Best Rolling Papers For Joints [Reviews of 2021]

Most weed and CIGARETTE smokers overlook the need of using the best quality rolling papers for their joints and cigarette and instead settle for low quality papers that burn easily. Using inferior quality papers does not give you the same effects a quality paper does. In majority of the cases, inferior rolling papers lead to wastage of TOBACCO or WEED which may cost you more money in the end.

best rolling papers

Quality rolling paper on the other hand gives you a neater roll that does not burn fast. Quality rolling papers also do not contain additives unlike other ordinary rolling papers. Another reason why many people do not turn to quality rolling papers is because they do not know of their existence or their rolling skills are poor.

People that appreciate a quality rolling paper also know that using them to roll their tobacco is easy and much healthier for all their needs. To others, any paper would do just fine for their smoking needs. For these, the best option is to learn the benefits that come with using natural ad quality rolling papers.

Rolling papers come in different sized with each size affecting the final look of your rolled cigarette or joint. The sizes depend with your smoking styles and needs.  In this article, we give you a list of some of the BEST ROLLING PAPERS in the market with an explanation as to why each one of them is a better option than the ordinary rolling papers.

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Our List of the Best Rolling Papers

RAW Cones Classic King Size 50 Pack Natural Pre Rolled Rolling Paper

When it comes to quality, very few other companies can match raw. The above Raw Classic Rolling Papers are among the best in the market as they provide you with all the quality you need from a rolling paper. The papers consist of natural fibers that are unrefined and unbleached. The classic cones come pre-rolled, which saves you a lot of time rolling.

For people that find rolling challenging, Raw Classic Cones are the BEST ROLLING PAPERS FOR JOINTS. It is also great for experienced rollers that do not have too much time on their hands. They can save the time for something else as rolling with this paper is fast and easy.

All you need to do is fill up the cone with your proffered smoke and twist off the end before lighting your roll. Every paper has RAW’s patented CRISS CROSS watermark that helps to maintain a smooth burning of the roll. The paper is ultra-thin and the colour is a translucent natural light brown.

On lighting the paper, you get an even burn at the beginning but the intensity becomes less as you continue smoking making the first puff the strongest and most efficient. Each of the cones can hold up to two grams of weed or tobacco depending on the texture. The rolling papers have no artificial dyes or added chalk unlike ordinary rolling papers.

The papers also use a water-based gum that stays on for long without drying. From one pack you get 50 classic king size comes that come in stacks of 25.


  • Convenient to use as they are pre-rolled cones
  • Good for both weed and tobacco
  • Saves time
  • Comes in a stack of 2 f 25 rolling papers making a total of 50 papers
  • Contains no added chalk or dyes
  • Made from natural unrefined blend of unbleached fibers
  • Ultra-thin
  • Slow burn
  • Great for first time rollers


  • Glue takes time to dry
  • Some people prefer an even spread of intensity from beginning to the end while smoking


If you are looking for the BEST ROLLING PAPERS FOR WEED or joints, these cones shaped RAW Classic have you covered . It is a real time saver and even if you are rolling for the first time, you can trust your first roll to look perfect with this rolling paper. Enjoy a good smoke with the minimal effort by using the rolling paper that I highly recommend.

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King Palm Mini Size Natural Pre Wrap Palm Leafs 25 Pack

If you are looking for rolling papers that will give you a slow burn from the most natural paper, try king palm mini size natural pre wrap palm leaves. If you use these leaves, you will forget all the synthetic wraps you have used in the past. There is simply no comparison because these leaves are in a class of their own.

For starters, they do not contain any preservatives or chemicals like the ordinary synthetic wraps. They do not come with any artificial flavours and they do not contain any synthetic glue. What you get instead is a natural cornhusk filter that surpasses all the others in the market.

With these leaves, you will have no wastage of tobacco, weed or any hears that you use. You can also rest assured that no oils from the herbs or weed will get into your mouth when using these leaves. The wraps are clean and stylish. They are all hand rolled and resilient to burning.

