Top 6 Best 4×4 Grow Tent Kits Reviews

For indoor gardening, one of the best options is the 4×4 grow tent. It is advantageous and also a very good gardening option since it offers flexibility and reliability. However, there are several models in the market and it might be a bit confusing to know the best type of tent to buy. There are good news though, the tents are relatively easy to set up and are very economical in terms of space and the return you get from using them.

In this guide, we will take you through the best growing tents so that you can know the best quality for your needs. We will focus on some of the top grow tent types so that your buying decision becomes easy. Additionally, we shall also look at the tent set up and the considerations to take into account. Without farther ado, let’s get right into it.


Advantages of Indoor Gardening Tent

These tents are also known as hydroponic tents. The main purpose of these grow tents is to do indoor farming.  If you are looking for one of the best indoor farming options in the market and want to grow cannabis, using a grow tent will definitely give you good yields and allow you to monitor the growth of your crop with ease. They are made of a frame and internal growing lights. The purpose of the light is to provide the plants with the warmth and light they require.

Factors That Should Influence Your Grow Tent Buying Decision


It is paramount to pick the perfect size of your grow tent to ensure that you get the best value for your money. There are many factors that influence the size of the tent but the main factor to consider is the available space. If you have a large space, then you can buy an equally large tent and vice versa. Additionally, the number of planting pots will also influence the size of the tent.


The second factor to consider while buying the tent is the height. If you pick a very short tent, then it will be very difficult for you to work well. Also, plants that grow very tall will not do well. Similarly, a very tall tent is not advisable. For the perfect plant health and vitality, a medium sized net is recommended. This will allow your plants to grow under the right conditions in terms of lighting and you can comfortably check the progress of your crop continuously.

Nature of Tents

There are two main types of grow tents. A single chambered tent and a multiple chambered tent. Depending on the type of farming you are engaged in, you might decide to try your hand in different types of crops or different varieties of the same kind of crop. In this case, you will require a multi chambered tent. On the other hand though, when you grow only one type and variety of a crop, then the single chambered tent is the best choice.


When you buy a quality tent, then you are assured of its durability. Although it might be tricky at times to know the tents that are of good quality, it is worth to do your due diligence. One of the best ways to know the quality and thus the durability of a tent is to check on its manufacturer’s warranty. Another way of doing so is to check the reviews of the product on popular sites like Amazon and other credible online forums.

Check the Cord and Ducting Ports

Before you carry that tent to your home, make sure that it has quality cords and duct ports. Remember that ventilation is very important not only for the proper growth of your plants, but it is paramount for their very survival. Since the cords and duct ports are used to hold the ventilation system, make sure they are of the highest quality to avoid disappointments and nasty surprises when you get home. Different growing tents have different number of ports and depending on the crop, you should decide wisely on the one to buy, since different crops require different periods and intensities of exposure to the environment (light and air).

The Basics Of A Grow Tent, What Is It Made Of?

The main purpose of a grow tent is to help your plants grow and thrive in an enclosed place. They also come in a number of different shapes and sizes but the basic components are similar. The grow tents have metallic poles and the fixtures that are used to attach the poles to the tent itself.

The tent contains the canvas that is most visible. The canvas is lightproof since it is made of very heavy material. The heavy canvas ensures that no light penetrates into the tent. Some tents have only one access area while those of higher quality may have more than one entry points. The importance of the multiple access points is to help the farmer get to the plants and as fast and as easily as possible.

4×4 Tent Set Up Tips and Tricks

With a bit of learning and getting your hands dirty, the process of setting up a grow tent is an easy DIY activity. However, there are a few tips and tricks that will make this activity more enjoyable.  Here are the tools that you will need to carry out the activity:

Step One:

The very first step is to identify where you will set up the 4×4 growing tent and then go ahead and clearing it. The importance of identifying the location early and getting its measurements is to avoid instances where the tent does not fit into our compound!

Step Two:

After the tent is up, it’s time to choose the led grow lights that best fancies you. After you have brought the one that makes you tick, hang it in the tent. You should do so by using rope reaches. Apart from being an easy method, it is also very cheap. Additionally, you can also adjust the position of the grow lights by either pulling them up or down using the ropes. The ropes are also readily available in all major tent stores.

