Best 100W Led Grow Lights Review

You may be wondering: “Why should I use a 100W LED grow light?”

100 Watt LED grow light are one of the cheapest LED grow lights in the market. You should, however, not dismiss them due to their price. The lamps provide a similar or better light frequency than traditional grow lights of higher wattages. They are great options for cannabis growers with a minimal budget but still want to create an excellent growing environment for their plants.


Here are some of the best 100W LED Grow lights that you can find in the market today.

Our Top Pick 100W Led Grow Lights

Haus Bright 100W LED Grow Light Bulb

Haus Bright LED Grow Light Bulb - for Indoor Plants Full Spectrum Lamp | Seed Starting, House, Garden, Vegetable, Succulent, Hydroponic, Greenhouse Growing | 100W E27 (Original)

The Haus Bright 100W LED Grow Light Bulbs will provide you with the results you want at a fraction of the cost. The grow light delivers a full spectrum light to your plants. You do not need to use more than one grow lamp for the different stages in your cannabis growth.

It uses only 20W but produces a power equivalent to 100W of an incandescent bulb. You can, however, increase the power to 300W, 600W, or even 1000W by using several bulbs together. The heat it produces is very minimal.


  • It is cheap
  • It is energy efficient helping you save on your utility bills
  • It provides a full spectrum light
  • It does not produce a lot of heat
  • The lamp is easy to install
  • The bulb is a product of Haus Bright, which is reputable for providing top-quality lighting products


  • It only facilitates a small, growing area. If you want to cover a large grow tent, you will have to use several bulbs to deliver the right results.


The Haus Bright 100W bulb can provide your plants with a full spectrum light while using only using a small amount of power. The lamp can last for a very long time since it does not produce a lot of heat.

HighydroLED 100W Led Plant Grow Light Bulb 2 packs

[Pack of 2]100W Led Plant Grow Light Bulb, Full Spectrum 150 LEDs Indoor Plants Growing Light Bulb Lamp for Vegetables Greenhouse and Hydroponic, E26 E27 Base Grow Light Bulbs, AC 85~265V

The HighydroLED 100W Led Plant Grow Light Bulb delivers a full-spectrum light to your plants. The lamp contains 100 LEDs producing the red light, 35 LEDs giving blue light, 10 LEDs producing white light, and 5 producing Infra-red rays. The light aids in the healthy growth of your cannabis plants.

It also increases their photosynthetic efficiency while supporting them from the germination phase to the flowering stage. The lamp produces a lumen of 4000 to 5000k and can last for up to 50,000 hours while in operation. It uses only 20W to power the bulb.

The grow light bulb has a high quality aluminum radiator shell that helps to maintain the appropriate temperature for good plant growth.


  • It is very cheap
  • It is energy efficient as the bulb utilizes only 20W to power the lamp.
  • It has a cooling mechanism that helps it to regulate the heat
  • It can last for a long time, close to 50,000 hours while operational
  • It provides a full spectrum light doing away with the need to use more than one grow light in your grow area.
  • The light bulb is lightweight and easy to install.
  • It is beneficial in its operations


  • The light is quite bright and may hurt your eyes


LEDs are well known to produce a lot of heat. Even though the HighydroLED 100W is small, it has a design that helps to maintain the temperature of the lamp. It, therefore, guarantees that it will continue to feed your plants with the right light spectrum for a long time.

Outcrop Innovations 100w Indoor LED Grow Light Bulb

Outcrop Innovations 100w Equivalent Indoor LED Grow Light Bulb for Growing Plants/Vegetables/Flowers - 150 LEDs Full Spectrum PAR with E27 Base for Hydroponics Greenhouses Indoor Gardening

The Outcrop Innovations Indoor LED Grow Light Bulb is one of the best 100W grow light bulbs. It has 150 LED chips that produce a full spectrum light. The lamp is custom made to improve the photosynthesis of your plants.

It ensures that the light spectrum provided works during the production of chlorophyll and the flowering stage. The lamp has its internal cooling system that helps to get rid of excessive heat in your grow room. It does not consume a lot of power. It only uses about 23 watts to power the 100W device. The grow lamp has a lifespan of 20,000 hours of continuous use.


  • It has a long life period of about 20,000 operational hours.
  • It is energy efficient as it uses only a small amount of power to run the grow lamp.
  • The grow light provides a full spectrum light to your indoor plants
  • It comes with a three-year warranty.
  • It will help boost the growth of your plants and deliver a high yield.
  • It is lightweight, compact, and portable.


  • It is not waterproof


The Outcrop Innovations 100W LED Grow Light is both practical and efficient. It provides your plants with a light spectrum that leads to the rapid growth of your plants. You can position it anywhere in your grow room since it is lightweight and portable.

