iPlantop Newest 2000w LED Grow Light [Upgraded] Reviews

Many people looking to start indoor marijuana farming do not know the best LED grow lights to go with in order to maximize their yields and make farming easier. Some have the assumption that all LED lights have the same capabilities because they all share the same name. what majority of these people do not realize is that not all LED grow lights are the same. Some are more superior to others when it comes to quality. Sharing the same name does not guarantee you the best results. It is for this reason that I am here to review one of the best LED grow lights in the market, which is iPlantop LED Grow Light. before reviewing the LED grow light, here is a short summary of the product.

The reasons iPlantop LED Grow Light should be your choice for your indoor growing


  • Very affordable

The market has many types of LED grow lights with some of them selling for a lot of money. Compared to many other types of lights, the iPlantop is very cheap and could give the other products a run for their money

  • Great power and coverage

As cheap as the product is, its power and coverage is great and of very high quality

  • Full spectrum

Due to its amazing technology, the LED grow lights offers full spectrum without any overheating

  • Warranty

Unlike many other LED grow lights, the above product comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Long lifespan

The LED grow light gives you a long lifespan that you do not find in many other grow lights.

  • Adjustable rope

The LED light grow comes with a hanging rope which you can adjust to the most convenient position.


  • Too bright

The light is very bright and it is advisable to wear protective glasses to avoid damage to your eyes.

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iPlantop LED Grow Light Full Review

LED grow light does not have to make a dent in your pockets for you to believe in its abilities. Do not have the misconception that because a LED light grow is cheap, then it will give you less impressive results or it will not last long. iPlantop LED Grow Light might be cheap; however, it is effective. Actually, the grow light is one of the best in the market and any new farmer getting into marijuana farming will love its quality.

You could even say that with advanced technology, this LED grow light surpasses some of the more expensive indoor LED grow lights in the market. However, do not just take my word for it but also let me break down the features of this grow light so you can decide for yourself.

iPlantop Newest 2000w LED Grow Light

This 2000 w LED grow plant growing lamp comes with 15w LED with 3 chips. The light is full spectrum and comes with an adjustable hanging rope that allows you to place the lights at the most convenient position. The 3 piece 5w chips make the light to appear brighter than many others with double chips do. The light has a long lifespan and it is scientifically engineered to maintain the balance of the PAR/Lumen output. Its full spectrum capabilities help to benefit the growing crops with good wavelength.

Another reason why the grow light is a favorite with many people is that it is an energy saver. With its wide voltage of AC 100 to 240V input, the light only consumes 180 watts. This saves a total of 80% more energy than the traditional HPS/MH coverage. The light also comes with a powerful cooling system delivered by two fans. The cooling fans help to keep the lights quiet and cool. Every LED in the grow light works separately which helps with prolonging the lifespan of the grow light.

Unlike very many other LED grow light products; you do not have to worry about what you will do if this product does not live up to your expectations. The manufacturer offers you a 12-month warranty in which you can take back your grow light if it is not satisfactory. I can assure you though that this will not be necessary because the light does not disappoint. The light is waterproof and on purchase, you get a gift of an adjustable hanger. The light is pretty strong, so you should be very careful when looking at it with naked eyes. The recommendation would be to get yourself some protective glasses so that you do not harm your eyes with the bright glare. When the lights shut off, some of the LEDS do not die off or go off but stay on dim. This is because different LEDS use different voltage and power consumption. 

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Join other successful marijuana farmers and grow your crops faster and cheaply with this LED grow light. You can expect higher yields and an easy to manage lighting system. Do not forget to wear protective glasses when you are handling the LED grow light. Check the price from Amazon. Was this article relevant to you? Give us your opinion about the LED grow light and ask any questions you want on what is not clear.

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