Best THC (Marijuana) Detox Test Kit Reviews

A time comes in a weed enthusiast’s life when they want to detox from THC. This could be due to several reasons such as an upcoming drug test, state regularities that make it hard to smoke marijuana or its products or just to get the stuff out of the system. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a tolerance break or detoxing from marijuana for different reasons.

The problem though comes in what to use to get cannabis out of the system. Whatever your reason for wanting to flush weed out of the system, you need quality ways to approach your THC detox with care and success. You also have to know that cleansing the body of THC comes with difficulties for some people while it is easy for others.


How much of a consumer you were and the purposes that made you consume cannabis will determine how well or badly you react to the cleansing process. Below are some of the best tried THC detox kits that will help you to get clean. We will also give you a buying guideline on what to look for before buying your best THC test kit.

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Our Top Picks Best THC Detox Test Kit


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Easy@Home Marijuana Single Panel Drug Test Kit

Just as the name suggests, The Easy@Home kit is one of the most popular and easiest THC test kits in the market. This FDA approved kit comes with a total of fifteen tests and an accuracy rating of 99%. It is ideal for anyone trying to cut down on weed addiction or anyone that wants to cleanse their systems of THC traces.

The kit tests for levels of up to 50 ng/ml. Some of the people that use the kit are parents screening their teenage and young adult children for any kind of drug addiction, employers especially to the employees going through screening before employment, sports people, and individuals that just want to go clean. You can buy the kit OTC as it comes with CLIA waiver.

The kit strips use urine for detection and the results vary depending on how often and how much weed is in the system. The metabolism rate is also another determining factor to the time it takes to detect the THC levels. It is easy to use as all you do is dip the end of the strip into urine and wait for the results to show.

If the detox is successful, two lines appear on the strip. If you still have THC in the system, the results appear as a single line. The kit is also affordable.

EZ Level Marijuana THC Single Panel Drug Screen Test Kit

The highly rated EZ Level Marijuana THC single panel drug screen test kit is also another effective detox kit that comes with great accuracy. The kit is simple and easy to use at the comfort of your home giving you discretion and privacy.

The results show in just five minutes and each of the tests comes in sealed individual pouches. The kit provides a total of fifteen tests which also give you great value for your money. Like many other testing strips, all you do is dip the test into a urine sample and read the results in five minutes.

One line on the strip is an indication that you are not clean while two lines are an indication that you are clean. The kit is ideal to use at home, in offices, in hospitals and even in schools and colleges. It is also affordable.

Medimama THC Test Marijuana Drug Test Strips

Designed to test for only the presence of marijuana in the system, these easy to use home tests also come with high approval ratings. Each of the boxes contains twenty test strips which all come with individual packaging. The packaging helps to keep the strips clean, fresh and sterile at all times. They also help with the test results accuracy which is usually 99%.

The FDA and CLIA approved detox strips offer the same accuracy as other quality lab test strips. The results take about five minutes and they are easy to read. The drug tests detect every amount of THC in the body’s system. This includes even the faintest traces that many other tests may not detect.

The kit is affordable and ideal for keeping tabs on your teenage children, pre-employment testing, and sports teams and for you. Things that can affect the quality of the testing kit are direct sunlight, heat and moisture. This is because the three can influence the accuracy of the tests.

Also make sure that you read the results immediately after five minutes to avoid any changes brought about by chemical reactions. You also need to open the kit only when you are using the strips and not any other time.

UTEST THC 20 ng/ml Marijuana Home Drug Test Strips

One of the major reasons people prefer to carry out their drug tests from the comfort of their homes is because of discretion. UTEST THC test kit does exactly that. The test kit, made in America is also reliable and fast.

The test results appear on the strips after just a few minutes. The highly sensitive test strips detect the presence of THC at 20 ng/ml and they can also detect any amount in the system below 50 ng/ml which is the industry standard. This makes UTEST one of the most instantaneous and sensitive test kits in the market today.

The self-testing kit is easy to use as it needs only one simple step. For those using the kit for the first time, it comes with instructions on the pouch label. If you are not sure or cannot interpret the results, the customer care service staff is always at hand to help through it all.

For that peace of mind, spare just five minutes to test your sobriety with this highly effective kit and you will not refer. What is even better, is that it is affordable and worth every penny.

