H&Grow 1000W Triple Chips LED Grow Light Review

The temptation to grow CANNABIS indoors in order to get rid of buying the same from other parties is overwhelming. Today, actually more people are planting their own crops in order to have more superior quality than the stuff they buy out there. Either others are doing the same for their own use or to make a buck out of selling what they do not need.

While it may seem like a simple thing to, growing your own need needs dedication and all the right equipment and tools for healthy proper growth. With more people doing it indoors rather than outdoors nowadays, one of the most essential items to put top on the list is LED grow lights. This is because your indoor crops will need as much sunlight as the ones growing outdoors.

When you are buying your LED GROW LIGHTS, you have to consider the quality of the product you are buying, the space of the grow tent or indoor space you are using for your crops and the scale of your operations. You also need to take into account the number of lights you need to illuminate the space and offer full coverage to your crops among many other issues. The good thing is you are in luck because you have a wide selection of LED grow lights to choose from in the market.

Some of the best in the market such as King Plus 1000W Led Grow Light, BESTVA 2000W Double Chips  and many others are all great for indoor farming. In this article, we feature another quality led grow light that will change the way you look at indoor weed farming, H&GROW 1000W LED Grow Light  is in a class of its own and it comes with many benefits.

H&Grow 1000W LED Grow Light at a glance

H&GROW 1000W LED Grow Light

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Full spectrum

The grow light offers full spectrum light with a well balance of PAR/Lumen

Full lighting

The lighting system made of triple chips covers all the crops in the grow space

Energy saving

The energy consumption of the light is low compared to its power output

Great heat dissipation

it has excellent cooling fans and an in built aluminum heat sink that keeps the room temperatures art allowed levels and allows for better room ventilation

Daisy chain

You can connect the LED lights with other lights for more and fuller light coverage

VEG and BLOOM switch

The double switch helps to control temperatures for different stage of growth

Long lasting

The lights will give you a long service, which is worth every amount you spend on them


The product comes with a 36-day quality guarantee and a 90-day money back guarantee



The grow tent is pricier than many other grow lights but once you start using it, you realize that it is worth the price.

H&Grow 1000W LED Grow Light full review

H&Grow is a company that focuses on producing quality lights all manufactured directly from their factory. Their specialization is LED grow lights for commercial and personal growing purposes. They use the latest technology on all their products, which is one reason they are a favorite with many people from across the globe.

Designed to mimic natural sunlight, H&Grow LED grow lights offer your crops full spectrum light with a much higher PAR value than many other LED lights in the market. The 1000-watt grow light gives the weed crops everything they need from the seedling stage to the flowering stage. The lights further help to boost and speed up the vegetative stage boosting quality and the yield.

With an energy saving capacity of 50%, the LED grow light is also one of the most efficient energy savers in the market. Using the latest technology, the full spectrum LED light has triple chips all with 15 watt LEDs that come with super high illumination. The triple chips LEDs give more light than the traditional 3 and 5 watt LEDs.

The LED grow lights also come with a daisy chain function that makes the product compatible to other products. This minimizes the need for cords and it allows the LEDs to extend their lighting coverage covering more space. For better light control, the LED grow light has a VEG/BLOOM double switch.

The VEG switch, which is blue and white LED, is ideal for the seedling and young vegetative stages. The BLOOM switch, which is red and white is ideal for the flowering and blooming phases of the weed growth. The product also has three high-speed cooling fans and an in built aluminum heat sink that dissipate the heat from outdoors efficiently. It has a long lasting lifespan and it is safe on all your plants. H&Grow comes with a 36 months quality guarantee and a money back guarantee of 90 days.

Wrapping it up

The above product is definitely one of the most quality LED grow lights in the market and maybe very few other products would match its effectiveness. The LED grow light makes weed farming go on well seamlessly and you can that the full spectrum light and coverage for great yields once you come to the end of tending to your crops throughout their growing phases.

If you want to find out what other choice of LED grow lights you can choose for your grow tent indoor farming, read our earlier articles to learn more. If you have any comments or questions to ask regarding this product or any other product reviewed in our website, feel free to reach out to us.

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