7 Best Carbon Filter For Grow Room & Grow Tent

Many grow room farmers in the USA and some other parts of the world are taking advantage of the lucrative benefits of MARIJUANA and taking its growth to a completely new level. Some of the things that farmers have to contend with when it comes to marijuana growth are the health of the crops and the quality of the final yields. This is so especially for people growing the crop for the first time. People that are not new to growing marijuana know that the crop health and yield also depends on many other different factors to consider for quality harvest.

Best Carbon Filter For Grow Room

Grow room marijuana gardeners contend with many challenges, some of which can get out of hand if not taken care of fast. Not taking care of some of the problems may lead to loss of good yields or no yields at all from the crops. One of the major issues that marijuana farmers contend with is the strong smell especially during the time when marijuana is blossoming to maturity. Some farmers want to keep the growth of their marijuana crops to themselves, which is sometimes very hard considering the crop emits a very strong smell.

Besides the natural smell of the crop, other additions such as fertilizers, pesticides and nutrients make the odor more intense. The additions and the weed all have their own unique odors and when the odors mix, the result is an intoxicating smell. If not taken care of, the smell does not go away and it lingers both inside and outside the grow room.

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Now the question is how do you control marijuana odor?

Essentially, there are not many options in the market for controlling marijuana odor in a grow room. Only one option is available for this task and that option is the use of a carbon filter.  A carbon filter absorbs the bad smell in the room and any other smell that lingers outside the room. It also prevents the same smells from escaping the grow room. Carbon filters come fitted with virgin charcoal, which is carbon that absorbs the smell. The other benefit of carbon filters is to break down any organisms that may cause harm to your grow room marijuana farm. The air in the grow room accumulates toxic substances which may deter the growth of the crops. Using other products to remove these toxic substances may prove to be futile but an absorbent does an excellent job.

Some of the challenges many grow room farmers have when looking for the best carbon filter for grow room is buying the wrong products. Buying the wrong products may trigger even more problems for the crops. When this happens and you have no alternative, all you can do is helplessly watch as your crops wilt and die. It does not have to get to that point though because there are excellent, efficient and quality carbon filters in the market that will allow you to grow your crops with ease. Below is our pick of the best carbon filters for grow room in the market today.

Out top picks of the best carbon filter for grow room

VIVOSUN 4 Inch Carbon Filter Odor Control

If you are looking for the best way to rid your grow room of bad smells, then you should look for the perfect product to do. VIVOSUN products are made with extreme quality materials and they are some of the most efficient in the market. The 4 inch is great especially for marijuana grow room farmers. The product also works well in any other place that does not have a celling or roof cavity to displace extracted air. Such places could be cabinets, cupboards, and lower level floors of storeys buildings. The product also works well in air-cooled lighting rooms and window-to-window applications. Made with superior quality carbon, the product comes fitted with imported virgin Australian activated charcoal that has the ability to deliver 100% uninterrupted airflow.

The product contains 1050+RC 48 Carbon that has the ability to capture three times more air contaminants than average due to its optimal surface area per carbon particle. This quality product eliminates odor from the grow room and protects the crops from chemical irritants. The same product also works well to absorb bad odor in pet houses, kitchens, bathrooms and basements among other places. the carbon filter comes with changeable Velcro-filter and carbon filter belts. All VIVOSUN carbon filter models come with a 1-year standard warranty and a budget friendly price tag.

iPower 4 Inch Carbon Filter Odor Control Scrubber

iPower has some of the best quality odor control carbon filter products in the market. It is also one of the leading companies in the manufacturer of marijuana farming equipment. The 4-inch carbon filter is one of their most quality products that come with many benefits. The affordable product measures 4 inches and has multifunctional features. The inside layer of the carbon has a thickness of 50 mm, making it the thickest carbon filter in the market and one of the best combo kits for filtering carbon in a grow room. Besides filtering carbon, the filter fan combo also eliminates excessive heat, chemical toxins and bad odor from the grow room.

The combo is not only useful in a grow room but you can also use it a green house, the bathroom and in your kitchen. To give it more efficiency, the kit comes fitted with 1050 + IAV Virgin Australian Charcoal RC 412, which is one of the most absorbent carbons found across the globe.  The kit has a reversible similar product that measures 12 inches and it is advisable to replace the products pre-filter after every six months. The filter does not produce any noise at all thanks to the CFM inline duct, made from UL premium material.

What makes iPower even more attractive is that it comes with a long 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

CoolGrows 4 Inch Air Carbon Filter Odor Control Grow Tent Kit

For your crops to grow well in a GROW TENT or a grow room, you should ensure that the places meet the highest quality standards. Bad odor is a turn off in grow rooms and grow tents both for you and the crops. You can have the most efficient grow rooms by using CoolGrows products which are some of the best odor removers in the market. The above carbon filter odor remover has all the abilities to remove bad smells from your grow room, and other rooms in your home.

It is a long lasting product made with a sturdy aluminum galvanized body and a rest resistant mesh made with high quality iodized zinc. With the product, you can be sure of almost 100% of uninterrupted airflow and an increase of the surface area between the inner and outer mesh of the filter. This is because the carbon in the filter is machine packed to give efficient results. The absorbent material of the filter is pure Australia charcoal

Amagabeli Garden 6-Inch Carbon Filter Odor Control In Air Scrubber

If you are looking for an absorbent carbon filter, you should try Amagabeli products because they are some of the best in the market. The above filter has everything you need in a quality absorbent. Fitted with premium Australian charcoal for absolute increase of airflow, the absorbent also purifies and eliminates odor efficiently. It is a durable scrubber that every grow room needs. Besides the grow room, the scrubber is versatile as you can use in other rooms such as the bathroom, kitchen, smoking room, pet house, printing room, green house and your welding workshop among other places that have odor and excess carbon.