CF Grow Waterproof 100W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

Waterproof 100W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum, New Technology COB LED Grow Light, Natural Heat Dissipation Without Noise, Suitable for Plants All Growing Stage Indoor or Outdoor.

One of the top low-budget grow lights that you can find in the market today is the CF Grow 100W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum. It is highly popular amongst cannabis growers that want to save on cost. One of its most admirable qualities is its waterproof nature. The cf grow light came into the market after years of research and experimentation.

It has the capability of operating in a very humid or even wet environment. Wet conditions do not make the light malfunction or short circuit. The grow light provides an intensity of light that is similar to that of a 150-watt HPS/MH grow light. The CF Grow lamp does not consume a lot of power as it uses only 50w.

Since there is an intelligent control heat dissipation inside the body of the lamp, you do not need to worry about high temperatures. It ensures that the temperature of the bulb remains lower than 65 degrees Celsius. The grow light does not use fans to cool it. Therefore, it is noiseless and suitable for working in an indoor setting.


  • The grow light provides a full spectrum light
  • It is waterproof
  • It can last for about 50,000 hours while in operation
  • The lamp does not make noise since it does not have fans
  • It does not emit a lot of heat due to the intelligent control in the lamp
  • It comes with a two-year warranty


It does not tell of the coverage area the lamp can cover


The CF Grow Waterproof 100W has the edge over other grow lights since it is waterproof. You can, therefore, use it not only indoors but outdoors. Its two-year warranty gives you the confidence to purchase the grow light.

Venesun 100W LED Grow Light

100W LED Grow Light, Venesun Upgraded 24.8inch Long Full Spectrum LED Grow Lamps for Indoor Plants Growing

The Venesun 100W grow light stands out from many other indoor grow lights. The lamp can provide a specific light spectrum for each stage of your cannabis plants. The grow light delivers a nine-band spectrum in a very effective way to your plants. It supports the plants from the seedling stage to vegetative and, finally, the flowering phase.

The lamp has a diode on every LED. It helps to prevent one defective LED from affecting all the rest. It has reflective cups at a 60-degree angle that help in the controlling of light in a specific area. It also helps to save power by 35 percent. The lamp allows for the remixing of light spectrums to create a better light spectrum and get supplemental effects from the plants. It does not pollute the environment by offering too much glare from the light.

The grow lamp is very efficient as it can accelerate the growth of plants in your indoor garden. It rapidly increases the health of a plant and develops your plant leaves within the first two weeks of using the lights continuously. There is an internal aluminum alloy that helps in heat dissipation from the LED, thereby extending its lifetime.


  • The grow light is lightweight and easy to install
  • It provides a full spectrum light that helps reduce the grow light from using several grow lights
  • It is energy efficient
  • The grow light helps to increase your plant yields
  • It does not make any noise since it does not use fans
  • It has a lifetime of 50,000 hours while in operation


  • You can only use it in an indoor environment since it is not waterproof
  • It produces a very bright light that may be blinding to the eye


The Venesun 100W grow light has a design that aids in creating proper growing conditions for your plants. It will support your plants through all the stages without using a lot of heat. You can, therefore, save on your power bill.

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Summing up

The 100W LED grow light is a solution to cannabis growers who want to minimize their daily operational costs. The bulbs consume a small amount of power. However, it can deliver a light intensity of 100W to your plants.

If you have a big grow room, you can join the together to increase the power output. Depending on the number of bulbs you use, you can get a power of 300W, 600W, or even 1000W.

The bulbs are small, and therefore do not have fans, which makes them suitable for indoor use. You can use them for a very long time as they have long lifespans.

100W LED Grow lights have a lot to offer to cannabis farmers, regardless of the use. With the continual advancement in technology, price is no longer an issue. You can readily find LED grow lights to create a suitable environment for your cannabis plants at low costs. You can then consider using one or several 100W grow lamps depending on the size of your grow area. The lamp will help you create a suitable environment for your cannabis plants.