UTest Highly Sensitive Instant THC 20 ng/ml Marijuana Single Panel Drug Test Kit

This is yet another quality testing kit from UTest that gives you accurate results that you can trust. The USA made kit focuses mainly on the THC levels in the system before tackling other drugs. The testing strips are very sensitive and give instant results with 99% accuracy.

The maximum waiting time is only five minutes after which you get to find out the levels of THC in the system. The kits are discreet enough to use from the comfort of your home and they test at 20 ng/ml. The sensitivity and high quality nature of the test strips also detect levels that are below 50ng/ml. This makes the testing kit one of the best in the market today.

The kits are easy to use and read. You only need one step and you are good to go. For those using the kits for the first time, they come with instructions on the label. To read the instructions, you just peel off the label on the bottom left hand corner of the kit.

UTest also prides itself with having the best customer care service. In case of any questions regarding the results or the test, you can always contact them without any fear of judgment.

GOLOHO Marijuana THC Drug Test Kit

This THC testing kit gives you accurate lab results in the comfort of your home in just five minutes. With an accuracy rate of 99%, the highly sensitive testing kit detects even the faintest traces of THC in the urine. It comes with cut off levels of 50 ng/ml and it is easy to use. All you do is to dip the kit into the urine and the results come out after five minutes.

One line on the strip will appear if your system still has traces of THC and two lines will appear if the system is clean. The FDA and CLIA approved testing kit also comes with an OTC waiver. The kit is ideal for parents, schools, employers, drug abuse centers and ore.

You also get 100% risk free service with every purchase. The customer service prides itself as being friendly, knowledgeable and supportive of their customers. One pack of the testing kit contains 24 testing strips.

THC Detox Kit Buying Guide

There are many different kinds of testing kits in the market. They use different testing methods to detect the levels of various drugs in the system. Some of the kits use urine samples, while others use saliva, hair and blood. The most common home testing kits use urine samples and they too come in various brands. Before you go buying your THC detox kit, here are the factors to consider.

Accuracy of the kit

The most important factor to consider is the accuracy of the testing kit. Majority of the testing kits come with claims of 99% accuracy and above. While some of them live up to the claims, there are others that do not give the said accurate results.

With this in mind, it is very important to be sure of the kind of kit you are buying and if possible, repeat the test again just so as to be completely sure.


If you want ta testing kit that only tests for THC levels in the system, you will get them. However, it is good to buy kits that are versatile. Some of the marijuana smokers also take other drugs too and if you want to cleanse your system of all the drugs, then you should get a testing kit that checks other drugs too.

A versatile testing kit is also good especially if you are buying it to test your teenage children or employees. They could be taking something else besides weed. After all having more options is much better than having only one option to go with.

Brand name and reviews

In some cases, the brand name ones not really matter but in most cases, it does as it gives you a peace of mind especially when it comes to the effectiveness of the testing kit. This is because there is no use of using a product that is not effective enough because you will only get false results. The companies that make the above test kits are all reputable firms that ensure you get nothing but complete accuracy and reliability from all the results.

Some of the companies also offer excellent customer services in case you doubt the results or have any questions to ask. Also make sure to read on the reviews extensively before making a decision.

Ease of use

You also need to buy a kit that you can use easily at home without the need of going to a laboratory. Make sure that anybody can use the kits easily and correctly without having to struggle.

Luckily for you, majority of the home kits, especially all the ones above come with ease of use. All you need to do is dip the testing strip into your sample of urine and get the results in five minutes. They also come with easy and clear to read instructions on the peel to read labels.


Though majority of the test kits are affordable, it is always good to know how much they cost before buying them. Compare the prices of different testing kits and go with the one you can afford. Whichever testing kit you decide to go, ensure that it gives you value for its money.

Wrapping it up

Home testing kits for THC detox come in very handy because they save you costs of going for tests in a laboratory. They are also very discreet and no one outside your home will know that you are taking a test. They also come in handy in regions where taking weed and other drugs is prohibited.

That way, you do not have to visit a medical facility for testing and blowing your cover. All you need to do is ensure that the sample you use for testing is fresh and uncontaminated and you are good to go.

All the above products come with enough testing that proves their accuracy and reliability you can choose any of them without any fear. With this buying guide, you will know just the right kit to get to check your detox levels and to cleanse your system of any THC traces.

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