How to Grow Big Buds Indoors | 10 Ways To Increase Yields

Every weed grower aims at getting the best out of their crops. One of the things all the farmers want is to have high and quality yields. One way of achieving this is by ensuring that the weed crops grow to have big buds because the bigger the buds, the more the yield. Growing the crops indoors is also another thing that many of the growers enjoy as they can easily monitor the growth rate of the crops.


It takes dedication and using all the right products if you want to harvest big buds. In this article, we take you through the guidelines to follow if you want large yields. Read on to find out HOW TO GROW BIG BUDS INDOORS.

Guidelines to Growing Big Buds Indoors

The one good thing about growing weed indoors is that you can do it irrespective of the season. This is unlike outdoor growing where you can only plat the weed when the weather is favourable. This however does not mean that growing indoors is all-smooth and without any complications.

It is actually more strenuous to grow weed indoors than it is to do so outdoors. This is because when you are growing indoors, you need to have more requirements that you do not need if you are growing the weed outdoors. Through these simple guidelines, you can harvest the largest buds of weed that you will ever get from your indoor crops.

Look for the most appropriate grow space


The first step is to choose the right location or grow space for your indoor growing activity. People choose different growing spaces depending on what is convenient for them. The things to consider when choosing the grow space is the number of crops you are planting, how tall the crops grow and the space you need in between each crop.

You also need to have enough space to set up all the other growing mediums such as lighting, humidifiers, reflective materials, watering systems and more. Many indoor weed growers prefer to use GROW TENTS because of their convenience. You should also ensure that you choose a grow space that will offer you enough discretion especially if you are worried about the aroma of the weed seeping out.

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This however is something you can take care of by using a reliable ventilation and air filter system. To help you choose the right size of the grow tent, you should know that one crop of weed will require about a square foot of space for good and efficient growth. The bigger the space the better chances you have of growing taller and wider crops. Some of the best grow tents in the market include VIVOSUN, Topolite and CoolGrows among many others.

Select the seed strains you want to grow

Select the seed strains

Selecting the right seeds is a very important step and before doing so, you must carry out a background check on the best STRAINS and the best places to purchase the seeds. The seed strains you select must be of high quality and your supplier must have a good reputation with favourable reviews. You can select to grow REGULAR SEEDS or FEMINISED SEEDS. Mature seeds give you a better chance of bigger buds than immature seeds do.

The most popular choice among majority of weed growers is feminised seeds. Feminised seeds unlike their male counterparts are produce buds. they are also slightly more expensive than other types of seeds. You can choose to buy the seeds from other growers but the best option would be to purchase your seeds from ONLINE SEED BANKS. Doing this will give you a wider selection and a guarantee that what you buy is legit and of the highest quality.

Some of the most popular seed banks are SEEDSMAN SEEDS, ILGM, ATTITUDE SEEDS and MSNL seeds among many others. Instead of using sees, you can also buy clones that are cuttings from older crops. Clones are cheaper and using them instead of seeds, help to speed up the growth cycle of the crops. You however have to be careful not to choose a low-grade mother plant otherwise, you will end up with low quality weed. Using CLONES may also limit your choice of good strains.

Select the grow medium you want to use

Ordering seeds from online seed banks may take a while for them to get to you. As you wait for the seed delivery, you can select the best grow medium for the strain you ordered for from the online stores. For indoor growing, there are two main grow mediums. You can choose to grow your seeds hydroponically or in soil. For newbies, the wisest thing to do would be to grow the seeds in soil as HYDROPONIC growing is more complicated.


Growing in SOIL is also less expensive and setting up is easy. The flavour from the buds is also much better and the whole process is eco-friendly. Growing in hydroponics on the other hand is more expensive but the growth cycle is faster than growing in soil. Between hydroponic and soil growing, you get bigger buds when using the former than when using the soil process.

Hydroponic growing also requires less space and it allows you to grow more crops than you would in soil. There are also fewer chances of the crops getting infections from diseases and pests when using hydroponic growing medium. The hydroponic systems recycle water, which in turn makes its use more efficient as compared to growing in soil. Growing hydroponically also gives you better control over the environment around the plants throughout all the growth cycles.

Some of the most popular hydroponic systems include DWC or Deep Water Culture, Drip System and Wick System. Some of the most popular soil growing options are using super soil, which is a mixture of organic potting soil and nutrients, or premixed super soil. The first option is a DIY while the second option comes ready to use and does not need the addition of any nutrients.

