WILLS Newest Reflector-Series 600W Grow Light Review

The use of LED for indoor cannabis cultivation is new progress in the indoor farming industry. Their popularity is slowly outshining the traditional grow lights that have been in use for the past decade. But what is this craze all about?

Cannabis growers prefer to use modern LED lights since they consume less electricity than their counterparts, the HID lamps. They are also durable, and can contribute to higher yields.

LED lights provide a specific light spectrum for every growth stage of cannabis. They provide more direct light than any other type of bulb, making them the best to use if you have a small grow area. You will never suffer from excess heat since they produce an almost negligible amount.

Do you want an LED grow light for your cannabis garden? There are various selections that you can make, depending on the needs that you want to satisfy.

One grow light that will never let you down is the WILLS Newest Reflector-Series 600W Led Grow Light. Here is are the top reasons why it is the best option for your cannabis garden.

Top Reasons You Should Select the WILLS Newest Reflector-Series 600W Grow light

WILLS Newest Reflector Series Grow Light 600W

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Cost Friendly

The price of WILLS Newest Reflector-Series 600W Grow Light lies under $100 even with features that you will find on the expensive brand grow lights.

Full Spectrum

The grow light produces a full spectrum of light that almost resembles natural sunlight. The light is ideal for use through the seedling stage, vegetative stage, and flowering stage of a cannabis plant.

High PAR

The grow light is designed with a scientific reflector that can raise the amount of light by 30 percent and improve the efficiency of light without wasting any energy.

Energy Saving

The WILLS Newest Reflector-Series 600W Grow Light consumes about 102W of power. It saves a considerable amount of energy compared to the traditional HPS/MH bulbs.


When you raise the grow light 24 inches above the plants, the lamp can provide a coverage of 2 x 2 feet.

Veg and Bloom

WILLS led grow lights

The lamp features two distinct switches. The Veg is for use during the seeding stage and early vegetative stage while the Bloom is for use only during the flowering and blooming phases of the plants.

Warranty and Service

Unlike many LEDs that provide you with an undervalue service, the WILLS Newest Reflector-Series 600W Grow Light come with a two-year warranty. It also includes an extra 30 days to make your claim for any refund you may require. They also have highly effective customer care that responds to any queries within 24 hours.

WILLS Newest Reflector-Series 600W Grow Light full Review

If you want a grow light to cover only a small grow area, the WILLS Newest Reflector-Series 600W Grow Light is the perfect choice for you. Though it may have a small coverage area, which plays to the benefit of the grow light as it concentrated the light to the plants speeding up the growth of the cannabis without losing any energy.

It can cover an area of 2 x 2 feet or 3 x 3 feet with the irradiated area reaching to 3.48 x 2.73 feet. It has a high PAR value that leads to faster development of plants and better growth. The WILLS Newest Reflector-Series 600W Grow Light produces a full spectrum light that is designed to meet the needs of various stages of growth.

It provides a red light wavelength that ranges between 630nm and 660 nm, a blue light wavelength at 470 nm and a white light wavelength at 6500k. It also produces both UV and IR rays, which are scientifically engineered to balance the PAR/lumen levels and coverage.

All the various lights work together to promote quick and healthy growth of the plants with better yields. The lamp feature a daisy chain function that allows you to connect more than one device. You can only connect six devices.

The lamp does not produce excessive heat since it comes with a set of powerful fans together with a heat sink that regulates the temperatures keeping the light cool. Once the purchase the WILLS Newest Reflector-Series 600W Grow Light, the package also contains one adjustable rope, stainless steel hanging hooks and a power cord.

Summing up

When choosing a grow light for your cannabis garden, you have to pay close attention to the light spectrum it produces, and the coverage area the light can reach. Plants require specific wavelengths throughout the growth stage.

Therefore, the frequency of light you use on each growth stage affect the plants differently. More importantly, does the light cover the whole growing area?

You can increase the area of coverage by using the daisy chain function and connecting more than one device. You only need to make sure that all the plants are within the coverage area and leave the rest to the light.

You can grab your device today from Amazon. Do you have any queries regarding the above? If you do, please contact us immediately.

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