Unifun 45W Led Grow Light-The long-lasting solution to your garden’s needs

Ideal for all kinds of indoor plantations especially flowering stages, UNIFUN 45w led grow light is one of the most top-rated and best-sellers among various LED lights.

And when it comes to planting marijuana, UNIFUN 45w led grow light is a pro in this field especially it gives out high lumen red spectrum light that is a key factor in flowering phase of marijuana!

A 12 months warranty means that the manufacturers have manufactured it with the motive to run as long as possible. The manufacturers also vow that the LED lights installed in UNIFUN 45w led grow lights have a lifespan of over 50000 working hours.

What all these things point to?

Yeah they are the key indicators that UNIFUN 45w led grow light is the product you have been searching for since long. It will not only modernize your garden but will also be a valuable addition that would be evident from the results too!

Let’s take a short survey of the features of UNIFUN 45w led grow light what is actually the long-lasting solution to your garden’s photo needs.

Unifun 45W Led Grow Light Reviews


  • Item: 45W LED Grow Light
  • Brand: UNIFUN
  • Dimension: 12.20 x 12.20 x 1.38 inches
  • LED Quantity: 165 Red LEDs+60 Blue LEDs
  • Red Light Wavelength: 620nm
  • Blue Light Wavelength: 460-470nm
  • Electricity: 300MA
  • Power: 45W
  • Power Supply: AC100-240V
  • Operating Frequency: 50/60HZ
  • Weight: 2.2lb
  • Working temperature:-20~40 degree
  • Coverage Area: 1.5 square meter

Full Spectrum Light

It is not the same as its older version. In terms of light, it is actually an upgrade that is quite significant too.

Previous version of UNIFUN 45w led grow light gave off light only in visible spectrum of red, blue, yellow and violet while the recent upgrade has added invisible spectrum of Infrared radiations as well as ultra-violet rays.

Full spectrum light ensures that the transition of marijuana plants from vegetative phase to flowering phase is timely as well as fruitful.

You know what it means?

It means that UNIFUN 45w led grow light actually supplements sunlight in the best possible manner with fulfilling all the nutritional requirements of the plants.


High luminous output is the one attribute of UNIFUN 45w led grow light that makes it the jack of all LED lights for sure! Especially when you are planting marijuana, it gives off light at high power that ensures maximum output during the flowering stage.

The manufacturers claim that it is cost efficient too as at 45w it consumes 65% lesser energy as compared to fluorescent lights and 25% lesser energy as compared to other LED lights in the market.

Which obviously means that once you install UNIFUN 45w led grow light in your garden, you will save at least 25% of the money spent on electricity bills otherwise.

A nice deal to be honest!

Coverage Area

Marijuana plants need an environment in which each plant receives maximum light at all times. And this feature is best catered for UNIFUN 45w led grow light!

It has a coverage area of 1.5 meters on average which is quite adequate. However, if you want to increase the coverage area then you can install reflective hoods or specialized walls of reflective material as well.

Increasing coverage area means you will need to install lesser number of lights thus making the garden cost-effective!

Lightweight and easy to install

UNIFUN 45w led grow light is quite lightweight as compared to many other lights in the market, therefore, it is quite easy to install as well!

The package also includes hooks and rings that add support and make it easier for the user to install it. Also a manual is attached alongside too that gives the complete details of assembly as well!

UNIFUN 45w led grow light; The Jack of all trades!

UNIFUN 45w led grow light has for sure no limitations. It can be employed for any plant from a range of flowers, bananas, seaweed, lettuce, grapes, tomatoes and many more! And for marijuana, it is the most highly recommended by horticulturists!

Also when it comes to the various stages in plant’s development and growth, UNIFUN 45w led grow light works equally well in all places!

Warranty and Lifespan

UNIFUN 45w led grow light comes with a generous warranty of 1 year on all installed parts, filaments and its technical build-up.

However, the company denies any claim on the LED lights being burnt or being broken by accident.

The company also believes that if used in a proper manner as prescribed in the user’s manual, it can go on for over 50000 hours without any issue.


UNIFUN 45w led grow light is feature enriched so it has a lot of pros. A few of those are

  • High lumen output while using power as low as 45w.
  • Full spectrum light that supplements sunlight excellently for plant growth.
  • Warranty of 1 year that ensures its quality and ability to last long.


This product is one of the best-sellers but still it has some cons.

  • Due to high output some lights burn out quickly.
  • Lightweight means they are fragile and prone to break.
  • Customers complain that a few lights dim out by constant usage.

Tips to use this product

We know that you are definitely going to buy UNIFUN 45w led grow light because no one can leaf such as offer! But, once you use it take into account following things.
  • It is not waterproof, so avoid contact with water or using in dripping environments.
  • In your garden, avoid the products contact with heat or any corrosive material.
  • When the bulbs are overheated, stop using them for a while.
  • As UNIFUN 45w led grow light supplements sunlight, avoid staring at it for long periods.
  • Monitor the light closely during each phase and adjust the distance between light and plant for maximized results.

Our Word

We highly recommend the UNIFUN 45w led grow light for your gardens. After all these features and product geeks, the only best thing for you to do is to click on the link below and buy the revolutionized horticultural lights.

Happy Buying!

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