EONPOW 1000W COB Led Grow Light Review

Do you want an energy-efficient lighting solution for your indoor cannabis garden? With the rising interest in LED technology, you should understand that there are different types of LEDs. One of the best examples is the Chip On Board (COB) LED Lights.

These chips are mounted together on one board creating one long series of LED lights. It reduces the number of components in use and lines up the LEDs together allowing the installation of more chips on the same substrate.

These lights produce a stronger light intensity that that of the regular LEDs, making them much stronger and better. They are also cheaper and last longer than any other kind of LED chips. The light provided by these chips is more uniform and produces less heat than other SMD LEDs or HID lamps.

One of the top quality COB LED grow light you should consider investing in is the EONPOW cob led grow light. Here is an in-depth review to help you understand why you should get it for your cannabis.

Top Reasons to Get the EONPOW cob led grow light

EONPOW 1000W COB Led Grow Light

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  • Affordability

The price of the EONPOW cob led grow light lies under $100, making it affordable and cost-friendly when you consider all the advantages it brings to the table.

  • Super Bright

The EONPOW cob led grow light produces a super bright light with a wavelength of 380 – 800nm that is highly efficient and closely resembles that of the sun.

  • Energy Saving

The whole design of the grow lamp is made to reduce the amount of energy consumption scientifically. The grow light only consumes 110w saving 70 percent more energy than HPS/MH lamps.

  • Veg and Bloom Switch

The EONPOW cob led grow light come with both the Veg and Bloom switch that allows you to change the wavelengths of light depending on the type of growth stage.


  • Full Spectrum

The grow light produces a full-spectrum light that you can use broadly on all the stages of your cannabis growth without the need for changing the type of lighting.

  • Highly Efficient

The Cob LED light produces a super bright light that is highly efficient than HID lamps or any other traditional LED lamp.

  • Long-lasting

The EONPOW cob led grow light can last for many years more than any other type of LED. They also have a cooling system that ensures the cooling is noiseless and increases the lifespan of the lamp.

  • Warranty

The grow light does not have a very long warranty period. The brand offers only a year and has a return policy. It does matter due to the efficiency and convenience of the lamp.

EONPOW cob led grow light Full Review

The EONPOW cob led grow light is a highly efficient lamp that can provide your marijuana plants with the light that it desires throughout all the stages of growth. The LED lamp delivers a full spectrum light that has a PAR that ranges between 380 to 800nm, which is consistent with visible light.

The coverage area of the plants varies depending on the stage of growth. During the germination stage, you can hang your lam higher to increase the coverage area. When the plants get to the flowering stage, you can lower the lamp and decrease the coverage area since the plants need more of the light during this stage.

The device feature bloom and Veg switches that you can use to choose the customized light spectrum for each growing phase. It has a dimmable function that you can use to adjust the light brightness from zero to 100 percent and control the night time and day time hours as you wish.

The lamp produces a much denser and stronger light than traditional LEDs. The light is of high intensity and distributes evenly on all the plants that lie in the coverage area. The penetrating power of the EONPOW cob led grow light is stronger than the traditional LED light.

The lamp is energy efficient as it does not consume much heat. It has a highly effective cooling system with ultra-silent fans and an aluminum cooling tray to dissipate any extra heat. You can use it continuously without it affecting your electricity bill in a significant way. It is what you need if you are working on a budget.

Summing Up

Cob LEDs are by far better in performance than the regular LED grow lights that have a similar wattage. The best Cob led grow lights compete with regular LEDs that have a higher wattage by 10 percent. However, in this era where the market is highly competitive, and every manufacturer claims to have a better product, it is important to stay cautious when making any purchases.

You can join the many cannabis growers transitioning from HPS/MH bulbs by embracing the ever-useful cobs LEDs. You can grab your EONPOW cob led grow light from Amazon today. Do you have any questions regarding the EONPOW cob led grow light? Contact us if you do.

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