Best 200 Watt LED Grow Light Review

LED lamps are the growing trend amongst modern cannabis farmers. Their performance sets them aside as betters to the traditional grow light that many people are used to seeing. But what makes them very different?

200w led grow light

LEDs are very energy conscious. The bulbs can provide a lot of light energy at a fraction of power an HID/ HPS system would take to give the same light intensity. An LED provides your plants with a full spectrum light. The full spectrum light eliminates the need for using more than one grow light in a planting season. A full spectrum light supports plant growth throughout all the stages. You can choose to use a grow light due to many other reasons. But which grow light should you incorporate in your farm? Here is a look at the top 200W LED grow light that you may choose to use in your farms today.

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CF Grow Waterproof 200W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

The CF waterproof grow light comes in a straightforward design. You can use the lamp both indoors in humid environments and outdoors since it is waterproof. The light comes with a steel hanger, a waterproof power cable, and a user manual. It uses Bridgelux COB LED Grow lights to produces a power that is better than most 300W grow LED lights.

The grow light provides a full spectrum light ranging from 380 to 730nm. It works perfectly throughout all the plant growth stages. The light encourages the rapid growth of plants and an increase in the yields. It does not have a fan but controls heat through a heat dissipation intelligent control, IC. The IC maintains the temperature of the whole unit at 65 degrees Celsius. You can, therefore, increase the lifetime of the bulb. Currently, the lamp can last for 50,000 hours when in continuous use. The light comes with a two-year warranty assuring you that the product is of top quality.


  • The grow light is waterproof
  • It is energy efficient as it can deliver results better than some 300W grow lights
  • It can last for a very long time
  • The grow light produces a full spectrum light
  • It does not make any noise
  • The grow light is easy to install and use


  • It produces a lot of heat that may burn when you touch the lamp
  • The light is too bright and may burn your eyes

CANAGROW 200W CREE CXB3590 COB LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

The Cree COB LED Grow light is one of the best in delivering an ideal light spectrum to your plants. The CANAGROW 200W CREE CXB3590 COB LED Grow Light makes use of this LED to provide a full spectrum light to your plants. The COB LED grow light has a longer lifespan, produce better light quality, and highly efficient than traditional grow lights. It can readily replace a 400W HPS grow light. The grow lamp uses high quality components from the top companies in the world. The parts are waterproof, ensure a stable voltage and a long lifespan.

The full spectrum light from the grow light helps your plants to grow faster and increase the overall yield rapidly. The lamp comes with an adjustable dimmer. You can use it to control the amount of light you are feeding the plants. If your plants have a dense canopy, you may increase the light intensity using the dimmer. It will then penetrate deep through the canopy of your plants. The COB LED of the lamp has a glass lens covering that helps to increase the efficiency of the light by 97 percent. The lens helps to increase the concentration of light on the area of coverage. You can then grow your marijuana in an area between 7.5 to 70 square feet. You can position your light anywhere above 8 inches from the plant canopy to 59 inches, depending on your plant and the stage of growth.

The grow light comes with a daisy chain feature allowing you to connect more than one grow light in a series. You can, therefore, cover large grow areas with ease. The grow light has inbuilt fans that help to keep the operational temperatures at an optimum level. The fans do not make noise while in operation, making the light suitable for indoor use.


  • The grow light is very durable as it can last for about 50,000 hours
  • It produces a full spectrum light that supports all the stages of growth
  • It can cover a large area
  • It provides a highly efficient light
  • It is easy to install the grow and operate it
  • It gives off a minimum heat output


  • It produces a light too bright for the bare eyes. You need to wear eye gear when you get into the grow room.

Go Green LEDs 200W Cree LED CXB3070 Powered Grow Light

The Go Green Cree LED grow light uses 4 COB LEDs that deliver an ideal full spectrum light for the growth of plants. The lamp provides an excellent PAR output per watt without affecting the power bill too much. The grow light can outperform a 400W HPS/MH grow light in terms of the power output. The light spectrum the bulbs produce is optimized to increase the photosynthetic response of your plants. It leads to rapid growth and an increase in the yield. The lamp contains individual high-efficiency drivers for each bulb.

The bulbs as well have lenses that help to concentrate the light on the plants. Go Green LEDs put more focus on designing a grow light that would dominate the market with efficiency. The lamp delivers a high light intensity with a bid to shorten the growth time and hasten the harvest. The light is suitable for use through all the growing stages of a plant. The grow light manages the heat it emits through 4 dual bearing cooling fans. The optimum temperature for the lamp to operate safely without causing harm to the plants is 90 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. It can provide a coverage of 36” by 36” when you place it at 16” above the canopy of your plants.


  • It is one of the most efficient COB LED grow lights
  • It gives off a full light spectrum that supports all stages of plant growth
  • It is energy saving
  • It is easy to install and use
  • It leads to a high yield
  • It can last for a very long time.


  • The grow light has an average design

Summing up

The best LED grow light to use in your cannabis garden should be one that can deliver a high light intensity consisting of a broad color spectrum. The light intensity is especially important when your cannabis plants start to flower. A high light intensity shortens the growth span of your cannabis plants while increasing their yields. By using the grow lights in the list above, you can be confident of achieving the best results for your cannabis plants.

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