Best Propagation Kit for Growing Marijuana

Growing cannabis can be a highly complicated process for anyone that has never attempted the procedure. It is a delicate process that requires you to provide it with a lot of care and attention, especially during the infancy stages. However, it is a lot easier to grow cannabis by using clones rather than using seeds. Whenever you use clones, you escape the germination stage of the plants saving you labor and time. Modern technology has made the growing of plants by cloning to be more comfortable than it was before.

How To Clone Cannabis Plants

To perform a successful marijuana cloning, you need to get a cutting from an already mature cannabis plant, place it in a rooting medium or cannabis cloning kit and then supply it with the required nutrient solution. The clone will start developing roots, and within 10 to 14 days it will be ready for potting. You need to transplant the clone only when it is strong enough to grow on its own. If you transplant when it is too early, the plants may experience shock and die. Many professional cannabis growers wait until the roots are one-inch-long to perform the transplant. The most significant advantage to cloning marijuana is that you can maintain the potency of your original plant since it is a genetic copy of the original.

To perform successful cloning, you need to have the right tools for the job. For that, one essential item to have is a propagation kit. A propagation kit helps you to start your clones on the right foot. It ensures that the process does not take long and monitors the overall health of the plants. There is more than one kit in the market, and each one had its style and benefits. Here is a look at some of the best propagation kits that can help you in growing cannabis without frustration.

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The Top 5 Propagation Kits for Growing Cannabis Clones

Super Sprouter Deluxe Propagation Kit

The Super Sprouter Deluxe Propagation Kit provides everything you need to start your cannabis cuttings. The propagation kit is small but can help your seeds to germinate and clones to grow. It has an ultra-clear vented dome that provides air circulation to the plants and accommodates the growth of the plants. The kit comes with its T5 fluorescent grow light that mimics the natural heat of the sun to trigger the plant’s photosynthetic ability. The light provided is not too extreme protecting the plants from burning. The kit has a ten by 20-inch tray without any holes that hold the plants when growing. It is easy to use since there is an art of propagation booklet that provides you with all the information you require to start your seedling or cuttings without encountering any problems successfully.

HONGVILLE Propagation Kit

If you are looking for PROPAGATION KITS that can support a lot more marijuana clones, you should consider the HONGVILLE Propagation Kit. It is made from ultra-durable high quality material that does not crack or break when handling unlike many of the competitors in the market. The propagation kit can support up to 72 cuttings as it has a tray that comprises of 72 cells. The grow tray has a water-tight base that helps in holding the water required by the cuttings firmly. It comes with a large humidity dome that is 5 inches high with an interior height of 4.5 inches that helps in the control of humidity ensuring optimum growth of your plants. It also features built-in vents that help to control the air-flow inside the kit.

Growerology Waterproof Seedling Heat Mat

If you want to achieve better and faster speed and cutting growth results, you should think if getting the Growerology Waterproof Seedling Heat. The propagation kit warms the roots of plants to temperatures between 10 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit above the grow-room temperature increasing the germination success of the cuttings and seeds making them grow bigger and healthier. The heating mat is MET certified and measures 10 inches by 20.75 inches. It is waterproof, flexible and highly durable. The mat comes with a 6-foot power cord long enough to connect to the nearest power source. The kit consists of an insulation material that you can place underneath the mat to improve in the heat efficiency by preventing the loss of heat downwards and reflecting it all upwards towards the plants in the kit. It is easy to use for anyone regardless of whether they are beginners or experts.

Yield Lab 7 Inch Propagation & Humidity Vented Domes (5 Pack)

The Yield Lab 7 Inch Propagation kit is one of the top selections you can make when you want to propagate some cannabis cuttings. It comes in a pack of five all which measure 10 inches by 20.75 inches by 7 inches. The kit is made up of 7-inch tall domes that are compatible for use with the 10×20 trays and heat mats. The clear domes are best suited for the growth of seeds, cutting propagation, and clones. They are lightweight and easy to use. The domes are made using a sturdy plastic of high quality making them very durable. They come with re-usable trays that reduce the need for disposing of thereby cutting down costs on waste. The domes are clear giving you direct access to monitoring the development of your plants. They also have adjustable vents that provide you with control over the temperature and humidity levels of your clones and cuttings environment.

OxyClone OX20SYS 20 Site

OxyClone OX20SYS 20 Site Bucket Cloner is one of the best hydroponic cloning kits you can find in the market. The system provides you with everything you require to start cloning your marijuana. It comprises of a 3.5-gallon bucket with a lid that acts as a reservoir and 21 cloning sites. The sites make use of re-usable neoprene foam collars to create the areas to hold the cuttings. It also has an adjustable heavy duty water pump that can pump up to 160 gallons per hour and an upgraded suction that comes with a one year warranty. The system consists of 5 aeroponic spray nozzles that can turn for 360 degrees providing 100 percent full coverage. Also included in the kit is a jar of rootech cloning gel and an easy set of instructions to follow. The equipment is made in the USA and guarantees to offer 100 percent satisfaction to every user that makes the purchase.

Cloning Cannabis

There are two ways you can clone cannabis. The first method is by sexual reproduction, where you breed two different cannabis species through pollination to produce seed which you can then plant to create a genetically hybrid plant. The second option is by asexual reproduction where you make cutting from a cannabis plant to produce a genetically identical plant. There are numerous benefits to cloning marijuana. When executed successfully, cloning helps to save costs and also offer your garden stability and sustainability. You also save time by skipping past the germination phase of seeds.

