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Joint rolling has been around for many years. People use all different kinds of paper to roll the perfect joints but not everyone loves doing it. If you are a regular smoker, the exercise of rolling papers can become boring with time. It is also tiring and maybe not even fast enough for those that need to roll their joints fast.

There is also the agony that comes with paper tearing up just when you think you have everything covered. First time joint rollers have it harder than experienced ones when it comes to using rolling papers. To do away with the drag of using rolling papers, there is another solution, which is using cones rolling papers.

The good thing about using cones is that they come as pre-rolled and all you do is grind your favorite WEED STRAIN and stash it into the cones. Pre-rolled cones come in different brands and sizes. Below, we look at one of the best CONES ROLLING PAPERS, RAW natural unrefined 1 ¼ cones rolling papers.

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Brief summary of RAW natural unrefined 1 ¼ cones rolling papers

  • RAW rolling papers are amongst the easiest to roll in the market even with novices
  • Unbleached and untreated meaning they do not come with any additives, chlorine or chemicals
  • 100% vegan
  • CRISS cross watermark on every leaf
  • No running
  • Slow burn
  • Affordable
  • Full box contains 24 packs of papers with each pack containing 32 leaves
  • RAW natural unrefined 1 ¼ cones rolling papers over view

Brief history

RAW started back in 1993 in a small smoke shop set up by Josh Kesselman. The shop located in Gainesville Florida started by importing special rolling papers from Europe that they sold for smoking. The rolling paper concept became popular with many smokers and RAW officially became one of the first ever companies to offer clean vegan rolling papers.

However, it was not until 2005, that RAW started mass-producing the rolling papers. Since then RAW has been on the forefront for making clean and quality products that propel use across the world.

The first thing you notice when you buy any of their products is that they are very different from many other products in the market. This excellence goes into making their cones rolling papers some of the most sought after in the market.

RAW cones rolling papers explained

For regular smokes and people that want to roll their joints faster and in an easier way, RAW cones rolling papers are among the best to use. The pre-rolled cones have literally revolutionised both the weed and tobacco smoking industries. They are simple, easy to use and they make rolling joints fun. The cones are made from an all-natural hemp unbleached paper with no additives such as dyes, chlorine, chemicals or chalk.

The cones come in a six-pack and a 32 pack of cone leaves. The organic hemp material that makes the paper burns slowly with little or no ash residue. The pre-rolled cones use water-based gum that gives the cones a firm hold. The gum on the cones does not contain any chemicals such as ethyl vinyl acetate that you find in ordinary glue.

RAW cones come in two types which are RAW classic and RAW organic. Each RAW rolling cone leaf has a special CRISS cross watermark, which prevents the papers from running. Buying RAW rolling papers also makes, you part of the RAW foundation that helps to bring water to people from many parts of the world. With every rolling cone rolling paper pack, you buy, you can feel proud that a certain percentage of what you use goes to help other people.

Raw Natural Cones Rolling Papers

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What RAW users say

Majority of RAW users give the cones very high ratings. The ratings range from 4 to 5 stars out of 5 starts. Many of these are first time users who had absolutely no problems using the rolling papers for the first time. Below is a look at what two users had to say about the product.

Naz gave the rolling paper a 5 star rating and had this to say;

“I absolutely love them because they do not burn as fast as other papers. They burn kinda slow and that’s what I’ve been looking for”

J Castillo had this to say

“Just perfect for the casual smoker. I’m not very good at rolling my own cigarettes and I hated wasting stuff because it kept falling off. So these work great. Just stuff it in, push it with a pen or something and you are good to go. I also like the fact they come in a durable and protective cone and they have a filter!!! No more burning my lips and fingers trying to smoke every last bit of tobacco”

Our verdict

We could not possibly add anything to the above reviews because we know buying these cones is the best thing you would ever do if you want to enjoy quality smoking. We can only say, buy them because they are worth everything.

Wrapping it up

Many people prefer using cones for many different reasons. Some call them the best solutions for lazy people and they truly are because if you do not have time to roll your joints, you can use these pre-rolled cones with ease. The cones are comparable to others such as ELEMENTS PRE-ROLLED ROLLING CONES and SHINE 24K GOLD KING CONE PRE-ROLLED PAPER among others.

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