Step Three:

Hang the exhaust fan

The exhaust fan is very important since it will ensure that your ventilation system is working as advertised. When you have the fan inside the tent, the disturbance caused by the fan’s noise will be reduced. Not only that, the fan will ensure that there is air circulation which is very important for healthy plant development.

The ideal material to use to hang the fan is nylon ropes. The best tents are those that come with removable vents at the bottom. This ensures that fresh air enters the tent.

Since we now have an idea of what to look for in a tent, let’s see some of the top brands in the market.

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 Top 4×4 Grow Tent Kits Review

Oshion 4x4x6.5 FT Indoor Hydroponics Mylar Grow Tent Room (48”x48”x78)

MallMall 4x4x6.5 FT Indoor Hydroponics Mylar Grow Tent Room (48'x 48'x 78')

As the name suggests, this tent is manufactured by Oshion and has dimensions of 4x4x6.5. One of the best features of the tent is that it keeps the light in due to its reflective lining which is 99% Mylar. As a result, it is very efficient in preventing the light from getting out.

Additionally, the tent has a very thick and tough material which makes it tear proof thus making it very durable. It also stands firm because of the strong metal bars and connectors.

The signature look of the brand is its flaps over zips. This gives the tent an all-black appearance. In case of water spillage, the tent has a Mylar spill tray to contain the problem. It is also easy to assemble.

Gorilla Grow Tent Lite 4×4

The tent is tall measuring over 6 inches which is higher than most other tents in the market. Even though the tent’s height is sufficient as it is, they also have got height extension kits whereby you can make the tent taller if you so choose.

The tent is also made from a very thick fabric which is more than three times dense than normal tents. Basically, with thicker tents, there is lower light penetration, less noise from the fan and the tent lasts longer.

The tent is also very safe since it has a flood pool which is found at the bottom of the tent. The pool is big enough to contain even a major spill.

Ipower 48’’x48’’x 80’’ hydroponic Mylar Grow Tent

iPower GLTENTM1 4'x4' Grow Tent Mylar Hydroponic System and Heavy Duty Zipper for Indoor Plant Garding, Easy Setup, 48' x 48' x 79', Black

The Ipower 4×4 grow tent is also another very good tent. It is equipped with a Mylar which reflects 92 to 97% of the light.

To increase its sustainability, the tent comes with couple zippers which help to minimize the exit of light. Ipower 48’x48’’x 80’’ hydroponic Mylar Grow Tent is made from very tough material thus making it durable.

It also comes with very sturdy poles to withstand as much 110 lbs. of weight. One of the greatest features of the tent is that you can observe the progress of your plant without having to step into the tent. This is possible since it has transparent observation windows

Lastly, it has a one year warranty from the manufacturer.

Hydropalnet 48 x24x60 Mylar Hydroponic EXTRA-THICK CANVAS Grow Tent (For Indoor Plant Growing)

Hydroplanet 48x24x60 Mylar Hydroponic 600D 4'x2' Extra-Thick Canvas Grow Tent for Indoor Plant Growing (48x24x60)

One of the greatest selling points of the hydro is that it is one of the easiest and fastest 4×4 grow tents to assemble in the market.

Although it is simple to assemble, it has very heavy duty poles that will allow you to hang the necessary equipment. You will not have to worry about the glow light neither the fan. The tent is well structured to withstand the weight.

It is also made of tear proof Mylar material which reflects 100% of the light that shines on it. The reflected light reduces the cost of electricity while increasing the yield of your crops.

When it comes to the cleanliness of your tent, you have nothing to worry about since the Hydropalnet 48 x24x60 Mylar hydroponic EXTRA-THICK CANVAS is very much washable –both inside and outside. It also comes in black and blue.

The 4×4 grow tent comes with a 2 year warranty from the manufacturer. However, for any replacements to be done, you have to produce the purchase ID ticket.

Vivosun 48’’ x48’’x80’’ Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

One of the best features of this tent is that it is lined with Mylar which reflects 99% of the light so that the light produced by the lamp is well utilized within the tent.