To guard the scrubber against rust, it has steel galvanization. The scrubber also comes with an easy to wash pre-filter, a fresh air filter combo and an exhaust fan. If you are a weed farmer or you like to grow food crops such as tomatoes, vegetables, herbs pepper and many others, then you should consider this scrubber as your perfect carbon filter.

TerraBloom activated charcoal carbon filter

TerraBloom Carbon Filter comes in different lengths to meet different needs of diverse grow rooms. The filter uses Australia carbon charcoal and a 46 inch thick machine packed bed which makes this product the best carbon filter in the market for marijuana grow room farmers. The product also comes with easily washable pre-filters and the material of the filter is high quality. The carbon filter is long lasting and what is even better is that it comes with a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty. If you are looking for the best carbon filter and the best odor remover for your marijuana grow room, then this amazing absorbent will do the perfect job.

Growneer 4 inch air carbon filter with reversible flange odor control

This is yet another great carbon filter for your grow room odor elimination. With a 1050+AV Australian raw carbon, that provides the filter with the delivery of maximum filtration effectiveness, the product stands out as one of the best in the market. The carbon filter has a reversible flange and base that give it a longer life span. The longevity makes it an economical choice for your grow room farming compared to some other products.

The product maximizes the use of its air filters with the help of its cone shaped base and a fan that eliminates all odors in the grow room leaving the room smelling fresh and clean. The carbon filters also help to eliminate any other harmful chemicals from the grow room air allowing you and crops to breathe with ease. The package of the filter includes a 4-inch carbon filter, a pre-filter and a filter belt. It is ideal for grow rooms, grow tents, Hydroponics growing, indoor farming, green house farming and for smoke elimination.

Phresh filter 701005 filter

Compared to other carbon filters in the market, Phresh pricier but it is worth every penny. The features and performance of the product are unmatched and once you start using it in your grow room, you will forget about the price very fast. One of the major reasons for its effectiveness is the 18 inch RC-48 activated charcoal filter with Australian virgin carbon. The carbon in the filter has minimal movements because it comes carbon-packed. Also included in the great features is an anti-air bypass system that ensures the grow room gets optimal air circulation at all times.

This process helps to eliminate foul odor inside and outside the grow room. If you are also looking to add beauty to your grow room instead of having just a bad odor absorbent, then you will get that too from Phesh filter. The impressive cone shaped base makes it look attractive and it optimizes the grow rooms ventilation it provides the crops. The product is ideal for marijuana indoor farming, tomatoes, vegetables, lentils, pepper and many others.

How does a carbon filter work?

How does a carbon filter work

Every grow room or grow tent has air hovering around that produces a bad smell. Instead of this air escaping outside the grow room, it passes through a carbon filter that has activated charcoal. The work of the activated charcoal is to chemically absorb the odor from the air and allow clean air to circulate in the grow room. The activated charcoal contains little carbon molecules that are very efficient in absorbing weed odor and that of other different crops.

Good odorless air then comes out of the carbon filters exhaust and you can enjoy farming in a fresh clean grow room. To make the process even efficient, you need a fan to suck or push the air out. Majority of the carbon filters come fitted with inline fans, which are very effective in ventilating the room.

What to consider when choosing the best carbon filter for grow room

The market has tons of carbon filter options available in the market and it is therefore important that you choose the right one for effective results. The following factors will help you in choosing the best carbon filter for your grow room.


The material of the carbon filter is one of the most important factors to consider when you are choosing your product. Majority of the filters have heavy-duty premium galvanized steel which ensures their durability and performance. Premium material is pricier than other materials but do not compromise quality by opting to buy less expensive carbon filters. Maintenance of good quality premium material is also easier compared to other materials.


Majority of the most quality carbon filters come readily packaged with pre-filters that you can use outside the carbon filters. The pre-filters play a big role in helping with the elimination of dust and other particles in the grow room. With these out of the way, the carbon filter and inline fan stay clean and work more efficiently. A pre-filter also increases the life span of a carbon filter.

Compactness and portability

Noise is irritating and if you want a carbon filter with no or very little noise, buy one with compact carbon filters. These have less noise and vibration during their operations. Compact carbon filters also have better odor and smell absorbent capabilities. Also make sure you get a carbon filter that is easily portable in case you want to change its position in the grow room.


The thicker the carbon is in the filter, the better the absorption abilities. Filters with more carbon thickness control odor better than those with less thickness do. they are very efficient and as such attract more costs. they are however worth every cent.


The size of your grow room will also determine the size of the carbon filter you want to buy. Carbon filters come in five different sizes, which are 4-inches, 6-inches, 8-inches, 10 inches and 12 inches. For small-scale marijuana farmers, a 4-inch carbon filter will do just fine. Majority of the carbon filters also come with manufacturers’ guarantee ranging from 3 months to 2 years depending on the size and brand.

Wrapping it up

Though the above carbon filters do not make the complete list of all the effective and quality carbon filters in the market, they are excellent price worthy products. You can forget about grow room odors especially for marijuana farmers because the crop can definitely emit an odor. They are stress free, and besides absorbing odors inside the grow room, they also stop the smells from travelling outdoors which could be a problem to you and anyone near the grow room. The filters make your weed to maintain an odorless smell throughout their growth.

We hope with this information, you do not have to worry about smells and odors and you will buy the right carbon filter for your grow room.

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