If you need to rehydrate yourself, all you do is brush the leaves with water and you are good to go. The origin of the leaf is Cordia Borage family from the rainforests of Singapore. It is easy to use even for first time users as the leaves are pre-rolled. The package contains 25 individually hand rolled mini size palm leafs that also come with a packing stick and a humidifying pack.


  • Convenient to use even for first time users
  • Comes as pre-rolled mini leafs
  • Made from natural leaf
  • Each leaf is individually hand rolled
  • Slow burn
  • Quality natural filter tip
  • No wastage
  • Comes with a humidifying pack and a packing stick


  • A little expensive


Besides the price which some feel is a little expensive, I could not think of anything negative to say about these pre wrapped leafs. They will definitely change your smoking experience I would recommend that you go for them. They are worth every penny.

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Scotte 40 Pre-Rolled Cones

Are you good at hand rolling and looking for the best rolling wraps in the market? Have you tried Scotte Cones? If you have not, then it is probably time you did. This is the reason why the cones are simply the best for rolling in your weed or tobacco.

Each package of the one and a quarter size package contains quality cigarette rolling papers measuring 78 mm by 3 inches. The papers have quality tips too and each package contains 40 pre rolled cones. The translucent slim papers burn slowly and smoothly and they are easy to use even for first time users. The packaging of the cones is also attractive and affordable.


  • Comes as pre-rolled cones
  • Easy to use
  • Slow and smooth burn
  • Contains 40 cones
  • Quality tips
  • Affordable


  • Fragile


Though they are slightly fragile compared to a few other pre rolled cones in the market, they are worth their price. All you need to do is be careful when filling them up with your preferred substance and enjoy an easy fulfilling smoke.

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Elements 1.25 Ultra-Thin Rice Rolling Paper

The first things you notice when you buy a pack of Elements Rolling Paper is the innovation that goes into making the papers stand out. The packaging itself is simply admirable. The box that contains the rolling papers uses a magnetic closure mechanism that helps to keep it closed at all times. This ensures that there is no paper wastage.

The packaging contains 25 to 50 leaves of rolling papers all made from natural rice paper. The measurements of the rolling papers are 76 mm by 4 mm. the rice that makes the paper is grown naturally with nourishments from the sun and rain. The highly quality paper is ultra-thin which allows smoking of more tobacco or weed and less weed.

To keep the rolled paper intact, they come with sugar gum adhesive. This is unlike ordinary papers that contain adhesive glue. The papers allow you to enjoy your smoke or weed as they burn slowly with very little ash produced.


  • The packaging is distinctively amazing
  • Contains a magnetic closure mechanism that keeps the box closed at all times
  • Prevents wastage
  • Keeps rolling papers well protected
  • Made from natural rice paper
  • Ultra-thin
  • Burn slowly
  • Produces no ash
  • Has gum adhesive instead of glue


  • Pricier compared to other rolling papers in the market
  • Rolling paper is difficult to use with a rolling machine
  • High humidity may sometimes make the paper curl though you can still use it
  • Challenging for some new time users because of the ultra-thinness


This pack of 25 to 50 rolling papers is exceptionally amazing and besides all the good qualities, it comes with a touch of class. It is safe to use because the material is all-natural and it burns slowly compared to ordinary rolling papers. If you are looking for the best rolling paper for weed or tobacco, I would highly recommend this pack because it is worth its price.

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Zig Zag White Single Wide Rolling Papers

Zig Zag is a popular brand in many countries from across the world. The company believes in quality and all their products are a favourite with many people. The Zig Zag Rolling Paper is authentic and spawns a long legacy that dates back to over 100 years ago. Its excellence and quality continues to be as popular as it was back in the older days.

The papers are 70 mm single wide, which makes them the best rolling papers for weed or joints and tobacco. There are 24 booklets per each box and every booklet contains 32 leaves. They provide a slow smooth burn and are affordable.


  • Reputable company
  • Slow smooth burn
  • Affordable
  • Good quality
  • Easy to roll


  • Do not contain any gum


Sometimes when you want something good, you have to trust a reputable company to provide you with the best. Raw never disappoints and I would highly recommend the leaves for a smooth and slow burn that will make you enjoy your smoke.