The VIVOSUN 48’’ x48’’x80’’ Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent is also very sturdy since it is made with the top quality 600D canvas(D is used to measure the thickness of the tent).  Its installation will also not give a hard time since the poles are well finished for this very reason. Additionally, the grow tent will serve you well for long because its poles and connectors are all of very high quality.

The zipper is a potential area of concern as light can escape through the small gaps. However, you get maximum value for your money by since no light escapes through the zipper. The zipper is one of the highest qualities in the market.

The VIVOSUN 48’’ x48’’x80’’ Mylar Hdroppnic Grow Tent has a window so that you can peek through and see the progress of your plants. Furthermore, when you feel a need to work on the plants, you can easily access them since the door opens very smoothly.  You will not have any problems getting in and out of the tent.

It also comes with a two year warranty.

Apollo Horticulture 48’’x48’’x80’’ Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

The tent comes with some additional accessories such as the removable floor tray which is made of Mylar, 2 filter straps plus an instruction pamphlet for easier installation.

The tent also comes with double sippers to avoid any light from escaping from the tent. It also has double stiches which ensure that it will last for a long time and serve you well.

Despite all these additional features, the 4×4 grow tent is surprisingly easy to assemble. This is because of the instruction pamphlet and all have to do is read it and follow the instructions.

Another distinguishing factor of the Apollo grow tent is that the manufacture has very excellent customer service.

The tent comes with a 90-day warranty.


