Roleadro 400W COB Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Review

Light is certainly an important factor when it comes to the life of a plant, and it is an essential element for the growth and survival of a plant. For sure, no plant will survive for a very long time without the intrusion of light. For the survival and flourishing of a particular plant, you’ll need direct sunlight.

What Are Grow Lights?

But what do you do when you don’t have a source of natural sunlight for your plant? Well, worry not because there are artificial lights available now for the growth of plants that don’t need the natural light. The ‘shade’ plants or the low-light plants are the ones that don’t require the natural light and can grow under fluorescent lights.

The artificial glow lights can be a great replacement for the natural lights. There are many different kinds available. So it is important that you get one of the best grow lights for your indoor plants. Don’t worry as we are here to help you with that.


The ROLEADRO 400W COB LED GROW LIGHT is certainly one of  best LED grow light available in the market. And how can we say that? Well, with so many advanced features, what more can be said about this amazing product. Used by many, this product has received more than sufficient positive reviews.


Here are some of the detailed features of the product that make it the best grow light for indoor marijuana.

Patented Chip Onboard System

The Patented COB system is probably one of the best features of the product which make it a top contender when it comes to choosing between LED grow light. This system is responsible for providing efficient lighting for the indoor plants. Now you can grow your marijuana without any trouble with the centralized light provided by this system.

Daisy Chain System

One of the best ways to get the maximum yield from the plants is the new Daisy Chain Technology that is used in this product. This amazing feature gives the equipment a capability to function with efficiency with the combination of multiple lights. This amazing feature is what makes the product an essential need for the growers.

Full Spectrum System

With improved color uniformity and an amazing PAR value, this feature is certainly one of the best ones in the product. The 2nd Generation model of the grow light has the main reasons for the efficient growth, and that is the full spectrum. With a blend of different wavelengths, this system makes a perfect fit for the indoor growing of plants.


Heat Dissipation

The problems associated with heating in the other LED grow lights, do not even stand a chance in the case of the Roleadro 400 Watt COB system. You can easily negate the heat produced which makes the product efficient enough to run for almost 18 hours. Interesting, huh? The dual fan system is responsible for such an efficient service.

Reflective Cups

Another one of the main features of the Roleadro 400 Watt COB system is the amazing reflective cups that it has. These cups have an amazing, reflective design that allows a very large coverage area. This also ensures that the maximum output is gained and thus enhances the product’s efficiency.


The current LED light systems are often subjected to different types of failure. What is different about this particular product is that the warranty period of the product is two years, which is an appealing factor for the customers. There is also an exchange policy associated with the product if you don’t find it according to your liking.

Top-notch Epileds

The COB system is integrated with the highest quality of Epileds. What they do is they increase the luminous capacity and enhance the color uniformity of the product and make it a valuable item for growers. The Epileds here have just one motive, and that is to make sure that the light emitted by the product is properly absorbed by the plants. This certainly helps in the growth and improvement of the plants.

Sunflower Arrangement Of The Radiator System

The amazing placement of the Sunflower System is certainly one of the main features of the product. This system helps to reduce the temperature when the product is too heated. You can easily keep the switch of the product on for longer periods of time with this technology as it keeps the lower temperature for a very long time.

Modular Light Design

One of the most amazing features of the Roleadro COB LED grow light is certainly the design of the product. The separate installation of the chips makes sure that the quality of the grow light is increased. How do you ask? Well, if one gets damaged or faulty, there is always the other one which can completely run on its own thus ensuring the longevity of the product.

On/Off Switch

The dual on/off switch system is another one of the awesome features of this particular item. This feature makes the product extremely useful when it comes to growing marijuana or cannabis. This customization options available in the product also make for an excellent feature.

Pros And Cons

You certainly get the best of the deal when you choose the Roleadro 400 Watt COB LED Grow Light for your indoor plants. Don’t believe us? Well, here are some of the pros and cons to help you decide better.


  • One of the main benefits of the product is certainly the full spectrum that you get. It comes with a researched recipe for the efficient growth of the plant.
  • Extremely affordable, the price of the product is relatively lower than its competitors and the warranty period of the product is quite appealing too.
  • The power-saving technologies used in the product make sure that the losses are minimized and the longevity of the product is increased.
  • Light-weighted, compact and has a heat dissipation system installed, which makes it an ideal choice for the indoor growth of the plants.
  • The daisy chain system is certainly another plus point here. Linking of 5 systems is possible in the product due to his system.
  • For increased input, the reflective cups are present.
  • The dual on/off switch increases the efficiency of the product and makes sure that the energy is conserved in the right way.


  • Every product has some cons and the absence of any provision for the manual control of the spectrum is a negative point.
  • It has limited features when related to other LED Grow Lights, but the features in the product are certainly sufficient for indoor plant growth.

Get the Roleadro 400W COB  LED Today:

There is no doubt that the number of positives in the product outnumbers the negatives. So it can be said undoubtedly that this product can be a tough competition when it comes to deciding the best LED grow light. Now that you know about the product make sure that you choose the best grow light for indoor marijuana efficiently.

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