Giixer 1000W LED Full Spectrum Grow Lights Review

When it comes to the growth of marijuana, one of the essential aspects that you always need to remember is the use of proper lighting throughout the growth stages. LED grow lights have proven to be one of the cheapest yet better lighting options in the market. They can deliver better yields and a lot more advantages which you will lack in the traditional lighting method.

While there are various LED grow lights in the market, one LED light that deserves mention is the Giixer 1000W LED. Before getting into an in-depth review, here are some of the reasons why you should invest in the LED light for your marijuana farm.

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The Top Reasons Why Giixer 1000W is Your Go-to LED Grow Light for Your Cannabis Farm

Giixer 1000W led grow lights

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It is Cheap

When you compare its retail price to that of other LED grow lights in the same category in the market, the Giixer 1000W LED sells for less.

Amazing Power Output

The Giixer 1000W LED brags of having a fantastic power output compared to the traditional 1000 watts grow lamps. The lamp can save on energy and improve the growing environment of the plant.

When you consider the amount of power output, it is a much better light than various light sources. You should, however, consider more matters before making a decision.

Advanced Technology

The Scientific spectral design of the light is the pride of years of research by the R&D team after meeting standardized production procedures. The LED grow light is engineered to meet all the requirements for all the marijuana growth stages, making growing more comfortable and more efficient.


The LED Lights have a long-lasting period estimated to be around 50000 hours. It is better than a majority of grow lights that can only last for about 20000 hours before needing replacements.

Energy Saving

The lamp consists of 10 watts Dual chips that are brighter bigger and more efficient after only consuming 110 watts. It helps you conserve energy as you grow your plants.


The Giixer 1000W LED allows you to get the satisfaction of using the product by offering you a one year guarantee together with a 30 day refund period. If you feel any pleasure with the light, you can return it within the given timeframe with no questions asked. However, it is very unlikely it will happen.



Due to the size of the grow light, you may require the use of more than one if you want to use the lamp in a large grow area.

Giixer 1000W LED Full Review

Many people may assume that the light is of cheap quality since it lies below the rice range of $100. Not considering the cost, the Giixer 1000W LED is one of the best quality grow lights any marijuana farmer may want to get.

It is made to be complete and does not require an additional set of equipment such as ballast, coolers or reflectors. The materials used in the making of the lamp are of the highest quality, increasing the durability of the light.

For example, the lights contain protective diodes that ensure the failure of one chip does not affect the whole light. It emits a full spectrum light which is quite similar to sunlight and ideal for all the growth stages of your marijuana plants. The spectrum comprises of white, yellow, blue, and natural light, all of which are of essential use in the growth of plants.

The lamp is highly durable as it can last up to 50,000 working hours. You can, therefore, use it for several years before you make a change. The Grow light can replace a 250W HPS light.

It comes with a rope ratchet and thermometer to help you support the lamp and measure the temperature inside your grow tent respectively. The LED has two different switches for two different growing modes.

One is for bloom while the other is for grow. The lamp also has a powerful cooling fan that helps to dissipate heat and prevent the bulb from overheating. It produces very minimal noise.

The fans can last for 100,000 hours working in perfection. The manufacturer provides you with a 24 months service guarantee and a 30 day refund period that you can return any faulty or non-functioning lamps.

Summing Up

It does not matter if you are a new cannabis farmer or whether you have some experience on your sleeves. Lighting lies among the many requirements that you should be well aware of together with nutrition, temperature, and Humidity.

In a grow tent, you need to have different tools and equipment that can help you maintain the appropriate weed growing environment. When choosing a grow light, an LED should be the top of your priorities. And to be clear, the Giixer 1000W LED should be your consideration.

You can get it on Amazon at a fantastic price and enjoy faster plant growth and better yields. Do you have any questions or comments? Please feel free to contact us.

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