If you want to grow your indoor plants successfully, then you need to invest in a good 4×4 grow tents. Highlighted above are some of the considerations you should make while buying a tent. We have also analyzed the top six grow tents. With the guide, we believe that your buying decision will become easier and you have also learnt about the 4×4 grow tent set up.
-$3.50 SALE OFFBestseller No. 1
JungleA 4x4 Grow Tent,48"x48"x80" Hydroponic Grow Tent Kit with Observation Window and Floor Tray for Home Plant Growing
  • 【High Reflective Lightproof】: The grow tent is made of extra thick 600D PE Oxford cloth, has good light resistance. The thickness of the tent maintains a significant temperature difference. Light, air, and moisture are all left in the tent
  • 【Maxmize Reflected Light】: Inside the tent, the unique waterproof diamond polyester film design, 99% growth light reflection, maximizes the lighting of the lamp, greatly increasing the growth efficiency of plants. Meet the requirements of greenhouse use. Environmental protection material, no odor, anti-aging is not easy to oxidize
  • 【Ventilation & Observation Window】: Equipped with 2 ventilation windows, and isolated with netting to prevent little flying creatures. You can close it when you don't need it. 1 observation window, linked with Hook-Loop, the window uses transparent PVC plastic, you can observe the growth status of the plant at any time clearly
  • 【Stable & Sturdy Iron Frame】: Stable frame, with great quality sturdy metal rods and corner adapters, which will not shake. The frame is strong enough to hang 4-8 pounds of lights, plus carbon filters and fans. Equipped with good-quality zippers, the zippers are smooth and not easy to get stuck
  • 【Create A Sealed Environment】: Keeping good humidity and temperature in the growing tent, very suitable for growing plant.
-$5.89 SALE OFFBestseller No. 2
MELONFARM 4x4 Grow Tent 48'x48'x80''Reflective 600D Mylar Hydroponic with Observation Window, Floor Tray and Tool Bag for Indoor Plant Growing
1,041 Reviews on Amazon
MELONFARM 4x4 Grow Tent 48"x48"x80''Reflective 600D Mylar Hydroponic with Observation Window, Floor Tray and Tool Bag for Indoor Plant Growing
  • ✔[HIGHLY REFLECTIVE INTERIOR]: The MELONFARM grow tent uses 100% highly reflective waterproof mylar lining , to assist your indoor growing light fixtures and equipment. Increase the intensity of your grow lights and retain heat ,to keep your grow room at the right temperature for your plants to thrive.
  • ✔[EXTRA-THICK CANVAS]: 600D canvas is is tear proof and double stitched for perfect light blocking. The thick tent material reinforced by the metal poles ensures security and stability. Prevent odors from leaking out.
  • ✔[EASY OBSERVATION]: The observation window makes it easy to peek inside, and helps you to monitor your plants anytime. Large heavy duty zippered door for easy entry and access. The storage bag is convenient for you to keep the tools and accessories organized.
  • ✔[FAST INSTALLATION]: MELONFARM grow tents are simple and fast to install without tools ,even if you've never done something like this before. The package includes an professional instructional pamphlet.
  • ✔[APPLICATION]: This plant grow tents are designed for indoor planting. It can be used in wardrobe, basement, balcony, kitchen and so on.
Bestseller No. 3
AC Infinity CLOUDLAB 844 Advance Grow Tent, 48”x48”x80” Thickest 1 in. Poles, Highest Density 2000D Diamond Mylar Canvas, 4x4 for Hydroponics Indoor Growing
5,399 Reviews on Amazon
AC Infinity CLOUDLAB 844 Advance Grow Tent, 48”x48”x80” Thickest 1 in. Poles, Highest Density 2000D Diamond Mylar Canvas, 4x4 for Hydroponics Indoor Growing
  • An advanced grow tent designed to create optimal climate conditions for year-round plant cultivation indoors.
  • Features durable frame that uses 50% thicker steel poles and carries 2x more weight than standard grow tents.
  • Higher density 2000D canvas prevents light leaks while diamond mylar amplifies light reflectivity.
  • Future ready design featuring controller mounting plate with passthrough for no light-leak cable management.
  • 48” x 48” x 80” | 8 Plant Capacity | Viewing Window | 2x Side Doors | Reflective Floor Tray & Tool Bag
Bestseller No. 4
Grow Tent 48"x48"x78" Growing Tents for Indoor Plant 600D Mylar Hydroponic High Reflective Grow Tent for Plant Fruit Flower Veg Growing 4x4
  • Upgrade Design --- UPGRADED CONNECTOR--Durable PA Material Adopted, Anti-rust Reinforced Design, Adjustable Tightness According to The Pole, Hold Poles Tightly for Firmed Support. Multiple vents to accommodate fans and filter; ducting rectangle window with mesh to keep dust and insects out; Removable mylar floor tray easy to clean.
  • Effective Light Proof----Our grow tent with extra-thick Mylar, heavy-duty zipper and double stitch guarantee the tent blocks all light from escaping. On the interior, a 98%-reflective mylar lining makes your lighting set up more efficient at any power configuration.
  • High Performance Growth Rate---- An advanced grow tent designed to create optimal climate conditions for year-round growing indoors. Grow tent increases the intensity of grow lights and retain heat to keep your grow room at the right temperature for your plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables to thrive.
  • Superior Materials and Sturdy Structure---- The grow tent is made of tear proof 600D canvas and double stitched to ensures the light blocking. Strong metal poles and solid PA corner connectors that will uphold your grow tent's frame and lock your structure securely in place. Ensure stable and heavy duty enough for durable & safety use.
  • Tool-Free Fast Installation--- Our grow tents are easy and fast to install without tools even if you've never done something like this before. The package includes the user-friendly and professional instruction well for easy set up.
-$46.00 SALE OFFBestseller No. 5
Spider Farmer Pro-Grade 4x4 Grow Tent, 48"x48"x80", with Observation Window and Floor Tray, 1680D Thicken Mylar Canvas Hydroponic Grow Tent, 4x4x6.6 for Indoor Growing for SF4000/SE5000
  • Pro-grade grow tent -Lock the light and temperature to create the great growth conditions for your beloved plants
  • High quality material-By using a Oxford canvas and reflective mylar, effectively maximize light reflectivity and prevent light leaks
  • Stronger & thicker-The metal frame is made from hardened steel, and tents are three times thicker than other tents. Metal angle adapter that is stable and has a load capacity of up to 153 lbs
  • Easy observation-Easy to check your plants effortlessly at any time through the viewing window, no need to open the door
  • Install without any tools-Connect the metal frame to the corner adapter, pull the tent on, add the floor tray, and the job is done
5/5 - (5 votes)

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