-$4.00 SALE OFFBestseller No. 1
DANDHEE DB 1000 Pro Grow Light , LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, Full Spectrum High-Performance Samsung Diodes ,100W Dimmable Growing Lamps for a 2x2ft Grow Tent Veg and Flowering
32 Reviews on Amazon
DANDHEE DB 1000 Pro Grow Light , LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, Full Spectrum High-Performance Samsung Diodes ,100W Dimmable Growing Lamps for a 2x2ft Grow Tent Veg and Flowering
  • Born for a bumper harvest: low cost and high efficiency, DANDHEE DB1000W LED plant light uses the latest high-efficiency (2.75 umol/J) LED plant light technology. The light source is composed of 300 DANDHEE LM301H diodes with extremely high output efficiency. It consumes only 100W of power, making it more efficient than HID lamps and other plant lamps on the traditional market. It is specially designed for personal and commercial indoor growers.
  • Dimmable ballast: DB1000W LED plant light has an adjustable 0%-100% brightness dimming knob, which can adapt to the growth needs of different periods according to the different growth periods of the plants; the first choice for beginners and professional growers
  • Full spectrum suitable for all growth stages: DANDHEE DB1000W LED spectrum consists of 3000K warm white, 6000K white, a small amount of 660nm deep red and 730nm infrared customized light source to optimize plants in indoor/greenhouse environments from seed germination to mature harvest Grow. (Sprouting, cloning or cuttings, mother, nutrition and flowering applications). It is suitable for vegetation areas of 2.5 x 2.5 feet or flowering areas of 2 x 2 feet. Reduce costs while increasing yield
  • Low noise and low heat: DANDHEE DB1000W LED has an innovative appearance, with power supply and ventilation holes and no fan, so it has low noise and very low heat when used, so there is no need to worry about burns or damage to your factory; Very low, you can place the lights directly above the plants and use them to provide the spectral illumination they need
  • Warranty: DANDHEE is very confident in the performance of our advanced DANDHEE DB1000W LED, super durable and reusable, we provide 3 years after-sales service; if you have any problems with the items you receive, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will contact you as soon as possible
Bestseller No. 2
GooingTop Grow Light 100W 6000K, Super Bright White Desktop Clip Plant Lamp for Seedlings Succulents Seeds Starting Indoor Plants Growing,Bendable Gooseneck & Timer 4 8 12 H
7,064 Reviews on Amazon
GooingTop Grow Light 100W 6000K, Super Bright White Desktop Clip Plant Lamp for Seedlings Succulents Seeds Starting Indoor Plants Growing,Bendable Gooseneck & Timer 4 8 12 H
  • 【Brighter & Generate More Heat】this growing light is a new upgraded version, linked to a 12volts adapter, which could provide stable light similar to sunlight, and at the same time can generate more heat, so that plants can quickly photosynthesize and bloom.
  • 【Timer Function & Multiple Settings】 the indoor plant light offer the circular memory timer function with 3 options-4h/8h/12h. When keeping power ON, it will be automatically turns ON/OFF every day according to your setting, no more manual operation for you.
  • 【Strong Clamp with Flexible Gooseneck】very easy to install, just you need is to place the UV plant light in desk with strong clamp,and the bendable necks could adjust any direction to provide the best lighting angle,meet the cover around the plant.
  • 【Ideal for Indoor Garden Plants】GooingTop artificial light is professionally used for small plants, like germination/seedlings/seeds starting,shelf plants,potted/bonsai plants,succulents,cactus. In a word,it is designed for your plants needs supplement light when in winter/cold/raining/snowing day ,or at dark indoor room,etc.
  • 【High Efficient LED Lamp】as for LED power draw this mini bonsai light comsume about 36 watts max and is equivalent to a 100W halogen bulb.Estimately monthly cost roughly $4 in electricity (12 hours a day). It is a great gift if you growing some small house plants.
-$11.00 SALE OFFBestseller No. 3
UNIT FARM Upgraded 100W Grow Lights, UF2000 Osram LED Grow Light, 3500K Full Spectrum Indoor Plant Light, for 2x2FT Herb Seedling, 3x3FT Microgreens
866 Reviews on Amazon
UNIT FARM Upgraded 100W Grow Lights, UF2000 Osram LED Grow Light, 3500K Full Spectrum Indoor Plant Light, for 2x2FT Herb Seedling, 3x3FT Microgreens
  • 【One panel to Rule the All】Mixed 3000K, 5000K, 660nm Red, and final spectrum is 3500K which is perfect for full-cycle growth. Plus special 730nm IR to stimulate growth. Better diodes arrangement offer the more evenly output, Work as Well as bar Light. Let every leaf get more light, Can increase the yield by 20%.
  • 【High-Efficiency & Reliable Plant Growing Lamp】 30% more diodes than other 100W light, offer 30% higher output. Equal to 200Watts blurple light or HPS. Using 100,000 hours long lifespan OSRAM diodes. CRI up to 90, 10 times higher than blurple light, 30% higher than cheap SMD LED. Easier to observe the health of plants.