Choose the right lighting system

One of the disadvantages of growing weed indoors is that your crops do not have the opportunity of getting natural light from the sun that outdoor crops get. This however should not be a disadvantage because you can get a lighting system that mimics the natural sunlight. Though expensive, a good lighting system is the main key requirement for growing large buds because it gives the crops energy.

led grow lights vs hps

Some people may assume that just any lighting system will do but if you really want to grow big buds, you need to have the best lights and not the usual housing lighting system of using standard bulbs. There are mainly three types of lighting systems for indoor weed growing. These are compact fluorescent lights or CFLs, LED GROW LIGHTS and HID LIGHTS. Of the three, LED grow lights are more expensive but the best options. Some of the advantages LED grow lights have over other types of lighting systems are

  • They do not get as hot as the other types of lighting systems
  • They are energy efficient
  • Provide full spectrum light
  • Offer more durability
  • Easy to set up even for first time users
  • Come in different wattage depending on the space coverage of your grow tent
  • Attractive designs

Using fluorescent lights will also give you good results though not as good as the ones you will get from led grow lights. Some of the advantages of using CFLs are

  • Cheaper than all other many other lighting systems in the market
  • Easier to find as you can find them in almost all local stores that sell electronics
  • Consumption of their power is low
  • Good to use if you have a small grow space

They however will not give you as much yield as you want especially if the aim is to grow big buds. They could also be cumbersome to use as you have to keep moving them in order to cover the whole grow space.

HID lights are also a popular option with many indoor weed growers. They come as metal halides and high pressure lamps. Some of the weed growers use both the MH and HPS LAMPS for the best results. Some of the advantages of using hid lighting system are

  • Unlike the CFLs, they help to grow bigger buds
  • Efficient

Some of the downsides are they produce excess heat which may be damaging to the crops if not motored and controlled properly. They consume more energy than the fluorescent bulbs and led grow lights but they are cheaper than LED grow lights. Their set up is also more complicated and the best people suited to use hid lighting system are the more experienced weed growers.

Choose a good ventilation system

ventilation system for weed

If you want healthy and big buds, you should have a good airflow in the grow space. The air and temperature inside your grow tent should mimic that of the natural environment for the crops resilience and for the prevention of attacks from pests and mold. Good airflow also keeps the humidity and temperature levels from getting out of control.

Having all the right levels of humidity, heat and temperature help with faster growth and bigger bud formation. You can achieve a good airflow system by buying devices that come with multiple fans, and exhaust systems such as carbon filters. For humidity and temperature control, you can check out the best humidifiers in the market that come with several control options, thermometers and hygrometers.

Choose the right nutrients

cannabis nutrients

All crops irrespective of their nature require NUTRIENTS for healthy growth. For your marijuana plants to thrive, you need to feed them with quality nutrients throughout their growth phases. Unlike in outdoor farming where plants can absorb nutrients naturally from the ground, you need to improvise in indoor growing to give the crops the same kind of energy. The most notable nutrients to use are fertilizers.

Fertilisers contain the most vital elements that your crops will need which include micro nutrients such as Potassium, Phosphorous and Nitrogen. Other nutrients to feed your crops with are Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Sulphur, Boron, Copper, Zinc and Iron. Before administering the nutrients.

Besides fertilizers, you can also mix your own nutrients from organic feeds. You have to learn about the amounts that every stage of growth needs to avoid giving the crops too much or too little. Mixing of the nutrients is also not an easy feat especially for the newbies and it is therefore wise to seek counsel from the experts if you are doing it for the first time.

Control the shape and size of the crops


Control the way the crops grow in order to give them space for the production of bigger buds. This you can do by forcing the plants to grow to the size and shape you want by using the Low Stress Training-LST that requires super cropping and removing some of the leaves.

Pruning the crops while they are on the vegetative and flowering stages helps to get rid of the leaf over production giving room for the buds to flourish. This step requires expertise and enough experience and if you are growing for the first time, you should seek guidance from an expert, or you may end up with nothing to show for your effort.

Water the plants


Marijuana is 80% water and you should therefore be very careful when it comes to watering the plants. You need to maintain a good balance of water from the time you put the seeds into the soil for germination. You cannot use too much water during germination because the seeds will drown considering they do not have any roots and you cannot use too little because they will dry out.

The factors you should take into consideration when watering your soil planted marijuana are how often you should water the plants, sizes and phases of the plant, root levels of the plant, temperature and humidity levels in the grow tent and the size of the container you are using for growing the crops. Overall, to get those big buds, the plants need enough water for growth.

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Wrapping it up

Now that you have the guidelines on how to grow big buds indoors, there is no reason why you should not do it right. Remember the main important points is to give the crops everything they need without overdoing it choose the right products to avoid mistakes and poor crop growth, if done right, indoor growing can get you bigger buds than you could ever get while growing outdoors. Nothing feels as good as harvesting high quality yields so get growing and enjoy the ride while at it.

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