Golspark Indoor 600W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Reviews

Are you a marijuana gardener looking to upgrade your grow light? As you may know, grow lamps are useful in the indoor growth of plants as they give the plants a light spectrum that is similar to the natural sun. There are numerous types of grow lights available, from HID lights to fluorescent bulbs. However, one of the most popular models today is the LED bulbs. You can differentiate all these various types of technologies with their power ratings. The best grow light can deliver the required wavelengths during the appropriate growth stages. LEDs are especially famous for providing the needed light wavelength while cutting heat and power by half.

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Even so, how do you choose the best-LED lamp from the ever-increasing number that is already chocking the market? To streamline matters for you, we decided to focus on one of the top leading LED grow lights in the market, the Golspark Indoor LED Grow Light. Here is an in-depth analysis to help you understand why it rates highly among its peers and why you should pick it in your next buy.

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Top Reasons Why You should choose the Golspark Indoor LED Grow Light


The grow light price is under $100, and since it carries features you can find in pricy brand name grow lights, we are bound to say that it is a fair deal.

Full Spectrum

The Golspark Indoor LED Grow Light produces a whole spectrum light that includes red, blue, white, UV, and IR rays. The UV and IR are responsible for increasing the levels of THC in marijuana plants. Red and blue light is essential for plant growth.

Double Switch

The grow light carries with it veg and Bloom button, both of which have different functions. You can use the Veg switch during the seedling stage and early vegetative stage. The bloom switch is for the flowering or blooming stage.


The Golspark Indoor LED Grow Light provides a sufficient coverage unlike any from a reflector series light. At the height of 24 inches, it can cover an area of 2.5 x 2.5 feet.

Energy saving

The grow light only consumes 100 watts of power buy can replace a traditional 400 watts HPS/MH lamp.


The Golspark Indoor LED Grow Light can last for a long time, with its lifespan approximated to be 100, 000 hours of continuous use.


The brand offers any new buyer a two-year warranty together with 30 days to claim for refunds in case of damage to the lamp or if the light is unsatisfactory.

Golspark Indoor LED Grow Light Full Review

Golspark Indoor LED Grow Light,

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The Golspark Indoor LED Grow Light is one of the best indoor grow lights you can find in the market. It is mainly a favorite due to its different light colors that make it applicable throughout all the stage of growth of your marijuana plants. It is designed to deliver high levels of PAR that is ideal for your indoor cannabis plants. The light is optimized to help increase plant yields while consuming a low amount of energy. It is by far a better selection than the traditional indoor grow lights.

The lamp contains blue and white LEDs that produce 430-660nm blue light that helps with the germination process encouraging sprouting and the development of roots. It also contains red and white LEDs that produce red light responsible for the increase in hormone production in plants vegetation. It also prevents chlorophyll from breaking down. You can turn on both switches during the fruiting stage as the variation in the color spectrum will help your cannabis become better quality. The grow light supports a daisy chain function allowing you to connect up to 4 growth lights at a time.

The lamp will not overheat in your grow room as the grow lamp has two inbuilt high-speed fans. It also has an aluminum sink that works to dissipate the heat the light produces efficiently ensuring a long lifespan to the LED Board.

The Golspark Indoor LED Grow Light comes in a package that includes a temperature and humidity monitor, Hanging kits, an adjustable rope, and one 6 foot long power cord.

Summing Up

When choosing a grow light for your cannabis farm, there are several things you should always consider. One, you should avoid making deals that are of low quality to prevent regretting later on. The cheaper the grow light, the higher the probability of high operational costs, a small PAR production, and lack of the vital light wavelengths for plants. It does not mean that all cheap, grow lights are terrible. You have to be careful when making a selection. The Golspark Indoor LED Grow Light stands out amongst the crowd as a cost-friendly and useful light you can depend on any time.

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  1. I purchased the Golspark Indoor LED 600W Grow Light and would like to know how far the light should be from tomato, pepper and marigold seedlings.

    • Hi, Wiliams.Your tomatoes want to be buried in the potting medium “up to their necks,” they want the light source to be really, really close to their heads, like an inch or two above


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