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People that love farming enjoy doing so especially when they have the right equipment and tools to help them out. While some people love outdoor farming, there are those that love indoor gardening. One of the best choices for indoor gardening is a 3×3 Grow Tent . It is not only convenient, but it is also very affordable. It comes with several benefits that offer you quality products after harvesting.

What makes the 3×3 Grow Tent even more special is that there are a variety of choices in the market. You can choose whatever suits you best and a product that you are sure will last long and adapt well with the environment. Majority of the tents come with guidelines and you do not need a technician to come and set them up. They are easy to install and just as easy to dismantle in case you need to change their position or pack them up.


The guide below will help you to choose some of the best 3×3 Grow Tents in the market. Learn everything about what makes the qualities they come with stand out and why they are great for indoor farming. All the tents mentioned below are simple, durable and worth every penny. To help you further, we will mention the set-up of the tents and the things to consider when doing your purchase. Read on to learn more about 3×3 Grow Tent.

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Why use indoor gardening tents?

One of the questions you may ask is why use Grow Tents for indoor gardening instead of something else? While there are many other choices for indoor gardening, Grow Tents stand out because they are hydroponic and make indoor gardening much easier. Some of the benefits derived from using a 3×3 Grow Tent is;


Grow Tents maximise lighting inside the tent which in turn provides a good growth atmosphere for your plants. The lights reflect on the reflective plastic walls of the tent back to the plants. It is also not hard to install the lights because the tents come with holders and all you do is the wiring.

Saves space

The 3×3 Grow Tent is not too big to occupy a big space but it is big enough to give you good yields. For people that live in the city and do not have access to big chunks of land where they can do their farming, then Grow Tents come in handy. You can turn a small space in your compound as your garden, set your Grow Tent up and saved on light and water while enjoying great quality produce.

Pest and bug control

Pests and bugs are a nuisance to farming. Indoor farming is not immune to pests and bugs. However, with the use of Grow Tents; the vice is minimal as the tents have extra stitching to cover up any openings that would allow pests to invade your garden.

Keeps bad odours inside the tenth

If you are worried that setting up a Grow Tent will have your home smelling of soil, you do not have to worry. The tents are made to trap any odours from escaping and they come with an air purification system that filters air inside the tent and gets rid of any smells.

Minimal maintenance

3×3 Grow Tents need very minimal maintenance. You can set up timers to switch on the lights, water the plants, drip feed and ventilate. You can even set your tent up, set up your timers and take a vacation. When you get back, the plants will be as healthy as or even healthier than you left them

What you should look out for when purchasing a Grow Tent

Size estimate

Before you make your purchase, you must first look at the space you have intended to set it up because this will guide you on the size of the tent to buy. You should also have in mind how much you intend to plant and for what purposes. If you are doing professional farming, you will of course need a big Grow Tent. However if you are not planting for commercial use, then you need a small Grow Tent and a 3×3 will do just fine.


Costs of the tents differ from place to place and from product to product. Carry out a thorough research to know what you can afford and if it has all the qualities you require.


The stature or nature of the tent you choose matters a lot. You should go for a tent that makes you comfortable while you are tending to your crops. If you go for a short one, you may want to get rid of after some time. A very tall tent on the other hand may also not go well especially because of the lighting system. Being high means the plants may not get as much lighting as they need in order to grow well. Therefore when you are choosing your tent, go for the medium size that will enable your plants to get enough lighting.

Tent type

Depending on the type of farming you want to carry out, you will either need a multi chambered tent or a single chambered tent. If you want to specialise on diversity, then a multi-chambered tent will do you good. If you want to dwell on just one kind of a crop, then you do not need a multi chambered tent but a single one.


The tent you choose to buy should of very high quality for it to last. You may not know if a tent is of good quality by just looking at it. It is important that you read all the reviews from major sellers like Amazon and carry out enough research. A quality tent should be strong enough to withstand weather conditions and have enough space to store your gardening tools. While at it, check the manufacturer’s warranty.

Ventilation ports

Since your Grow Tent will need ventilation, make sure the tent you purchase has all the piping ports and a good framework. Tents come with a variety of ports that vary from product to product. Your crops depend on proper ventilation for quality and quantity to make sure you have enough to go by before making a purchase.

What is a Grow Tent made of?

