How to Pass a Drug Test for Weed [If I Smoked 1 Week Ago]

Today compared to several years ago, many states are legalising the use and growing of MARIJUANA for both recreational and medical purposes. However, many companies have requirements for any new employees to go through drug tests before offering them jobs. Others make it mandatory to undergo regular drug tests for the staff already in employment. Majority of sports regulations require that you pass some particular drug tests before allowing you to play.

How to Pass a Drug Test

Passing a drug test is hard especially for weed smokers considering that unlike many other drugs, it stays in the system for longer periods. This is in spite weed being one of the least dangerous drugs. Drugs such as cocaine, heroine and other drugs leave the body system faster than weed after quitting. This is because unlike other drugs, THC manifests itself in the fat cells of the body making it almost impossible to go undetected even after quitting.

Different people will try anything to pass a drug test. Some may even try to tamper with their samples but with the advancement of technology, it is becoming exceedingly difficult to cheat a drug test because of the new testing equipment in the market. The simplest way to pass a drug test is simply not to take drugs but we both know that once you are hooked to weed, it takes a while to stop.

If you cannot quit and you still need to know HOW TO PASS A DRUG TEST to continue working or playing, below are helpful guidelines to help you do so.


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Drug testing methods and how to pass them

Below are the things to take into consideration before submitting for a drug test.

Find out what drugs are being tested

It is important to first find out what kind of drugs are being tested. For weed smokers, CBD, THC, oils edibles and even tinctures can all show up in a drug test. Other probable drug tests are those of cocaine, heroine, amphetamines, opiates, MDMA, PCP, benzodiazepines, propoxyphene and barbiturates among many others.

Find out the kind of drug test to expect

Knowing  the kind of testing method is important because it will allow you enough time to abstain and clean up your system before the exercise. URINE TESTING remains one of the most popular options for many organisations. This, the employer can do either in the privacy of the office premises or send you to a lab. If done in the office premises, you are issued with a strip that you dip into urine to gather the evidence.

If you are sent to a lab, you submit a urine sample in a small container and wait for the results. You have to note that you cannot monitor the goings on in a lab as everything is done under the supervision of the lab supervisors. Other methods of testing are using BLOOD samples and HAIR samples. SALIVA TESTING is also another method of detecting the presence of drugs in the system.

Learn everything about the time it takes for marijuana to stay in your system

It is very important to know how long weed stays in your system after quitting. It is not the same for everyone as all body systems react differently to weed effects. some of the most important factors to consider are the last time you smoked, how often you smoke, the potency of the STRAIN that you smoke, how much you weigh and if you have body fat and how fast your metabolism releases out weed.


For a regular user, weed can stay in the system for close to 90 days after stoppage and this will show in both the urine and blood samples. If you have good health, there is likelihood that in 30 to 45 days, your system would be clean from the drugs. If you are a one-time smoker, you do not have to worry much because after two days, the drug will be out of your system.

This however is not the same for every one-time smoker and some may still show the presence of THC in their systems for the next ten days. If the testing is through a hair sample, then you could be in more problems because THC can show up in hair sample after months and even years. Majority of the hair testing methods though can only detect THC in the system for 90 days after stoppage.

A saliva test is one of the simplest tests to conduct and the results are almost immediate. As fast as it is, it is not the most accurate and one of the reasons why it is not as popular as the rest. However many employers looking for fast results will carry out a quick swab for random tests at the workplace or if they are carrying out interviews. The presence of marijuana is detectable in saliva for 72 hours. This again depends of the factors mentioned above such as weight, metabolism, and frequency of smoking and potency of strain.

Learn about the risky options

Weed users want to pass drug tests for various reasons and they will go to any trouble to do so. Some of the methods they opt to use are unethical, risky and easily detectable.  It is very wise to learn the pros and cons of all the methods on the table so as not to compromise your current situation. Some of the risky options some people use are;

Home remedies

The different kinds of home remedies many of these people use are ingredients that they add to their  urine samples. These ingredients range from Vinegar, Niacin, Certo, Bleach, Cranberry Juice, Dishwashing Detergents, Soap, and  Goldenseal. You may be lucky to get away with using these remedies but if detected, this could put you in more problems than you expected. Using these remedies is also dangerous and there is no guarantee that they work every time.

Synthetic urine

Other people use synthetic urine, which is also another highly risky and frankly speaking foolish thing to do. With new testing apparatus and reagents, this will be easy to detect and put you into too many problems.

Diuretics and water take away the yellow color of urine, which can raise suspicions. B2 or B12 restores the yellow color of the urine.

What to do:
Consume 100 mg of B-complex multivitamin 2 hours prior the test.

Diluting a urine sample

Desperate times call for risky options and some people will dilute their urine samples in order to have negative test results. Doing this is unorthodox risky and foolish as it is easily detectable.

Urine swapping

when all else fails, some people so keen on passing the drug test substitute their urine with that of a person that does not smoke weed. This is a risky move because for straters you may not know what else would show up in that other person’s urine sample. It is not the safest method to use as it is detectable and if this happens, then you are in trouble.

Over the counter testing drugs

Others use over the counter testing kits to flush out drugs in their systems. Some of the over the counter drugs include vitamin pills, and special shampoos that can wipe out any traces of weed in the hair samples. Some of these again may work for some people while they may not work for others.

What to do:

  • Heat dried rosemary leaves with grapeseed oil in a kettle for at least 3 hours.
  • Let the leaves infuse with the oil mixture. Don’t overheat the oil.
  • Strain this oil in a clean jar. Allow it to cool for a night.
  • Next day, massage your scalp with this rosemary oil thoroughly and then rinse.

