Morsen 2400W LED Grow Light 2 Review: Is It Great or Overhyped?

Hello my friends! Today I have a new review to share with you. I am going to analyze the Morsen 2400W LED Grow Light 2, because several readers have requested so.

I am aware that it is popular, and therefore, it deserves a review that analyzes the strong and weak points of it. If you are up for reading an honest and unbiased revision so you find out the truth, then you are welcome to keep reading! 😉

Summary: Why I Love This Grow Light (and the things I do not like)


  • The Best Heat Dissipation. If you are tired of grow lights that overheat and last way less than advertised, then you are going to love this one with its powerful yet quiet fans
  • Customize The Intensity To Your Needs. It comes with everything you need to customize it to your requirements
  • Powerful and Perfect For All Stages. It is highly powerful and can be used during the whole growth cycle.



It is an excellent grow light, and even though it is slightly overhyped, it is still a great choice. I have to say that saying that it can replace a 600-watt HPS is a stretch and the company should be more transparent regarding this.

Other than that, the spectrum is great, the canopy penetration is optimal and the fans will ruin quietly and keep it cool all the time. Another cool feature is that you can modulate the intensity, which is perfect for customizing it to the different growth stages and different plants.

As I said, customer support is not the best and that’s an important downside. However, other than that, you will love this grow light.

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Looking for a more detailed revision? Do not worry, because you will find it right below!

Complete Review and Analysis of Morsen 2400W LED Grow Light 2:

One of the most exciting features of this grow light are its fans. They are powerful yet run quietly and do a great job at keeping it super cool. No matter how long you make them work, the fans will do their job perfectly.

It comes with two switches you can use to regulate the intensity. If you are using it during seedling and you are afraid it may damage your plants, then you can simply turn off one of the switches and that’s it.

The spectrum is excellent, because it provides ideal amounts of IR and UV light. However, not only that, because it provides a perfect amount of yellow and white light in order to mimic natural solar light, which is something that will be beneficial for your plants.

This spectrum feature is one of the best this product has, and therefore, one of the best reasons to acquire it. Many advertise that they can mimic natural solar light, but the Morsen 2400W LED Grow Light 2 is one of the few that actually does it.

Now it is time to talk about an issue: the coverage. It is advertised it can be cover a 4ft. x 4ft. area, but in reality it is more like 3×3. Take that into account, because you will be disappointed if you buy it thinking it will cover a 4×4 area.

I believe this growth light does an excellent job just that the customer service is not as good as with other options in the market. Moreover, it cannot replace a 600 HPS grow light nor can cover an 4×4 area. Those are things to consider before buying it.

Even though I am reviewing the 2400W version, remember that you can get it in the following as well:

  1. 1500W
  2. 1800W
  3. 2000W

Overall, I believe this to be a good choice, especially due to the excellent light spectrum, nice light intensity and great cooling system. It will last for a long time and will make your plants grow very well.


I believe that the Morsen 2400W has excellent features, yet it has been a bit overhyped, because it falls short in terms of coverage, customer support and HPS replacement.

Nonetheless, it is still a great option you should consider purchasing. I can recommend it to you with total confidence!