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What to look for when choosing rolling papers

Before you go out there to buy you rolling papers, it is good to know what to look for so that you get the best deal from what you buy. Below are some of the factors to consider that will help you to select the best papers in the market.


Rolling papers are not a one size fits all. The papers come in different sizes that range from single to 1 ¼, 1 ½, king size and double size. The size you choose to go with will affect the product. Choose a size that goes well with your smoking needs and style. Below is a further look at the sizes

size rolling paper

Single size

The smallest rolling papers in the market are single sizes. After rolling your weed or tobacco into them, the diameter of the rolled joint is half or almost half the diameter of an ordinary cigarette bought from the store. Single size rolling papers measure approximately 68 mm by 34 mm.

 1 ¼ size

With an approximate length of 76 mm and a width of 24 mm, these papers are almost the exact size of an ordinary cigarette when you roll them. They are also the most popular rolling paper in the market because of their convenient size.

1 ½ size

Though these rolling papers are the same length as the 1 ¼, they are slightly wider and mostly popular with blunts. Their width measures between 60 mm to 62 mm.

Doublewide size

Double wide sized rolling papers are not as popular as the above three but some people still prefer to use them to the others. They measure around 76 mm to 78 mm long and 3mm to 88 mm wide. The reason why they are not as popular is that you need to stuff them with lots of tobacco or weed in order to make a roll.

King size

These are the largest rolling papers in the market and some people refer to them as party rolling papers. This is because several people can all enjoy smoking by passing the roll from one person to the other. The papers measure 100 mm to 110 mm long and 5mm to 60 mm wide. One roll can satisfy five to six people.

Natural or Flavoured Rolling Papers

After size, the next thing to consider when choosing your rolling papers is whether you want to use natural or flavoured rolling papers. Choosing between the two will depend on your preferences but the following things may help you with the decision you make.

Flavoured papers

When it comes to health, there is no substantiating evidence that flavoured rolling papers are healthy to use. They come in different flavours that range from orange to watermelon and grapes among others. If you like your smoke to have a flavour, then they are good to go with though majority of them have the flavour on the gum strip. A few of flavoured rolling papers however have flavours on the entire wrap.  Another thing to note is that flavoured rolling papers burn faster than natural rolling papers.

Natural rolling papers

If you are looking for the healthiest way to enjoy your smoke, then using natural rolling papers would be the best option. The papers are specifically designed to ensure that no one using them inhales any harmful germs and other material that come as result of paper combustion. With natural rolling papers, you do not get any dye or additives and the materials that make them are all organic. It is however, safe to read the packaging information first in order to understand best what you are buying.


It is also important to know the materials that go into making the rolling papers. This is especially for the natural rolling papers. There are three most popular materials used in making natural rolling papers. The three are rice paper, wood pulp and hemp.

Rice rolling papers

Rice rolling papers have their share of popularity among smokers because of their slow burn. They have a great taste too as compared to wood pulp rolling papers. It is however important to note that not all rice brands are the same. Some of the brands are healthier than others are because some manufacturers use additives on their rice rolling papers.

Wood pulp rolling papers

The most common and popular rolling papers are made from wood pulp materials. Wood pulp is the same material that makes the ordinary cigarettes that you buy from the stores. Just like rice rolling papers, wood pulp rolling papers too come in different types. Some are healthier than others are and they may not be the best choice for many smokers.

Hemp rolling papers

Hemp rolling papers have gained popularity in recent years because of how easy they are to roll. Hemp is also environment friendly, as they do not use materials from trees but from hemp. The only thing some users do not like about hemp rolling papers is their taste that is different from the above materials.

Wrapping it up

If you decide to use rolling papers for your next joint, making the right choice will make a big difference between enjoying and not enjoying your joint. Choosing wisely will also save you from wasting your weed or tobacco. The above rolling papers will give you some of the best smoking experiences you could ever want in a joint. They offer ease of rolling and they are all made from natural materials. Use any of them and be a step ahead from those that use ordinary rolling papers at all times.

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