Learn about legit cleansing options

If you do not have the time to wait for THC to leave your body system naturally, there are other methods you can turn to help cleanse your system that are safe. It is important to learn about every one of them in order to find out which one goes well with your situation. The cleansing methods include detoxing your body naturally, using a detoxification program to cleanse your body, and same day cleansing of the system. Let us take a look at each of these methods.

Same day cleansing

This is one of the hardest ways to try to clean your system of any drugs because while it works perfectly for some people, it does not work for others. It is however worth the try if you have a test coming up soon and you have no other options. Same day cleansing requires taking some particular detoxification drinks that flush your system instantly or on the same day.

The drinks have the ability to keep the system clean for a period of four to six hours. Same day detoxification may work better for people testing for cocaine in their system than it would for weed users. Before trying this method, ensure that it will help flush out the THC content in the body system.

Detoxification programs

Using a detoxification program is another safe way of ridding your body of drug traces in the system. Majority of the detoxification programs only work well if you take a minimum of seven days before taking the required drug test. The program speeds up the natural cleansing process helping to get rid of the THC in the system. Majority of the detoxification programs come with home testing kits that allow you to detoxify discreetly from the comfort of your home. While you are on the program, it is only wise not to smoke any weed.

Natural detoxification

If you have a month to two on your calendar before the testing exercise, you can detox naturally from the comfort of your home. The first thing to do will of course be to abstain from smoking any marijuana during this period. Eat a healthy diet and drink lots of water to help cleanse the system, carry out light exercises daily to help boost your metabolism.

Natural detoxification is safe and does not require any medications or any detoxification supplements. The process cleanses your urine and blood naturally getting rid of any traces of THC in the fatty cells. A diet free from carbs helps to get rid of the fat-soluble THC.

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Frequently asked questions

How possible is it to pass a urine, blood, saliva and hair drug test?

Of all the different methods used to test for the presence of drugs in the system, the most common is the urine test. It is also one of the easiest to carry out since you can do it either in the premises of the organisation where you work, at home or take a sample to the lab. Passing a urine drug test does not give you 100% success rate but it is worth the try.

The best ways to pass this kind of test is to detox your body naturally if you have the time to do so before you take the test. You have to remember that THC is detectable in a urine sample for as long as 30 days after stoppage. For some, this could extend to as much as 45 days depending on the rate at which they took their weed.

Natural detoxing speed up the process of cleansing the body of any traces of THC. You can also use detox programs and products to help with the cleansing process. Keep your system well hydrated abstain from smoking any weed during this period, eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

It also helps to keep your saliva fresh and you can do this by chewing mint and gums, which also helps to dilute the saliva, minimising the presence of detectable THC. Besides chewing gum and mint, you can also suck on ice cubes that help to cleanse the mouth and remove THC residues. Regular brushing of your teeth and proper rinsing also goes a long way in getting rid of THC traces in your saliva sample. Other than that, use natural detoxifying methods to rid your system of THC traces in the system.

A hair test on the other hand is harder to beat compared to the other three. Hair detection period is also the longest. The good thing about having a hair detection test is that it takes five days to detect any traces of the drug in a strand after the last smoke. Besides abstaining from smoking marijuana for 90 days, the only other possible way to pass a hair drug test, is by doing a  hair detox.

Hair detox is a medical level method that requires the use of certain shampoos to wash of THC traces. The shampoos contain white vinegar and other ingredients. This is not a foolproof method though and it is not ideal for everyone considering that people have different kinds of scalps. Some may react to the adverse effects of vinegar and the other ingredients causing them harm.

The last option of passing a hair test is shaving your head clean ensuring that you have no strand to offer as a sample. If you previously had hair and then shave it just when you are about to be tested for drugs, shaving may create suspicion which may even put you at a more awkward position if another method is used.

Can CBD oil show up in a drug test?

Some people only take weed for its health and medical benefits. They avoid products with THC and only take products with CBD. The answer to this question depends entirely on what the test is looking for. In most cases, weed drug test aims at detecting the presence of THC and not CBD.

You may therefore go scot-free without CBD oil showing up on the drug test. However, you have to note that there are CBD products that contain low levels of THC and if these traces are detected, then you could fail your drug test. Before taking the test, you should verify the product you are taking and communicate with the company beforehand.

You also need to finds out the specimen required for the test, a urine test for THC does not show the presence of CBD, CBN or CBG, it is also important to learn the plant your CBD oil is sourced from to avoid any problems. If it is marijuana, then most likely your CBD oil will contain THC but if it is hemp, you are good to go as hemp contains minimal traces of THC.

Another way to ensure that your CBD OIL test does not come up with any traces of THC is to buy all your CBD products from a trusted seller. Be careful about the health claims of the product you are buying and insist on finding out the origin of the parent plant.

Wrapping it up

Smoking weed feels good as it comes with recreational and health benefits. Besides the benefits, too much of it could lead to addiction and other problems such as lack of concentration. Many employers require that their employees stay alert at all times when they are on duty. All sports organisations require their athletes to be at top-notch physical fitness during their events.

Staying fit does not go hand in hand with using drugs even if some of them enhance the ability to perform better. It is for these reasons that people in different capacities require to undergo regular drug tests in order to continue working or doing their sporting activities. There are many methods of passing a drug test majority of which we have mentioned above.

The best remedy is to stay away from using any drugs but if that is not possible, you can opt to find other ways to cleanse your system of any drug traces. While we would not advise you to use the unorthodox methods because they are risky and detectable, we cannot control how you choose to go about cleaning up for a pass.

We hope this article helps you to answer the questions you did not know about passing your weed test and we further hope that you will share it with a friend or family member searching for the same solutions.

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