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  • {VEG&BLOOM}: Switchable VEG and BLOOM Channel regulates the production of chlorophyll for seedling growth, Bloom stimulates overall growth throughout the plants for fruit and flowers. Veg/Bloom features deliver maximum performance for your plants from seedling to final flowering and raise 30% yield up for your plants.
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  • Full Spectrum LED Grow Light with UV&IR: The grow light bar is a full spectrum LED grow lamp (3000K,5000K,660nm,IR&UV) with different wavelengths of light, perfect for every stage of plant growth, from seed to harvest. The extra added UV light (380-410nm) and IR light (730-740nm) effectively promote robust stem growth, as well as more flowers and fruit. 
  • Dimming Daisy Chain Design Plant Light: Easy dimming & daisy chain allows to adjust the brightness of the light, 0-100% dimming to meet the needs of plant growth. Also daisy chain function supports growers to connect 60 lights for dimming at the same time. Highly recommended for use in grow rooms, home growing ,DWC and hydroponics.
  • Fast Heat Dissipation&Detachable Driver : The bar style grow light design and aluminum heat sink on the back benefit air circulation and fast heat dissipation. Detachable power supply can be mounted remotely reducing ambient heat in the grow space.
  • 36-Month Warranty and Best service : We provide 36-Month warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee. Professional guidance, friendly customer service. If you have any questions, please contact us at any time.
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  • GROW LIGHT FOR ANY GROWTH STAGE- Includes 60pcs red , 64pcs 5000K&132pcs 3000K LED beads. For plants in the seedling stage, this plant lamp can make them develop faster and will not grow in vain. For mature plants, this plant lamp can make the color of the flowers brighter and the fruit more plentiful.
  • HIGHLIGHT LED PLANT GROWTH LIGHTS- The Color-rendering index, Ra of this SERWING E2 grow light is greater than 87. The luminous flux reaches about 3735lm, which can give sufficient light intensity to indoor plants. Giving plants enough light intensity and enough light time is exactly what must be done to cultivate excellent plants.
  • LIGHT AND THIN BUT EFFICIENT PLANT LIGHT- Large area aluminum substrate brings excellent heat dissipation performance and can be turned on for a long time. While releasing super high brightness, the plant lamp only weighs 450g and can save a lot of energy. Equipped with hanging rope, you can hang in the ideal position at will.
  • CORDIAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT SERVICE- If you have any questions about our E2 sunlight plant growth light, or encounter any problems during use, please remember our kind customer support service. They will answer all your questions patiently with a cordial attitude and will seriously help you solve any trouble you have.
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  • 🌼WORK FOR THE WHOLE STAGE OF PLANT GROWTH— From now on, you don't have to worry about what type of plant grow light to choose for your plants. This super bright LED grow light has two switches: 'VEG' and 'BLOOM'. You can choose the most appropriate lighting mode according to the stage of plant growth, or turn on both switches.
  • 🌻OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE&LONG SERVICE LIFE— SERWING B-1000 LED grow light , high brightness new generation 'SMD 2835 LED' as light source lamp beads, no flicker, long life, high color rendering index, color temperature optional wide range. The normal service life of this indoor grow light can reach more than 30000 hours.
  • 🌹AN EXCELLENT COMPANION FOR PLANT GROWTH— This full spectrum plant light is IP65 water-proof and dust-proof. It can prevent water and dust during normal use, but it is not recommended to pour it directly with water. It is recommended to clean it in time when it is splashed with water and accumulated dust.
  • 🍁HIGH EFFICIENCY AND LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION — The Powerful 'SMD 2835 LED' make the luminous flux per watt to reach 30-40 lumen. This grow light, which is brighter than you think, will consume only one-fifth of the energy of other grow light with the same efficiency. In winter, when the sunlight is not enough, it is very suitable to turn on for more than 10 hours.
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SZHLUX LED Grow Light 2ft 80W (2×40W) Full Spectrum 660nm 730 IR Included LED Plant Light for Indoor Plants, Linkable High Output Sunlight Grow Light Strips with Daisy Chain
  • [Full Spectrum] - The SZHLUX white LED grow light 2ft with more red light LEDS provide full spectrum sunlight replacement for indoor plants based on the absorption of plant growth, greatly accelerated plant growing rate. Note: Our lights do not support a dimmer switch.
  • [New Design and Super Bright] - Trapezoid-Shape for larger luminous area than T5 and T8 led plant light, over 95% energy can be absorbed by plants. Consuming only 40W with double-chip 1W 96 LEDS (72 white LEDS and 24 red LEDS), replacing 600w general plant lights, work extremely well in seedling, vegetative and flowering cycle.
  • [Easy Installation] - Plug and play, our grow lights support at most 4 lights in a series by included 47 inches connecting cords or small connector. Using clips to mount on ceiling, using cable ties to tie on grow light stand, or using hanging rope to hang the lights, multiple installation methods provide the best way that you need.
  • [Excellent Heat Dissipation ] - The light efficiency can be increased by 17~20% with reflector. The shell of our grow light was made of 100% aluminum which provides fast cooling speed. Ensuring the longer lifespan of the led chips.
  • [Warranty and Customer Service] - Two-year warranty+30 days Money Back Guarantee. To provide you most professional service and best products (Message us at any time for missing parts or change parts etc.)
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