating to a lot of cannabis growers. However, plasma lamps have indeed provided hope to the growers since they offer a full spectrum light at a lower cost than that of traditional lights. The above listed grow lights are some of those that home growers have found to be favorable due to their dependability, power, and ease of use.

Before selecting a new product in the market, you must conduct enough research on the features it carries and the benefits it can bring to your farm. Your choice should meet the needs of your farm in both the size of your grow tent and your plant’s requirements. By following this article, you will get all the information you need to make the right purchasing decision.

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