Though Grow Tents vary in size and shape, they all have distinctive features that they share. Majority of them have sturdy frames that support the tent from any kind of pressure. The material that makes the tents is quality canvas that does not allow any light to get into the tent from outside. The tents have a door which uses a zipper to close them up. The doors are big enough to take your plants in and out easily. Majority of the tents are hydroponic and come with a removable floor tray.

Is it easy to set up a 3×3 Grow Tent?


Almost every tent comes with a user guide which is both easy to follow and understand. You do not need an expert to set up the tent for you and you can follow these simple stages to DIY.

First step

The first step before setting up is to identify where you want to place your 3×3 Grow Tent. After identifying, you can then read the guidelines to set your tent up

Step two

Second step is lighting the tent up. Choose the lighting system and LED lights you want and hang them up in the tent. The tents come with ropes which help you with this chore. If you find it a bit tricky doing it by yourself, you can always seek help.

Step three

After you are done with the lighting, set up the exhaust fan. An exhaust is important for the vital growth of your plants.

Who is a 3×3 Grow Tent meant for?

The factors that you may consider when purchasing a 3×3 Grow Tent are;

If you are planning to grow cannabis and have total control of the environment surroundings inside the tent, then a 3×3 Grow Tent is perfect.

If you are planning on having a good yield from your cannabis plants, then a 3×3 Grow Tent will give you that.

If you are trying out indoor farming of cannabis or other crops for the first time and you do not want to start with a very big harvest, then a 3×3 grow tent is the best product to start with.

Now that you know the basics of what a 3×3 Grow Tent does and its benefits, let us go to some of the best 3×3 Grow Tents in the market today.

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Top 3×3 Grow Tent Review

CoolGrows 36”x36”x72” Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

Also known as Valuebox, this 3×3 Grow Tent will give you yield of approximately 9 sqft of growing space for your plants. The canvas is high quality 600D which means it is very thick and tear free. To make the tent even stronger and durable, it has a frame made from high quality steel poles and connectors.

To prevent light from escaping, the fabric of the tent is double stitched. The reflective mylar coating in the inside of the tent makes it possible for the plants to get as much light as they can for better growth and yield.

When you take a first look at the tent, it looks more like a black closet. The zippers, made from a durable material, are of very high quality and are hidden and protected by flaps. In case of any spillage, there is a mylar tray to take care of that.

An observation window allows you to monitor the progress of your plants by peeking through.

Assembling the tent is easy and you do not need any tools to do it. The tent comes with a one-year warranty.

TopoGrow D-Door 36″X36″X72″ Indoor Grow Tent

Made with a very strong frame, this 3×3 Grow Tent has three supporting bars and four metal rings to hang your and gardening tools on. Assembling the tent is very easy because it comes with a push lock corner system that is easy to use.

For ventilation, the tent has several exhaust and intake ports that keep the temperature and humidity in the tent at agreeable conditions. You can also use the fans to attach fans, lights. Filters and any other equipment you deem fit.

The reflective light material in the interior of the tent ensures that the crops get as much light as they possibly can without any of the light escaping outside the tent.

The fabric that makes the tent is of very high quality 600D oxford material. with the purchase of the tent, you also get three mesh micro filters that will help to keep the bugs away from your crops.

An observation window allows you to monitor the growth of your crops by regularly peeking on them from outside.

A removable tray that comes with the tent allows you to keep the tent clean and make maintenance much easier.

VIVOSUN 36” x 36’’x 72’’ Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

One of the best features of this tent is that it is lined with Mylar which reflects 99% of the light so that the light produced by the lamp is well utilized within the tent.

Made with very high quality canvas, and manufactured by a company that values quality, this 3×3 Grow Tent remains one of the best in the market. It has one of the strongest canvas materials and pole connectors in the market making it very sturdy and durable.

The zipper is also of very high quality and does not allow any light to escape from the tent. To keep better progress of your crops, VIVOSUN 3×3 Grow Tent comes with an observation window where you can peek without going inside the tent. It also comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Apollo Horticulture 36’’x36’’x72’’ Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

This is an easy to assemble and set up 3×3 Grow Tent as it comes with an easy to understand installation pamphlet. It comes with other features like a removable floor tray, filter straps and double zippers. Another plus to purchasing Apollo Horticulture is the customer care service which is extremely good. The 3×3 Grow Tent comes with a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty.


You can make farming fun today by choosing any of the above tents to help you with quality yield. The tents are worth every penny as they are all very affordable and long lasting. With the above guide, you can now make a sound decision on what you want and which tent to go for  visit Amazon to find out about the shipping details and the prices.

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