TOLYS 1000W Double Switch Led Grow Light Review

The ongoing cannabis legalization and regulation in the various States of the USA leads many cannabis farmers in the search for the most efficient and effective equipment for growing marijuana. LED grow lights are relatively new in the scene but are increasing in demand as they are highly energy-efficient and are easy to use and set up.

You can use a majority of the lamps throughout all the growth stages of a cannabis plant. Cannabis growers are leaning more so towards the full spectrum LED grow lights since they create the wavelength of light that the plants desire for constant growth.

These lamps are unlike any traditional systems that require the use of ballast, use too much electricity, and generate too much heat. One top LED lamp you should consider is the TOLYS 1000W led grow lights. Here are the leading reasons why it is one of the best in the world.

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Top Reasons you should choose the TOLYS led grow lights

TOLYS Double Switch 1000W

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  • Cost Friendly

The TOLYS led grow light is cheaper than many LED lights in the market as its price lies below $100. However, it contains more features that you can similarly find in the expensive brands making it a worthwhile purchase.

  • Full Spectrum

The TOLYS led grow lights makes use of the newest 10W dual-chip technology that produces blue, red, white, UV, and IR rays that you can use on all the plant growth stages.

  • Highly Efficient

You can use the grow lamp throughout all the stages of cannabis growth to achieve the best results for your plants.

  • Double Switch

The TOLYS led grow lights have separate bloom and Veg switches that you can use to control the amount of the full spectrum light you want for each stage of growth.

TOLYS Double Switch 1000W 2

  • Efficient Cooling System

Do not worry about the bulbs producing too much heat. The TOLYS led grow light carries a highly efficient cooling system that could extend the lifespan of the light.

  • Highly Durable

The LED lamp is highly reliable and can last for a very long time, mainly due to its more-than-efficient cooling system.

  • Warranty and Service

The Brand does not have a long warranty period as it offers you only one year. However, it also comes with a 90 days guarantee where you can request a refund if you find the light unsatisfactory within the period. They as well have active customer care as they respond to inquiries within 24 hours.

TOLYS Led Grow Lights Full Review

The TOLYS led grow light can help any cannabis grower to meet the demands for the plants in all the growing stages. It produces a full spectrum of warm white, red, and blue. The lamp is perfect for use during the cold seasons or in winter as the white light it produces warms up the grow tent.

The UV and IR rays support the plant’s defense mechanism, while the red and blue rays are essential for plant growth and development. The lamp features the newest 10W dual-chips where 58 pieces produce the red light between 630nm to 660nm.

Ten pieces produce blue light at 460nm, 14 pieces produce the white light at 6500k while 18 pieces produce a full spectrum light. All of them work together to support the indoor plants vegetative and flowering growth stages.

It also has a veg and bloom switch that you can use to control the type of light you want to use depending on the growth stage. During the germination phase, you can switch on the Veg switch while you can switch both the Veg and Bloom switches during both the flowering and fruiting stage of the plant.

The grow light will not overheat even with continuous use since the lamp has upgraded silent cooling fans and aluminum heat sinks to help with the heat dissipation. The LED light also features a programmable digital switch timer that has ten different on and off programs that you can set for the whole day or week to repeat once. It also has a built-in battery unit to retain the programming.

The lamp comes in a packaging that includes a timer, a thermometer and humidity monitor, a power cord, hanging hooks, a user manual, and an adjustable rope.

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Summing Up

Most cannabis growers understand the difficulties in setting up an HID lighting system in a grow room. These lights are cumbersome and require a lot of support to hang. The lights are not efficient as they reduce in brightness over time.

Therefore, you have to replace them over the years continually. LED lamps are different. They are highly efficient and can last for many years without having any replacement. They also do not consume much electricity reducing costs and the risk of fire engulfing your grow room.

They lead to the development of higher yields and more potent cannabis. You can grab one of Amazon today. Contact us if you have any queries.

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