  • 【Flexible & Thoughtful Design】 Removable driver total is 13FT(4M) length, you can put the driver outside your tent to keep the ambient temperature cool in summer, or keep inside keep warm in winter. Ultra-thin yet strong load-bearing capacity, you can set an inline fan on it, make more space for your plants to grow
  • 【Professional after-sales team】Worry-free 12-month warranty, Repair center in the USA. You also could message us via Amazon message or ask a question via the "have a question" part. We will reply in time. Have connections with a large number of experienced growers On social media, always could provide you professional solutions.
  • 【Tips for Coverage & Hanging】 For tomato, herb, or pepper in veg, at 20''-24'' in 2x2FT; For flowering, at 14''-18'' in 2x2FT for flowering. If you are looking for a light for 2x2FT room in high levels of CO₂, the UFS3000 would be a better idea for you.
-$12.00 SALE OFFBestseller No. 4
Grow Lights for Indoor Plants - FAMHOB 5 Head 100W LED Grow Light with Red Blue Full Spectrum, 9 Dimmable Levels, 3/9/12H Timing Modes, 3 Lighting Modes, Adjustable Gooseneck for Planting Enthusiasts
  • 【5 Heads & High Power LED lamp beads】This plant light has 5 lamp heads. The 5-head plant light has a wider lighting range than the traditional 2, 3, and 4-head plant lights. It can provide lighting to 3-6 potted plants at one time. High Power LED lamp beads can provide more energy for plants.
  • 【3 Lighting Modes & 9 Brightness Levels】Blue light can promote plant germination, red light can help plants bloom and bear fruit, and the combination of red and blue light can increase the growth rate of plants by 50%.And the brightness can be adjusted from 20%-100%. You can plant more scientifically and choose different brightness for plants at different growth stages.
  • 【3 Cycle Timming Modes Plant Lights】The plant light will automatically turn on at a fixed time every day and the plant light comes with three timer setting options for 3H/9H/12H. There is no worry about your plant when you are not at home. And the timing function of 3/9/12 hours allows you to provide plants with simulated sunlight of different durations more scientifically.
  • 【Stand & Adjustable Gooseneck & Strong Clip】It has a new type of stand that other clip-on plant lights do not have, allowing the plant light to stand on a table.The plant growing lamp with 360 degrees adjustable gooseneck, it is able to light a wider area and emit light in any direction to provide energy to more plants. The powerful clamp is steady enough to clip the grow light strips anywhere.
  • 【Good quality and wide application】After testing, The lifespan of this plant light is about 6 years. And it's energy efficient. According to the different usage time of the test, it only consumes 1 kWh of electricity for about 7 days to 15 days.You can keep your houseplants alive for a small investment. And it is suitable for all growth stages of germination, flowering and fruiting of plants. Also suitable for vegetables, flowers, succulents and other plants.
Bestseller No. 5
100W Led Grow Light Bulb Full Spectrum,Plant Light Bulb with 150 LEDs for Indoor Plants,E26/E27 Socket,Grow Lamp for Hydroponic Indoor Garden Greenhouse Succulent Veg Flower
1,189 Reviews on Amazon
100W Led Grow Light Bulb Full Spectrum,Plant Light Bulb with 150 LEDs for Indoor Plants,E26/E27 Socket,Grow Lamp for Hydroponic Indoor Garden Greenhouse Succulent Veg Flower
  • ❤️【Full Spectrum LED Plant Grow Light】- 150PCS High Efficiency 2835SMD LED Chips: 100Red+35Blue+10White+5IR(red 620-660nm,blue 440-460nm,IR 730nm,white 3500K-6000K) ; This 100w Plant light can provides the most efficient wavelengths of light to enhance photosynthesis performance hence improving plants' healthy growing
  • ❤️【Suggest Hanging Height + Easy to Use】 - around 15inch above plant for starting plants, 12inch over the top of plants in veg and bloom,This 100W Plant Light bulb design standards E26 E27 Socket, Installation is very convenient, just Screw In
  • ❤️【Excellent Heat Dissation Effect+Energy saving】 - 100W Plant Lidht bulb is made of metal aluminum radiator shell, you can always keep the temperature at the appropriate level, effective for plant growth and protection,100 watt led grow light bulb consumes only 20W power,Saving your electricity bills,Very Bright, Flux:5079.4 lm
  • ❤️【Better Quanlity & Long Life】- Pros of 100W LED Grow Light Bulb is Normal light fixture compatible, Light design, Quality heat sink, Low heat generation, 24/7 capable,Long Lifespan
  • ❤️【1 Year Guarantee】 low power consumption but high luminous efficiency, the EnerEco grow light’s lifespan is 50,000hrs, 12 Months warranty plus 30 days satisfaction or return guarantee,100% money back.
5/5 - (3 votes)

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