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There are so many inventions in the field of lights from Edison till now but there are few inventions which are truly amazing in all the aspects such as solar storm 550-watts. The one of the best thing is that, it was invented as a powerful light which has the ability to run on 550 watts that is totally nominal amounts of electricity for this kind of light.

The one of the best thing is unique UVB mode is very efficient to make the perfect growth of the plants. This is really important at those places and homes at which, the approach of the sunshine is difficult due to which slow growth of plants are common to see and sometimes it does stops.


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As I earlier told that, this is the best invention for those kinds of places at which artificial and natural plants exist, but the places are covered or going to cover in the office or home. The Solar storm is truly good for outside of home/office in place of sodium lights and halide lights. This is more economical and powerful than the sodium and halide lights because these lights can’t run least than 600 watts along with that, the sodium light is not so good for the environment and ecosystem.

The solar storm 550-watts has the best features which is able to run on the 550-watts with the duel feature of UV-B and normal mode of light because of its powerful diodes. The one of the best thing is that, it has the ability to cover up area by 360 degree due to its movable system of light in various directions.

California Light work Solar 550W Reviews


If we are talking about the features then, the tremendous amounts of features are there in this amazing light but some are mentioned here step by step.

  • The powerful 88*5 bulbs are truly amazing to give the perfect UV-B lights to plants for better growth
  • The better PPF growth is possible with this light as it has the high photosynthetic plates used in this light.
  • This is economical as it works on least power supply up to 50 percent less from HID system of light.
  • The light has the ability to cover the 6*6 area for the better growth of vegetables and non flower plants.
  • There are two modes as bloom mode and VEG mode t use at the certain timing as needed.
  • The 6 band spectrum is truly amazing for the better growth of the plants and vegetables.
  • The power consumption very less as it has the powerful features. It takes maximum 350 watts on UV-B mode, which is really economical according to its performance.
  • The life of this light very large as company claims up to 80,000 hours long.
  • The company is taking the warranty up to 3 hours.


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Normally all the pros are available in this spectacular light but, some crystal like features are mentioned in these few points.
  • The larger area is able to cover with the help of solar storm 550-watts as it has powerful features for all the situations.
  • The less power consumption and more work is possible with this light as it takes almost half power in comparison to grow light.
  • The long lasting materials such as aluminum and glass are of high quality in used in this light.
  • This is certified by various tested that, it has 90 percent light efficiency which is truly amazing.
  • The design and structure of the light very compatible either in walls, tents or greenhouses.


There is nothing like cons in this light but one is mentioned after a lot of analysis about this all new LED light.
  • There is only one drawback of the solar storm 550-watts which is, it is little bit of more expensive due to which it is not possible for everybody to buy this.

Things to measure before buy an LED light

There are so many lights and technologies available in the market. The main thing is that, there few things which are enough to provide you a good LED light because it works as the parameters. So, let’s start to know about those all important things. The lightening is not the only thing in LED light but some other things are purposes behinds the light too from which, some are mentioned below very clearly.


Pricing is the first and foremost factor to know as several products are available in the market and it’s always important to check the wallet before. The main thing is that. The solar storm 550watts are little bit of expensive but it has a good life with the best result at all the time. I’ll recommend this light strongly because it will hardly needed to change this light after establishing once.


The one of the important factor because when you spend money for LED light then it is revolving in mind that, how much lights should I buy or what company should I choose. I can say that, the solar storm 550-watts are the most trusted product at this time according to quality. It is durable, long lasting, powerful and able to provide the better light in comparison to its all LED light. The quality is the best plan for investing.


The one of the main thing about the solar storm is that, it is really compatible with all kinds of structures either it is room, hotel or outdoor garden. The metallic shape of the light is really good with all the aspects. If it is appearing good then surely it will be satisfacted.


The durability of this light is awesome as company has designed this product for long time. The one of the best thing is that, it has best class glass and aluminum which has the ability to bear shocks and pressure.

Hitting Issue

There are so many sodium and halide lights on which place it is replacing. The best thing about this light is that, it has no hitting issue that’s why it’s called eco friendly light system.


The Solar storm is really good in light and perfect for the indoor plants and gardening as it has the feature of UV-B lightening which is something like a new life for plants and indoor garden. The bloom light and the UV-B light are really amazing in the intensity. This is the main point of this article as it has always given those things which are basics recommended through a LED light.


It’s a serious issue to buy a perfect color of light. The main thing is that, Red color is the base color of this light. So, I recommend red color to buy for solar storm 550watts. This is really good.


This could be the best choice for all types of medium based growers which are willing to find a light source for the indoors harvest and plants. It is little bit of expensive but surely it is able to provide the best result. So, on the basis of intensity, color and durability etc, this is the best LED light with all the aspects. The conclusion is that; always focus on those lights which are strong in metal, pretty in looks and powerful in features. The LED solar storm 550 watts is the best combination of all these three things power, appearance and strength.

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