Best 400W LED Grow Light Review

So, when choosing a 400W grow light for your indoor cannabis garden, you have settled upon using an LED grow light. Generally, LEDs are very powerful, with the ability to produce excellent yields when used in the right way. A 400 Watt LED grow light unit can provide a footprint coverage of about 3ft by 3ft.

400W LED Grow Light

The range may be different depending on the growth phase. You have the option of increasing the coverage area by using more than one grow light. We have identified four of the best 400W grow lights that you can use in your cannabis garden.

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Our Top Picks Best 400W LED Grow Lights

ECRU LED Grow Light Twin Panel – 400W Equivalent Growing Lamp

Grow lamp that you should highly consider when choosing an LED lamp for your indoor farm is the ECRU LED Grow Light Twin Panel 400W Equivalent Growing Lamp. It is highly efficient due to its superior LED chips.

The chips have diodes that are larger and brighter than that of the standard LED chip. The PAR and lumen value of the grow light is, therefore, 20 percent more than that of regular LEDs. The light can readily replace a traditional 150Watt HPS/MH lamp while using a power of only 27 watts.

It, therefore, helps you save plenty of energy. The light panel contains 48 LEDs that consist of red, blue, and magenta lights. The LEDs produce a sun-like spectrum that is perfect for use throughout all the growth stages of your plants. The light spectrum contains cool white, red, blue, and UV lights.

The lights help your plants grow and develop through the seedling, vegetative, flowering, and harvesting stage. It removes the need for switching the grow light through the different stages. They are especially beneficial when growing your clones without the need of changing lights.

The lamp has an arm that can rotate to 180 degrees. After you install the lamp above your plants, you can turn it to a manner that can give your plants adequate light.


  • The grow light is lightweight and very easy to install as it comes with various installation methods and a guide to help you set it up.
  • You can use the light throughout all the stages of growth without the need to change it
  • It provides a full spectrum light with a warm and cool white light that closely resembles the sun
  • It has two LED panels that provide a greater light coverage for your plants
  • It is highly efficient and energy saving
  • The light ensures that your harvest is of high yields
  • You can use it to grow various types of plants
  • It has a flexible arm that allows you to install the light in different positions


  • The grow light is too bright to look at with bare eyes.

California Light Works SolarXtreme 400 LED Grow Light Fixture

One of the top quality LED lights you can use in your grow farm are those that use COB chips. And one that will never fail you is the California Light Works SolarXtreme 500 LED Grow Light Fixture. It should be the first choice for any cannabis grower that only wants to get the best yields without messing around.

The grow light contains 8 COBs, each using 50 watts to produce a full spectrum light. It emits an intense white light that is effective for use in all the growth stages of your cannabis plants.

The grow light provides you with coverage of 5ft by 5ft during the vegetative period and 4ft by 4ft during the flowering phase. The grow light features two huge fans and a large heat sink that helps to reduce the heat produced by the COB LEDs.


  • The lamp produces a full spectrum light that facilitates the growth of your plants through all the stages of growth
  • It is energy efficient and at a lower cost than that from regular LED grow lights.
  • The grow light can provide coverage of 4ft by 4ft.
  • The lamp is easy to install and start using.
  • The grow lamp comes with a one year warranty


  • The grow light produces a lot of heat, necessitating you to have an effective ventilation system in your grow tent.

MARS HYDRO 400W LED Grow Light; Full Spectrum Grow Lamp

Everyone wants to get the best results from their cannabis plants, a bountiful harvest. To achieve it, you need to provide your plants with a top-quality light spectrum. Few grow lights can compete with the MARS HYDRO 400W LED Grow Light when it comes to producing a high quality light.

The lamp gives a red and blue spectrum light that is of top quality at a low operating cost. It makes use of Epistar chips together with its improved reflector cup design to provide a 100 percent output. The chips have a parallel connection that ensures the failure of one chip does not affect the whole light.

The light penetrates deep into your plant’s canopy. The lamp produces a similar output to a 250-watt HPS/MH grow lamp providing coverage of 3.5 ft by 3.5 ft during the vegetative stage and 2ft by 2 ft for the flowering phase. It comes with aluminum heat sinks and two fans that help to reduce the excess heat produced by the light.


  • The grow light provides your plants with a full spectrum light
  • The lamp has a long lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • It comes with a veg and flowering switch to help switch the light according to the growing phase
  • It has an inbuilt cooling system that helps to reduce the heat production


  • The light is too bright for the eyes.

Hipargero 400W COB LED Grow Lights Fixture Full Spectrum

LED lights are one of the costly grow lights you can purchase today. However, the Hipargero 400W COB LED Grow Lights Fixture is one of the cost-effective lights providing top quality light for your plants.

The grow light produces a full spectrum light ranging from 380nm to 730nm consisting of red and blue LEDs. The lamp uses top quality Osram LEDs and High Power Epileds COBs that do not burn out like other LEDs that do not last for long. The grow light can readily replace a 300-watt HPS/MH grow light when using a power of only 120 watts.

The lamp can provide your plants with a covering of 2ft by 2 ft when you place it 18 inches above the plants. When you have a small indoors garden, two of this light fixture are enough to provide your plants with the right amount of light to grow effectively.

It has an inbuilt cooling system consisting of powerful high-speed fans and a built-in aluminum heat sink. It also has an aircraft-grade iron shell that helps transfer heat from the LEDs to the outside of the lamp. By doing so, it helps to extend the service of the grow light by a few more months. You cannot use this lamp outdoors or in a humid environment since it is not waterproof. It comes with a one year warranty as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • The lamp provides a full spectrum light to your plants with a higher PPFD than other grow lights.
  • It is energy-saving and more effective than other similar grow lights.
  • It provides coverage that is better than that of a reflector series
  • The grow light has a powerful cooling system that helps to get rid of heat and extend the life of the LED bulbs.
  • You can use it through all the growth stages without switching it out with another light
  • It has a long lifespan of about 50,000 hours
  • The lamp is simple to install and use


  • The grow light is not waterproof
  • It is incredibly bright and may burn your eyes when you look at it directly

Summing up

One of the factors that you need to consider when choosing a grow light to use should be the wattage of the unit. Your grow light wattage will determine the size of your coverage area and how the light will affect the various cannabis grow stages.

A 400w grow light is highly efficient and does not consume a lot of power. It provides a sizeable coverage that you can increase by using more than one grow light in your grow tent. When growing cannabis, you need to get a lamp that will provide you with a full spectrum light.

It reduces the need for using more than one light in your grow room, saving you unnecessary costs. The light as well needs to be the right spectrum for each growth stage if you want to get the best yields.

Without meeting the precise requirements for your cannabis farm, you are setting up your plants to experience failure. We hope that the above 400W LED grow lights will make your job of choosing the right grow lamp for your farm.

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