To perform successful cloning, you need to have a razor, water, rooting medium and a rooting hormone. Always make sure that the plant you select is healthy, sturdy and has been in the vegetative cycle for at least two months. During this period, any new cutting made can develop roots. Before taking your first cutting, withhold from applying any fertilizer to your cannabis plants a few days before. By doing so, the nitrogen in the plants works its way out of the leaves of the plants. When you make your cutting to plant with excess nitrogen in the stems and leaves, the nitrogen focuses the energy in the growth of vegetation rather than roots. Keep in mind, not to over-agitate the parent plant and the cuttings.

When making cuttings, identify branches that are strong and healthy. It is advisable to make cuttings between 8 to 10 inches with several nodes present. It is vital that you make your cut as close to the main stem as possible with the razor at a 45 degrees angle to the branch increasing your rooting surface area space and promoting faster growth. You should place your cuttings in water immediately to prevent the formation of air bubbles on the stem. When air bubbles form in the stem, they experience a problem in absorbing water leading to death.

You can add several more incisions on the stems before placing them in water to increase their rooting potential. Afterward, clip the leaves halfway down to the stem to support proper photosynthesis and to provide a better room for rooting to occur. Also, cull any leaves towards the bottom to prevent any leaves from coming into contact with the growing material.

During this stage, you can introduce the new stems to a rooting hormone which provide additional support to the healthy growth of plants. You can find different rooting gels, powders and hormones I the market that work incredibly. It is best however to perform enough research to select the best rooting medium for your clones.

Selecting a Rooting Medium

When it comes to choosing a rooting medium, Rockwool cubes provide an excellent rooting environment due to its moisture retention ability and fantastic airflow. You need to soak the Rockwool in water with a pH of 5.5 to close to two hours. Then, after making you cutting and trimming the unnecessary leaves, dip it into your cloning gel or powder then insert it into the Rockwool cube. Ensure that you provide enough light to the clones every day for about 18 hours. Any grow light will suffice provided it can help the clones begin to root. You should maintain the temperatures in a Rockwool between 72 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit with the humidity level more than 90 percent. When you meet the conditions above, the roots will begin to shoot in a period of 7 to 12 days. You can find Rockwool cubes in local grow stores r you can purchase it online.

If you intend on using soil as the rooting medium, ensure that it has enough supply of nutrients. Also, be careful not to over water or underwater the soil. Similarly, if you do not intend to use any rooting hormones or mediums, you can drop the cutting in water and leave it there till it develops new roots. The roots will begin to establish within 2 to 3 weeks. It is necessary that you maintain the pH level of water to 5.5 t increase the cloning success in both the water and in the soil. Whichever route you decide to take, be sure to provide the clones with plenty of humidity and light, preferably for 18 hours to enhance their growth.

If you want to avoid all the work that goes with maintaining a clone, you may opt to acquire an auto-cloner. It helps by providing the clones with a consistent supply of water, light, and oxygen. However, the main disadvantage of auto-cloners is that they are expensive.

Transplanting the Roots

One way you can tell that the clones are ready for transplanting is when you see vegetative growth starting to appear on the clones. During this stage, you can transfer the clones to bigger containers. You need to perform the process with enough care and sanitation as that during cloning so that you do not agitate the plant to transplant shock. It is common for plants to experience transplant shock during cloning. Therefore, you should always ensure the highest sanitary standards and care while executing the process.

Amount of Light Required by a Marijuana Clone

Having the best grow light in the market is a good start when growing marijuana clones. However, the most critical aspect is providing your clones with the required amount of light. Too much or too little light can cause significant damage to the overall growth of the clones. The amount of light a clone requires is dependent on its stage of growth. When the clones are new, you should only provide them with ambient light. Exposing them to direct light may lead them to die. Once they reach the vegetative stage, you can then present them to light for 18 hours every day.  The type of light you use is also essential. It is best to use lights that are not too intensive such as T5s, CFLs and fluorescent grow lights.

Amount of Nutrients Required by a Marijuana Clone

Just like any plants, young marijuana clones require nutrients to grow. However, it is equally important to mention that too much nutrients uptake by the clones is risky.  You have to ensure that there is a perfect balance to the number of nutrients that a marijuana clone intakes. During the young stages of the clone, just after being cut from the mother plant, the clone does not need nutrients since it cannot absorb it due to the lack of roots. The nutrients will only begin to matter whenever the plant roots start to develop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is Better, Growing cannabis with clones or with seed?

A lot of debate has ensued in the cannabis growing community over the best method to grow marijuana. Whatever decision you make will influence your growing timeline, incorporation strategy into the garden as well as the final harvesting output. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Many growers prefer using cannabis clones due to their cultivation speed. They grow at a faster rate than seed which takes a pretty more extended time to germinate. They are also easier to manage since they are less delicate than seeds.

Additionally, you can maintain a steady growth of healthy and high quality cannabis strain. Even so, if you do not carefully inspect the plant you are cloning, you risk carrying pests and diseases into your grow room. Also, seeds last longer that clones when stored properly and they are more pest and disease resistant than clones. It is, therefore, best to make your own decision when selecting the method to use when growing cannabis.

Summing Up

As can be seen, it is essential for any cannabis grower to invest in acquiring the best CANNABIS CLONING KITS in the market. It will help in making the growing of marijuana a lot easier and increase the chances of growth of the clone cuttings.  You need to be very careful when making a selection to choose that which will be of tremendous benefit to you. If you are planning on setting up a big cannabis garden, choose propagation kits that have to grow trays with cells to support as many plants as possible. You should weigh all the advantages and disadvantages that each package offers to come up with a decision. To make it easier for you, we advise you to select one of the propagation kits above as they will surely help your plants develop healthy roots before transplanting.

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